July 24, 2021

Kaseen & Judy Penn – Authors of “The New You”

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maxresdefaultToday we are facing some very harsh times and need now, more than ever, the constant reminder, “We can make it. We can get better”. Most people today are long on commitment and short on time, when it comes to our personal self. They are being pulled in many directions that make it difficult, if not impossible, to connect relationally and emotionally. In this much-needed new book The New You (CLM Publishing, 2014) Kaseen and Judy Penn give sound and practical advice—drawn from biblical principles, personal family experience, and expertise as a Motivational speakers—on how to bring about healthy thinking, and move from mediocrity, to thinking that thrives.

The New You is designed to take you on an amazing, 40-day, transformational, inspirational, motivational, and empowerment journey that will leave an indelible, dramatic impact on your life. While you travel on your 40-day transformational journey, you will ascertain essentials and necessary keys that will put you on a pathway to discovering the New You.

Whatsoever things you desire and want bad enough, it can be yours. After reading this book you should no longer talk the same talk, or walk the same walk. The new you is here to stay and will be a remarkable force to reckon with today and tomorrow!

Discovering the New You will inspire you to live a life of abundance, with a much greater appreciation for yourself and others that is flickered by unadulterated, untainted love.

The books is endorsed by Pastor Darlene Bishop of Solid Rock Church, OH. “‘The New You’ gives insight and direction to begin again, no matter what your past may hold. This book gives guidance, along with simple instructions on how to be all that God created you to be. In essence, don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. “


About the Authors

Kaseen & Judy Penn are passionate proponents of helping everyone who may have been bombarded by the ruins of a failed, unproductive past. They believe that every person was uniquely placed on planet earth to fully discover, achieve, and maximize their full potentials in every aspect of their lives.

Kaseen & Judy Penn are recognized Counselors, Life Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists. They are happily married and are extremely blessed with a loving family of eight adorable children. They are both Senior Pastors of Faith Life Community Church located in McKinney, Texas.

Bible-Based Counseling Sessions, Life Coaching, and Inspirational and Motivational Conference bookings can be made by sending an email to [email protected]

Look out for their next book coming in the fall of 2014, titled True Colors: Identifying and dismantling the hidden masks of the opposite sex for healthy, long-lasting relationships!



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