November 30, 2020

i(Witness)News live from Bethlehem

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iNews Cayman was Witness to the birth of Jesus on Sunday Dec. 4th, 2011 at the First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman.

With a cast of nearly 40, 38 being children aged from 5 years to 13 years and a crew of 20, the packedaudience of mostly admiring parents and friends were treated to a modern retelling of the Nativity story based on the second chapter of Luke.

Told with words and lively music (a mixture of original and new) the story takes place in present times on Grand Cayman. A television news team, i Witness News, is sent on an assignment to Bethlehem where a strange UFO/star that was seen travelling through the heavens has stopped.

We meet the evil King Herod, superbly played by young Azuka (AJ) Obi, and his servant, Levi, who steals the reporters cell phones and plots to kill the baby Jesus that he has been told about from some wise men. The reporters tell Herod they are going to make him famous and we see an uplink video feed between Bethlehem and the Cayman studios shown to us in the audience by an overhead projection. This was a very nice touch.

The TV crew travel by foot to find the stable where Jesus lies and Eli is sent by Herod to follow the reporters and report back by way of the cell phones. The tired and frightened TV crew (there are wild animals around) joins some shepherds in a field and they witness angels singing and proclaiming a new King is born. This event is also witnessed by the live feed in Cayman.

We then meet Mary, holding Jesus with Joseph, and the TV crew together with the wise men and shepherds in the stable. Herod is tricked into dropping his cell phone into a river and Eli is easily persuaded to leave Herod.

The whole production was very entertaining, well cast and took months to put together for one showing. Kudos must be given to the choir director, Nicole Bodden, and amongst all the children in the cast were pastors, Bentley Robinson and Thabiti Anyabwile from the First Baptist Church. Everyone played their parts very well and the singing was vibrant, and tuneful.

By the loud applause and laughter throughout the whole performance, we all enjoyed it. A lot of hard work was put into the production and the choreography and costumes were excellent. Well done.


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