May 12, 2021

Jamaican Suing Barbados Government to Take Matter to Caribbean Court of Justice

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jahnoy-cassellsBy Monique Pryce From IRIE

A Jamaican man who is suing the Barbadian Government for Unlawful Imprisonment over 5 years ago, has indicated that he will take the matter to the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ.

This after he was again detained by Immigration Officials in Barbados when he went there, for his scheduled court appearance.

According to reports in nation news, 53 year old Jahnoy Cassells is suing the Attorney General of Barbados, for Unlawful Detention after spending nearly two years in jail.

He was detained by Immigration Officials when he reportedly went to apply for a work permit in 2010, in order to host a stage show.

Following the intervention of relatives in Canada and Jamaican Authorities, Cassells was released.

Cassells claims he was proud of the move taken by another Jamaican Shanique Myrie, who was recently awarded damages by the Caribbean Court of Justice against Barbados, for inhumane treatment at the hands of a female Barbadian Immigration Official.

He too filed a claim in the Barbados Courts for redress for his alleged unlawful imprisonment.

Cassells returned to Barbados last month to prepare for the hearing of the matter scheduled for April 18, only to again be detained by Barbados Immigration Officials.

It’s not clear why he was detained this second time.

He appeared in the Barbados High Court last Friday, to get immigration authorities to release him, after he was detained since March 27.

He was given a Deportation Order.

The Nation News indicates that Barbados is still smarting from the case with Myrie and the verdict handed down, and Barbadians are keeping a wary eye on the case involving Cassells.

His lawyers in Jamaica say they are eager to send this case before the Caribbean Court of Justice.

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