December 5, 2020

Keep safe and sound at Christmas

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RCIPS officer, Angelique Howell, shows how to make life difficult for a burglar by putting a broomstick in the tracks to your sliding French windows

The RCIP’s Christmas Cracker campaign is all about keeping you, your family and your belongings safe at Christmas time.

The campaign featured an RCIPs officer posing as a burglar who was trying to get in to a home in West Bay, perhaps to steal those hard-saved-for presents waiting to be wrapped up.

Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, the officer in charge of Operation Christmas Cracker, said: “We’ve noticed an increase in burglaries over the past few weeks and the main purpose of our focus on home and business security is to encourage people to think a bit more about how they secure their property and businesses against would-be criminals.”

“Believe it or not, a nosy neighbour is a burglar’s worst enemy. Get to know your neighbours and work out an arrangement to watch each other’s houses,” Ms Howell added.

Another good idea is to ask a neighbor or friend to stop by your house if you are away, and turn on different lights
each evening.

In the bedroom Ms Howell showed what could be done to stop burglars getting in through the window. Good advice is often very simple- lock windows properly, don’t leave them unlocked or half open.

“Window locks are not expensive and we are asking persons to think safety at all times and ensure they have proper locks on their windows,” Ms Howell said.

Over at the French Windows, Ms Howell gave a few more safety tips:

“Burglars work swiftly so as a result of that we are encouraging people to not give them the opportunity to be able to come in and take what they want and leave without having some challenges and slowing down.

“If you are in your home it is important for you not to leave your sliding door open, because once you leave it open, someone can just walk in and take your things  and just walk right back out.

“A simple method of slowing them down is to use a wooden broomstick – all you have to do is to cut it to fit the tracks of your sliding door so as to not allow the criminal access by opening the door,” Ms Howell said.

But some burglars like to walk straight in through the front door.

“Is it is important for you to have deadbolts on your doors – these locks are not easy to pick.

Ms Howell finished the demonstration by describing the benefits of starting a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, with help from an RCIPs officer.


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