August 5, 2020

Isolated monks live incredibly long. Is this their secret?


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From Donovan Health Solutions

There’s no hospital on Mt. Athos… a small isolated patch of rock on the Aegean Sea. Only reachable by boat and populated almost exclusively by an ancient order of monks, there are very few modern conveniences at all. (They don’t even use the modern calendar.) Yet, Mt. Athos has one of the longest life expectancies on Earth…

(Longer than the Japanese! And over a decade more than the average American man!) For years scientists have speculated on what their secret could be… It’s certainly NOT pills or regular check-ups… And these monks eat meat. They drink alcohol. Their heated debates on ancient religious questions certainly wouldn’t do much to calm my blood pressure. Could it be something far stranger that keeps them so healthy for so long? It has been discovered that these monks expose their bodies to an ancient type of sound in their isolated monasteries… It’s a practice referenced in the Bible itself…and it may be the key to changing everything from how our hearts beat…to how our brains flush out toxins…to how our livers release sugar into the blood stream… Today, a new video presentation with celebrity host Jim Donovan (CBS, NBC, TEDx, and NPR) reveals the full story… You can watch it for free right now. The isolated monasteries where monks outlive everyone…what’s their secret?

You’ll be shocked when you see what happens when Donovan experiences this healing secret for himself.

To watch video go to:

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