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Jamaicans dominate foreign prisoner population in Cayman

From RJR News

According to newly released data, there are more Jamaicans than any other foreign nationals imprisoned in The Cayman Islands.

A report published by the Cayman Reporter newspaper shows that, of the 147 inmates behind bars, 17 are Jamaicans.

Two of the Jamaican inmates are serving life in prison, one for murder and robbery, and the other for murder and rape.

Four of the Jamaicans were incarcerated for gun related offences, two for robberies and the rest for violent crimes, including attempted murder and assault.

Caymanians constitute 76 per cent of the convicts.

The other foreign prisoners are from Guyana, Cuba, Honduras, Columbia, Canada, the UK, Bulgaria and the Philippines.

IMAGE: Her Majesty’s Prison, Northward – Cayman

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