December 3, 2021

K9s grab attention

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K-9 dog 052PRINTCayman Islands K-9 officers grab attention at Prospect Primary Fair

Sniffer dogs from the Customs and Agriculture Departments captured young hearts and minds when they participated, along with their handlers, in the Prospect Primary School Careers Fair on Friday, 20 May 2016.

Customs K-9 unit’s sleek, black Labrador retriever Nugget and agile Belgian Malinois Bolt demonstrated how they detect contraband, from drugs to guns, at all entry points into the Cayman Islands.

During a demonstration on the school grounds, Customs K-9 unit chief Malachi Powery, officers Anthony Echenique and Tate McFarlane put the canines to work finding drugs they had hidden. The dogs promptly demonstrated just how good their noses are to much approval from the young audience.

To the children’s delight, Bolt also displayed his ability, on cue, to chase and pin down suspected criminals until other officers arrive on the scene.
Meanwhile, inside the hall, the Agriculture Department’s K-9 officer Myah, a six-year-old beagle, demonstrated her skill at picking up the scent of produce such as fruits and vegetables hidden inside suitcases and other luggage.

Agriculture Inspector and K-9 handler Sharon Davis, with the aid of Laboratory Assistant Noel Smith, explained to the schools and visiting Red Bay Primary students how Myah usually “checks” baggage at the airport, and alerts if raw produce is entering the Islands.

This is to prevent live pests such as bugs and other unwanted and alien organisms from entering the country.

As an added bonus, some of the youngsters were also able to touch and pet the beagle.

Photo captions Photos by Bina Mani, GIS:
Front row, l-r: Customs K-9 Officer Anthony Echenique, K-9 Nugget, Assistant Collector Jeff Jackson and Chief K-9 Officer Malachi Powery, with some of the students of Prospect Primary School
Labrador retriever Nugget homes in and indicates where the drugs are hidden to Customs K-9 handler Anthony Echenique.
Nugget enjoys his well-earned reward.
Customs Officer Tate McFarlane hides the drugs for Nugget to find.
Agriculture Department’s K-9 handler Sharon Davis and Lab Assistant Noel Smith with produce sniffing beagle, Myah who alerts by sitting still eyeing the baggage or putting a paw on it
Some get to pet Myah the beagle.
Customs Chief K-9 Officer Malachi Powery with Belgian Malinois Bolt talks to the children. Photo: Catherine MacGillivray, GIS
Customs Chief K-9 Officer Malachi Powery plays with Belgian Malinois Bolt as a reward for finding the hidden contraband during the demonstration. Photo: Catherine MacGillivray, GIS

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