September 22, 2021

Jo and Co wish all our readers a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2021

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Water babies

The New York Post has described last year, 2020, as “the year from Hell”. Can anyone dispute that claim?

It gives a timeline of the major events:

Australian Bushfires

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit royal family

THE REAL ‘BEAUTY’ – COVID 19 pandemic

Kobe Bryant’s death

Impeachment of US President Donald Trump

FITTINGLY – “Parasite” sweeps the Oscars

Harvey Weinstein verdict

Stock market crash 2020

Black Lives Matter protest

Kim Jong Un death rumours

Biden becomes Democratic presidential nominee

Twitter hack

Ghislaine Maxwell arrest

‘Murder hornets’ arrive in US

Beirut explosion

Kamala Harris chosen as Democratic VP candidate

Chadwick Boseman’s death

US West Coast wildfires

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death

Trump tests positive for COVID-19

Eddie Van Halen’s death

Joe Biden becomes president-elect

Alex Trebek’s death

COVID-19 vaccine rollout

COVID-19 relief finally comes

For more on this go to NEW YORK POST

The above is only attributed to the events affecting the USA.

Depending upon where your loyalties lie politically, the COVID 19 vaccine rollout and its relief would seem to be the only two items that might be positives.

Personally speaking, it has not been a good year for our Publisher-in-Chief. She has been diagnosed with Dementia and finished the last days of 2020 in hospital with pneumonia and other complications.

At least for me and Jo 2021 has started with a PLUS. Joan is being released from hospital today. I will confirm that later after the event has happened.

I personally, have to thank all the staff at the George Town Hospital for their excellent work in looking after Joan, who in the ER had a frightening allergic reaction to a drug. I sincerely wish no one has to watch a loved one go through that.


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