June 24, 2021

Is it worth selling your home yourself?

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These days, you can find a do-it-yourself approach for virtually anything. With easy access to the internet, everyone feels confident in their ability to become an expert in any subject overnight. While we are lucky enough to have access to a great number of resources these days, this can also engender a misplaced feeling of confidence, and make it easier to ignore the experts.

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However, almost everyone realizes at some point or another that certain things are better left to the professionals. Selling your home on your own is one way of setting yourself up for failure. While you may be saving money, there are a number of nuances you might not be aware of, which can end up costing you a lot of money down the line. Here are a few points to consider if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market on your own. 

Saving the Commission

A good real estate agent will take in five to six percent commission on the sale of your home, which isn’t a cheap price tag. Therefore, the temptation to go it alone will be high. Especially when you live in a state like Florida, where it seems like everyone wants to buy a property there and settle down. However, the potential savings are not worth it if your home languishes on the market. One thing to consider is that an agent will have your interests at heart, and will see that doing a good job for you will mean that they will earn a hearty commission. Since they understand the local market, they can help you set a competitive selling price for your home, which can increase your chances of making a sale. So, on the one hand, by cutting out the middleman you will have saved some money. But on the other, without an expert hand, your home may be on the market for a long while, and you won’t have the information or expertise on hand to figure out why.

Weeding Out the “Browsers”

Some people love visiting open houses just because. There’s no real reason, and they don’t necessarily plan on making an offer. According to the experts at 30arealestatefl.com, this is a fairly common occurrence in Florida and other coastal states, one that can be taxing both emotionally and physically. If you do it alone, you will be opening your home to people who aren’t interested in buying, and you will have trouble weeding out those who are willing to make a serious offer. This is a time suck and is usually not worth the effort. 

Endless Negotiations

Savvy buyers aren’t always going to snatch up a home for the asking price, and you will be making plenty of negotiations with different people trying to get a sale that is beneficial to them. Negotiating is a tricky business, and a real estate agent will have experience in doing just that. Problems can crop up at any moment, and while there are some things you can handle yourself, other issues will require an experienced hand, or else serious delays can result. 

While everyone wants to settle down, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find any takers for your home right away. There are various aspects to take care of to make a successful sale, which will require a more experienced hand, and it’s usually self-defeating to sell your home on your own. 

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