October 21, 2020

IT’S RUBBISH MR BUSH: Alice says she knows nothing of appointment


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Alice Mae Coe leads the march against West Bay Road plans

Flatly contradicting remarks by Premier McKeeva Bush, Alice Mae Coe, head of West Bay’s Concerned Citizens Group, says she was never appointed to the area’s District Advisory Council.

Likewise, West Bay resident and former Radio Cayman Director of Broadcasting Loxley Ebanks, also named by Mr Bush, says he has only heard rumours of his own appointment, but seen no notification.

“It’s rubbish,” Ms Coe told iNews Cayman. ”This is news to me that I’ve been appointed. He [Mr Bush] just uses that, but none of it is true.”

Mr Ebanks, asked about the premier’s Tuesday remarks, said “I have heard something about it, heard rumours, but I have never seen any confirmation and never been notified”.

Mr Bush named the two during a public meeting at George Town’s Town Hall, discussing formation of the new 10-member Advisory District Councils.

Encouraging broad public involvement, he underscored that membership on the panels was open to everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

“You can have people of various professions, educational levels, with much to offer who want to serve, but not want to run in an election. West Bay has four members on one side,” Mr Bush said, describing the lock of the United Democratic Party’(UDP) on the district’s political representation in the LA.

“But we could have a split like George Town or Bodden Town, We appointed people today, in fact,” he said of the West Bay council. “They are non-political: Alice Mae Coe, and you could say she is no supporter of mine, and Loxley Ebanks.”

Ms Coe said she had been asked on three occasions if she were interested in sitting on the council, and had, ultimately, been nominated in
the summer.

“But when I was asked if I had received a letter about my appointment, I said, ‘no’. My name was not on the list. Loxley’s name was not the list either.

“I’m happy I wasn’t [appointed]. I have enough on my plate. A couple of people were disappointed, but not me at all.”

Describing herself as “non-plussed, totally surprised, by the news”, she said “Alice Mae Coe is not accepting any appointment. As far as I am concerned. I am not involved.”

Ms Coe said her petition against the proposed closure of 2,500 feet West Bay Road, partly in front of Publlc Beach – championed by Mr Bush and the Dart Realty-government ForCayman Investment Alliance — had gained significant support.

She told a 29 October Public Beach protest march that 3,000 people had signed the document, but declined to say more this week, although it appears almost 3,600 signatures, nearly 7.5% of the population, have offered support.

“People are simply not for sale,” she said, rebutting UDP charges that she was trading the island’s economic future for a half-mile of highway.

“They have never asked us what we want. They have just presented the developers case. Your elected representatives must respect the voices of people, but they just don’t seem to listen. They are just talking about money and not the views or feelings of the electorate.”

The Concerned Citizens group has already written to Governor Duncan Taylor about the petition, Ms Coe said, which they hope to present in a formal ceremony in early December “in full view of the public.

”We will make copies for different people,” she said, possibly including London’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“The governor has authority over the property and is head of the Cabinet, so he can disseminate it as he wishes.

“Ideally,” she said, “we would like HE to look at this and consider it deeply, and use the authority he has to protect the people of the Cayman Islands, which he holds in trust for the Queen.”

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