February 20, 2020

Internal Audit Report on Cayman Islands Liquor Board decision released


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The Cayman Islands Government has released the Internal Audit Report that was commissioned jointly by the Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joey Hew and Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson.

The Internal Audit Office was asked to review in early August 2017 the matter concerning a liquor licence granted to a gas station in Red Bay to sell liquor on Sundays.

The audit report found that a retail licence was granted to Peanuts Ltd. and the Board acted in good faith in their attempt to arrive at a proper and just decision based on all information and facts available at the time. However, the Board erred in their approach and subsequent rationale for their decisions.

The Board then proceeded to change the official records and introduce a new policy which was not within their purview.

The Minister and Deputy Governor welcomed the report in a joint statement, released today.

“The report takes forward our commitment to maintaining good governance and transparency in our dealings,” stated Mr. Manderson.

Since commissioning the report, Minister Hew confirmed that new members had been appointed to the Liquor Licensing Board and the Board members have received guidance and training regarding processes involved in transacting the Board’s business.

“I am confident that the Board’s business is in capable hands and trust that, going forward, the day-to- day business as well as the inevitable challenges which may arise will be handled competently,” stated the Minister. “I welcome the Internal Audit Report and look forward to its subsequent recommendations being addressed and remedies implemented in a timely manner,” he said.

The Deputy Governor and Minister thanked the Internal Audit unit for their prompt production and delivery of the report, which will be posted for viewing on www.gov.ky Thursday, 28 September 2017.


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