November 29, 2021

International Olympic Committee spotlights winter sports with uplifting short film

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International Olympic Committee

16 Nov 2021 – Today, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) invites the world to celebrate the power that believing in each other has to unite, through a short film narrated by Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn. This evolution of the IOC’s Stronger Together campaign shines a spotlight on the jaw-dropping sports that take place on snow and ice.

This summer showed what sport can achieve, with a display of resilience and togetherness that inspired hope across the world at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. This will continue as the seasons change and the excitement for winter sports builds, culminating with the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 in February. With the same athleticism and heroics, athletes are once again set to come together and deliver awe-inspiring action.

Right now, thousands of the world’s best winter sports athletes are training hard to fulfil their Olympic dreams. Drawing strength from the support of their families, friends and people all over the world, they are getting ready to show just what can be achieved when we believe in each other.


Watch video HERE

The film is narrated by US skier and three-time Olympic medallist Lindsey Vonn, who has experienced first-hand the intrinsic power of belief in her game – both in overcoming setbacks and in supporting the next generation through her foundation and her continued work with the Youth Olympic Games. The film speaks to the impact that “believing” can have both on and off the field of play, something that is amplified further on snow and ice, where the heightened natural environment of the Olympic winter sports of biathlon, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, ice skating, luge, skeleton, skiing and snowboarding make them a unique challenge.

As Vonn said: “It’s mentally tough out there – in extreme conditions and under the pressure of competition. Feeling that belief from those around you – your coach, family, the crowd – cannot be underestimated. I have experienced the power it has to get you from the start to the finish line and help achieve your best. It shows that if we believe in each other, we can achieve the unbelievable.”

The continued campaign amplifies the IOC’s belief in solidarity by demonstrating that, however different we are, if we believe in each other we will be Stronger Together. It also illustrates the power of sport and the Olympic Games to unite people, communities and nations across the globe.

IOC Digital Engagement and Marketing Associate Director Lars Silberbauer said: “Last summer, the Stronger Together campaign showcased just what we can accomplish when we’re united. Today, we are bringing people together once again, something that will continue throughout the winter months and will allow us to realise our ambition of connecting and engaging with people all around the world.”

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