November 27, 2021

Killer of Caribbean honeymoon couple sparks outrage after releasing rap video from prison

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The killer of a British couple on their Caribbean honeymoon has sparked outrage after releasing a rap video from prison.

Kaniel Martin is serving three life sentences for the brutal 2008 murder of Welsh newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullany as well as killing a local shopkeeper.

But despite being locked up in an Antiguan jail, the 28-year-old’s song Take Control, Achieve Your Goal has managed to find its way onto YouTube.

The four minute dirge featured in a prison talent competition – which saw Martin claim the prize for best dressed.

While murderer Martin raps about self-improvement and getting “rid of your flaws”, the song’s appearance online and slick promo video has been slammed as being in extremely poor taste.

Mr Mullany’s father Ken was quoted in The Sun newspaper as saying: “I don’t understand someone who murdered our son has the freedom to do something like this.”

Conservative MP David Davies said he was also “appalled” at how authorities in Antigua allowed a convicted murderer to feature in a talent show which ended up online.

The video for Martin’s song was put together by his younger brother and music producer Akeba Martin. It shows the convicted killer rapping over a mic in a prison courtyard while guards and other inmates look on.

As well as featuring footage of Martin with his family during a prison visit, the description for the promo claims he is “innocent” and “doing time for cases he never have don”.

However, the trial of Martin and accomplice Avie Howell heard the pair burst into Mr and Mrs Mullany’s hotel chalet at 5am.

The 31-year-olds were gunned down on the last night of their honeymoon – little over two weeks after family and friends had attended their wedding near Pontardawe, south Wales.

Qualified doctor Mrs Mullany was killed instantly while her husband died a week later in Wales – despite the best efforts of his wife’s medical colleagues.

Martin and Howell had both insisted they had not killed the Mullanys or shop-keeper Woneta Anderson – yet still refused to give evidence during their three month trial.

Martin had also claimed he had never been anywhere near the Mullanys’ hotel around the time of the killings – but was caught out by mobile phone evidence.

UK detectives who had been drafted in to help with the case said the levels of violence were “excessive” for such a small amount of property.

Detective Superintendent Keith Niven previously said: “I am convinced that their primary motive was murder rather than robbery.”

In 2012, a jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict on both men on the first day of their deliberations. Two years later, Howell escaped before being shot dead by police.

Emotions over the crime still run high in Antigua – which saw its reputation as a holiday paradise tarnished.

One comment on the Antigua Troll Facebook page said about Martin’s rap: “How (can) they allow this? Achieve what goal? Goals of going on killing sprees?”.

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Avie Howell 20, left, and Kaniel Martin, 23, were given life sentences for the murders of a British couple and a third victim3

Ben and Catherine Mullany were murdered on their honeymoon in Antigua

Kaniel Martin

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