November 28, 2020

Is capitalism an endangered species?

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"Crisis Capitalismo" Illustrated by: Carlos Latuff

I am no financial genius. I cannot even manage my own budget. I have always lived under capitalism. As I have gotten on in years I find myself asking questions about this system. I see bankers getting wealthier whilst the rest of us get poorer. The insane bonuses that some of them get after we, and I do mean WE, have had to bail them out from their mistakes. We are told by our capitalist governments, ‘the institutions they work for are too enormous for them to fail.’ So they do it again. Why should they care? It’s easy to take risks with other people’s money and if it goes wrong….. so what? That’s how it seems to me. Maybe one of our financial wizards reading this will shoot me down in flames … or discuss it with me over dinner – and they PAY for!

What is the meaning of capitalism? Wikipedia describes it as “an economic system that became dominant in the Western world following the demise of feudalism. There is no consensus on the precise definition nor on how the term should be used as an historical category. There is general agreement that elements of capitalism include private ownership of the means of production, creation of goods or services for profit or income, the accumulation of capital, competitive markets, voluntary exchange, and wage labour. The designation is applied to a variety of historical cases, varying in time, geography, politics and culture.” Further in the article it says, “Capitalism is generally viewed as encouraging economic growth?” Is all this clear to you? Most of us have lived our lives under a capitalist system and do we really understand it? The same article lists SEVEN types of capitalism with the seventh listed as ‘other’.

Does capitalism increase disparity of wealth?

Nowadays, thousands of envious extremists driven by rage, wage worldwide demonstrations against globalisation – the growing economic integration of the world, as trade, investment and money increasingly cross international borders.

What did the Peking barbarians of the 14th century do? They subsidised their farm products and sold them to us! Many fled and came to the Western world willing to work here for cheaper wages. It helped us, too. Increasing capital, output and even our salaries, enabling us to spend more.

Therefore, these extremists that rage war on us every day, shall face bitter judgments! If only they would see all the miracles and prosperity capitalism brings, they would repent and embrace the free market. Right? Maybe not.

Why do people oppose free market? Is it envy? Human nature, being what it is, and our preferences are fine-tuned for gene pool survival. That means we’re selfish and evil. You see, we women (well Georgina does – lol) prefer the rich. When one male gets many women, the others don’t get any. So when one male becomes successful, the others will get in the way!

That’s why I am convinced many people oppose capitalism. It’s not there to help the poor. It’s not there to improve the economy. It’s simply there to prevent you from getting rich. Capitalism does not cause disparity of wealth. Capitalism simply changes the way such disparity is earned.

In countries that oppose capitalism, like North Korea, wealth disparity exists anyway. The late Kim Jong il, simply got all the money by enslaving workers and his heir, Kim Jong-un is seen to be a copy cat of his father. And they are not alone in this. There is no such thing as 100% communism.

If countries would buy (at a fair price, of course) all the natural resources they require by trade, without any political interference, there would be no incentive to go to war. People like Hitler would never rise to power.

When we’re not at war, we’re in a race. That’s simply the way we evolve. Those who oppose free fair competition want the alternative. That’s, in a sense, is the root of all evil.

However, I haven’t really answered my own question, does capitalism cause wealth disparity?

Yes, it does, in a way most people don’t see. Due to envy, many capitalists are prosecuted. When ‘loose’ women pick a financially irresponsible ghetto stud, it’s a humans’ right. When ‘loose’ women pick rich smart males in clubs, it’s illegal due to anti prostitution laws (despite being consensual). The former requires you to pay tax to support their kids. The latter creates fewer dollars for the taxman.

So the most productive among us are often forced to inherit his wealth to just 1 child. The poor seem to split his wealth to 10 children. If we make the same amount of money, and I make 10 children, you make 1 child, which one is more successful? Does it make sense if my children then complain that your child is richer?

The terrorist cannot understand why we capitalists are often so nice we love even our enemies. They look for an ulterior motive and when they can’t find it they invent one. If we’re too nice, we’re not being fair. When we’re not being fair, we do not properly align our interests with other humans. When those running the fastest don’t hit the hardest, success will simply be a bridge to a gas chamber. History proves this.

With the growth of the Muslim population expected to increase by at least 35% within the next 20 years, perhaps we should encourage our truly endangered species, the capitalists, to make more kids, for everyone’s sake!

Yes, I still believe in capitalism, even though the major drawback is that bigger and richer capitalists can exploit their workers, and can prohibit other competitors from entering the market by monopolising resources. If this happens, the entire purpose of capitalism is destroyed, but sadly this is a very real occurrence. No matter what system of economy one employs, there will always be certain bad seeds and corporations that will try to take advantage of the weak and helpless. This is an inevitable evil of society, and even communism is not excused from this.

I await that dinner date!

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