January 17, 2022

Interview # 8 – Business Style, Strategy & Aspirations of Textile Engineering Industry

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Sub: Business Style, Strategy & Aspirations of Textile Engineering Industry

India ITME Society a 42-year-old nonprofit Industry body has become a trend setter for out of box ideas in serving the industry members and not just limited to India.

Business Style, Strategy & Aspirations, is an endeavor by India ITME Society.  This innovative approach was exclusively for the exhibitors & the Industry members to boost visibility, connectivity & act as a catalyst for the Textile Engineering Machines, Products, Innovations & Companies. Together we can learn from each other’s USP’s for growth & prosperity.

This week we invite you to view the Video Interview of Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Chairman, India ITME Society & Joint Managing Director, Lakshmi Card Clothing.

In this conversation Mr. Hari Shankar speaks about Lakshmi Card Clothing’s customer-driven philosophy & the involvement with customers. Their expertise in providing made-to-order solutions and customized services and specialty products is what makes the Lakshmi Card Clothing one of the premier Companies in the Textile & Textile Engineering Industry today.

To view this full interesting interview click : https://youtu.be/vzEKPFWlHjk

E-Library: https://www.india-itme.com/elibrary/individual-presentation/?id=891


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