April 13, 2021

Internet statistics and facts that every marketer should know

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By Natalie Christen From www.hostingclues.com

Much of the businesses today are on the World Wide Web, and as such, marketers need to understand the Internet to make smarter decisions that can help boost their ROI. The online space is becoming increasingly competitive year-on-year. Hence, if businesses want to carve a niche for themselves, then they need to be up-to-date about the latest local and global trends, which can help them to strategize winning campaigns.

We have already looked at the interesting content marketing stats and facts. Thus, today, let’s check out the vital Internet Statistics and facts that every marketer should know. The below infographic provides you with a comprehensive overview of the latest eCommerce statistics, stats on advertising trends, web search, etc. It also offers you facts on cybersecurity, mobile internet usage, domain and web hosting.

If you run an online business or are planning to create a new website, then these statistics can help you make the right choices, which will be beneficial for you in the long run. Plus, by knowing the user behaviour, you would be able to focus more on the things that help grow your business, thus ensuring your time and resources are not wasted.


Natalie Christen is a Tech & Social enthusiast. She is also a Web Entrepreneur by Profession and loves to write about the latest trends on Social Media & SEO. You may also follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

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