February 24, 2020

Key trends shaping the patent licensing landscape


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With technological convergence continuing apace, many parts of the licensing industry are going through a period of profound change. Developing a successful approach can be tricky when you’re diving into new industries.

This October, Patent Licensing 2019 will provide innovative best practice and strategies for crafting successful transactions beyond deal making’s traditional reach.

Attendees will hear unique insight and new perspectives on deal making, including:

  • How to craft win-win deals in tough market conditions
  • Best practices for making deals happen in new industries
  • Avoiding expensive mistakes in international licensing
  • Winning opportunities in technology transfer
  • Lessons from the licensing masters

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to understand how experts are getting the deals through and prospering in a new landscape of opportunity. Save $200 when you register here using the early-bird discount code* PL200

*Discount code PL200 is valid until July 19 and cannot be redeemed by IP service providers

For the full agenda go to: http://www.iam-events.com/events/patent-licensing-2019/agenda-c69c73099c1c4ae39ca0df29f74866e0.aspx?_cldee=Y29saW5AbWFnbmFjYXJ0YW11c2ljYWx0cmlhbC5jb20%3d&recipientid=contact-57e8272377944a28afebfbf6398e3864-41fff95cb0cc469984924c0219926481&utm_source=ClickDimensions&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Patent%20Licensing%202019%20-%20Marketing&esid=cb68330c-2997-e911-a96d-000d3a39aa8a

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