January 23, 2022

Jamaica Carnival

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Visitors get an unfiltered Caribbean experience in Jamaica!


The adventure tour company took visitors into Kingston to experience Carnival alongside locals!

Montego Bay – April 27th, 2017 – Island Routes Caribbean Adventures’ first foray into Carnival in Jamaica was a huge hit with excited visitors joining locals for the ultimate cultural experience! As part of the company’s continued drive to introduce visitors to local hotspots and community events, Island Routes took visitors from Montego Bay and Ocho Rios in to Kingston to experience one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated events, Carnival! This is the first time a Tour Operator has created a product to specifically showcase Kingston and the Jamaican Carnival experience.

The Island Routes revellers ‘played mas’ alongside all of the other masqueraders jumping with Xodus, one of the newest Carnival bands in Jamaica. The moving caravan consisted of huge 18-wheeler trucks kitted out with all-inclusive bars featuring the world-famous Appleton Rum and Red Stripe beer, huge quantities of stacked speakers and live performances from some of the most celebrated artists in the industry. It was a sea of colour and exuberance as far as the eye could see; revelers were decked out from head to toe with feathers, gems and glitter, lighting up the scene with their well-known Carnival dance moves! Island Routes guests were in the center of this vibrant, cultural experience, dancing their way through the streets of one the Caribbean’s most iconic cities alongside Caribbean nationals from all over the region!

“The mission” as Adam Stewart calls “is to get visitors in to the heart of the destination to experience events and destinations that our communities are proud to showcase.” Stewart, Chief Executive Offer of Island Routes and Chairman of the National Tourism Linkages Council continued, “People have always had a fascination with Kingston, whether it’s to visit the home of Reggae, discover the history of the island, indulge in the delicious food like jerk chicken and freshly fried fish, or experience Carnival, there is a palpable energy that draws people to the city. Gone are the days when visitors want to spend two weeks in just one resort, they want to explore and engage with people indigenous to the destination; with the new north-south highway visitors can now enjoy a short, seamless journey directly into Kingston, it’s really been a game changer when it comes to tourism in Jamaica. The investment the Jamaican government made in our infrastructure has created a wealth of new opportunities; it’s given visitors increased access to a number of community activities, but it’s also provided business opportunities for local communities and vendors in and around the city. Two years ago carrying visitors into Kingston for Carnival would have been a challenge, now it’s smooth sailing!”

Island Routes has already committed to working alongside Xodus again in 2018.

About Island Routes Caribbean Adventures

Island Routes Caribbean Adventures offers guests the ultimate in Caribbean destination experiences, bringing together and certifying the premier excursions that spotlight what is unique and beautiful in each of its island locations. Island Routes Caribbean Adventures defines the true island experience as a way of life.

They are much more than tours and excursions; they inspire visitors to LIVE FUNNER, get off the grid and dive into the heart of the islands where setting sail, grabbing the reins, exploring lush peaks and tasting rich flavors are the experiences that become lasting memories. Island Routes currently offers experiences in Antigua; Aruba; the Bahamas; Barbados; the Cayman Islands; Dominican Republic; Grenada; Jamaica; Mexico; Saint Lucia; St. Maarten and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Island Routes has received the World Travel Award for “World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company” six years since 2010, and has set the tour industry standard by becoming the only tour company to receive a Six Star Diamond from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS), and has done so four years in a row. In addition, Island Routes has also been awarded four TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Awards.

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