November 29, 2023

Jailed in Qatar for requesting wages

From Miriam Karmali, Freedom Unite

May 28, 2023 News Digest
Debt bondage
Migrant workers jailed in Qatar over demands for owed wages
Three former security guards have been jailed in Qatar for four months following their repeated requests for unpaid wages from their employer, Stark Security Services. They are amongst hundreds who were allegedly detained after demanding their owed wages following early termination of their contracts which can have a devastating impact on migrant workers who accrue huge debts in order to secure employment in Qatar. Read more…
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Domestic servitude
Filipina domestic workers take diplomat employers to court for exploitation
Four domestic workers from the Philippines are bravely suing their diplomat employers in Switzerland, who are usually protected from criminal and civil cases through diplomatic immunity, for non-payment of wages and exploitation amounting to modern slavery. Virginia, one of the women bringing case, alleges over 20 years of unpaid wages. Read more…
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Supply chain
U.K.’s complicity in modern slavery through its supply chains
The launch of the latest Global Slavery Index this week by anti-modern slavery and international human rights group Walk Free paints a stark picture. An estimated 50 million people around the world are living in conditions of modern slavery and while the U.K. topped the report’s list of countries who have taken the most action against modern slavery, it remains complicit in perpetuating these injustices both at home and through global supply chains. Read more…
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