October 28, 2020

Judge orders press away from Hugh Grant’s ex, baby


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LONDON (AP) — A British judge has ordered paparazzi to stay away from Hugh Grant’s ex, Tinglan Hong, who says she has been harassed and hounded since she had a baby with the actor.

High Court justice Michael Tugendhat said Chinese-born Hong has been followed and photographed outside her London home and feels that “her life has become unbearable.”

“She has had to cancel appointments, including ones for her child. She is frightened to drive with her child because the distraction makes it unsafe,” the judge said.

He said he had granted an injunction “prohibiting harassment” of Hong and her daughter.

The injunction was granted last week, and Tugendhat outlined his reasons for it on Friday.

Grant’s spokeswoman confirmed earlier this month that the actor had recently fathered a child after a brief fling, and he and 31-year-old Hong remain on good terms.

The judge said the pair “did their best to keep private” the fact that they had a child, “and do not know how the information reached the public domain.”

Grant, who built a career playing bumbling British charmers, has become a high-profile campaigner against media intrusion into the private lives of celebrities.

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