July 23, 2021

Jilted John has an “amazing time” in the Caribbean and sells the story to That’s Life

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9596032-largeBy PA_Warzynski From Leicester Mercury

Jilted fiance John Whitbread is back from a dream holiday in the Dominican Republic after finding a complete stranger to take his ex-partner’s place.

The brick-maker, from Donisthorpe, raffled his spare ticket in February after being dumped by the bride-to-be just weeks before the wedding.

Instead of cancelling his honeymoon, the 32-year-old held a charity raffle, with the winner’s prize being a ticket to join him on the Caribbean island.

The honour of accompanying John to the tropical island fell to Kelly Wood – who won the raffle after buying a ticket for £10.

However, since getting back on Tuesday, John has been quick to dismiss any rumours of romance.

traveljpg-277ac444fecd9b83“It was great,” he said. “I’ve made a really good friend and we had an amazing time.

“Everyone’s been asking if there was more to it, but I keep reminding them that it wasn’t a honeymoon – it was a holiday.

“We got on really well, though.

“If I spent a week away with my best mate it’d probably be too long – but me and Kelly didn’t fight once.”

His sentiments were echoed by holiday-buddy, Kelly.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “Such great memories to take away with me though and an amazing new friend for life!!

“Loved every second of this crazy adventure!! Couldn’t have asked for more!!”

John said he could not go into any specific details about the trip because he had signed a big money deal with a women’s magazine, That’s Life.

“They offered me a lot of money and I had to take it,” he said. “I lost a lot of money on the wedding and I gave all the raffle money to charity. I thought I owed it to myself.”

The ticket raffle raised £1,420, which was all donated to the Balls to Cancer charity.

John had initially auctioned the honeymoon place on eBay but the highest bidder (who offered £8,000) pulled out.

The second highest bidder promised to pay but then cancelled too.

IMAGE: John Whitbread and Kelly Wood at the airport before they flew off to the Caribbean

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