May 29, 2023

Italy complicit in crimes against humanity

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February 12, 2023 News Digest
From Miriam Karmali, Freedom United
Forced labor
“We are not okay,” says migrant worker in Qatar
Despite 2020 labor reforms, migrant workers continue to face widespread abuse and exploitation in Qatar. Kenyan workers share why the Qatari government must take urgent steps to hold employers accountable and to enable workers to easily change jobs, better protecting them from exploitation. Read more…
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Diplomats holding domestic workers in servitude across U.K.’s capital
A recent investigation by the Telegraph has uncovered how diplomats from the Middle East and Southeast Asia in London are subjecting domestic workers in their household to conditions amounting to modern slavery. Read more…
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Law & policy
Italy and EU complicit in crimes against humanity for renewing pact with Libya
An inhumane migration pact between Italy and Libya was automatically renewed for three years last week. The cooperation agreement between Italy and Libya provides Libya with technical and financial assistance to push migrants back to Libya where they face forced labor, torture, enslavement and extreme violence. Read more…
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Tuesday February 14:Is your car driving Uyghur forced labor? 

Wednesday February 15:
Ending state-imposed forced labor and promoting decent work in cotton supply chains


Human Rights at Sea has launched a new report “Does it do What it Says on the Tin?” exploring certification and standards in the fisheries and seafood industry. Read the foreword by Freedom United’s Executive Director Joanna Ewart-James and access the full report here.
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