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Jamaican man imprisoned in Cayman Islands for beating boss with hammer

From Jamaica Gleaner

A Jamaican man has been sentenced to six years in prison in the Cayman Islands after he was convicted of wounding with intent for hitting his supervisor on the head with a hammer.

According to a report from the Cayman News Service, 33-year-old Dain Damean McPherson was going about his usual work routine when the attack occurred.

McPherson, who claimed that his boss is a persistent bully, said he was only acting in self-defence but CCTV footage showed him grabbing the hammer and pursuing his employer, hitting him several times on the head.

As the sentence was handed down via video link, Justice Michael Wood said he was not convinced by McPherson’s plea as it was clear he had the intention of doing harm to his victim.

The judge said evidence in the video footage was “overwhelming” and even when McPherson’s co-workers had managed to disarm him, he had picked up a knife, indicating further intent.

Justice Woods told McPherson that he was lucky the victim’s injuries were not more severe and recommended his deportation once his prison time has been served.

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