June 12, 2021

J/22 World Championship

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2019 J/22 World Championship at Warnemuender Segel-Club – Mid-week Update

By J-Boats From Sail World

2018 J/22 World Championship – Day 2 © Christopher Howell

Thirty-one boats are sailing the 2019 J/22 World Championship in Warnemuender, Germany in the coming week. Hosts are the Warnemuender Segel-Club with help of Berliner YC and YC Berlin-Grunau, held in concert with Warnemeunder Week from the 6th to 13th July.

The J/22 teams come from Austria, Canada, Cayman Islands, France, Germany, and The Netherlands. Many of the top teams are in attendance. From Canada is John Koppernaes’ Raised J from Toronto; from the Cayman Islands is Mike Farrington’s See Ya Later; from France is Reiner Brockerhoff’s Jazzy; from Germany is Martin Menzner’s JABULANI; and from the Netherlands are two contenders (Dirk Jan Verdoorn’s Jut En Jul and Emma Kok’s Tu Delft:Broach 1524.

Most of the 30+ teams sailed the Pre-Worlds over the past weekend. It was a Netherlands J/22 class clean sweep of the podium. Winning that event was Merlijn Rutten’s NED 1500, followed by Christian Feij’s NED 1514, with Bram de Vries’ NED 1221 taking the bronze.

Currently leading the J/22 Worlds after seven races is The Netherlands team of NED 1273 with crew of Jean-Michael Lautier, Denis Neves, and Giuseppe D’Aquino. Second is the French team of FRA 1444 with crew of Reiner Brockerhoff, Michaux Charles, and Christophe Declercq. Third are the Canadians- Johan Koppernaes, Michele Cimon, Caroline Main, and the American Mike Marshall.

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