October 25, 2021

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Turkey Kurdish wedding bomber ‘may not have been child’

_90881180_mediaitem90881179From BBC

Image caption Most of the victims of the bombing were children, media reports say AFP

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says authorities do not know if a suicide bomber who attacked a Kurdish wedding killing 54 people was a child.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said after Saturday’s attack in Gazantiep that the bomber was 12-14 years old.

Turkey has linked the bomber to so-called Islamic State (IS), but Mr Yildirim said “a clue has not yet been found concerning the perpetrator”.

His statement came as Turkey’s military targeted IS militants in Syria.

Television reports said howitzers had been used against IS near the border town of Jarablus.

Turkish artillery had also hit US-backed Syrian Kurdish YPG positions north of Manbij in Syria, broadcaster NTV said.

A coalition including YPG has been pushing IS out of Syrian towns, including Manbij, recently.

Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a Turkish-Kurdish rebel group fighting for autonomy since the 1980s.


Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting on Monday, Mr Yildirim said the earlier statement identifying the attacker as a child was a “guess” based on witness accounts.

Most of the victims were children, media reports say.

Twenty-nine victims of the attack, which took place on Sunday, were under the age of 18, reports said, with one official saying 22 were under the age of 14.

Thirteen of those killed were women, Turkish media said. Sixty-six people are still in hospital, 14 of them in a serious condition, Dogan news agency reported.

One woman lost four children in the attack, the Haberturk newspaper reported. Emine Arhan told the title “if it wasn’t for my only surviving child, I would have killed myself”.

_90874328_034891379Another victim was a nine-year-old girl who had stayed on at the party to see the bride after her parents had left, according to the Vatan newspaper.

A disproportionately large number of women and children were killed in the attack because it targeted henna night, a part of the celebration attended mainly by women and children, says BBC Monitoring’s

Hurriyet newspaper said the type of bomb, which contained scraps of metal, was similar to those used in previous attacks on pro-Kurdish gatherings.

Prosecutors said a search was also under way for two people believed to have accompanied the suspected attacker to the wedding party but who left before the blast.

Gaziantep, near the Syrian border, is known to contain several IS cells.

In a defiant speech on Monday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said IS should be “completely cleansed” from the border area with Turkey.

He also announced that Turkey was recalling its ambassador to Vienna because of a demonstration in the Austrian capital by groups associated with the PKK.

Mr Cavusoglu accused Austria of “supporting a terrorist organisation which is attacking Turkey”, according to Austrian paper Der Standard.

Ties between the two countries have been fraught over the past weeks, with Vienna warning that Turkey is heading towards authoritarian rule, and calling for its membership talks with the European Union to be ended.

For more: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37158615


Crowe Horwath to audit Cayman captives

By Becky Butcher From Captive Insurance Times

Crowe Horwath has received authorisation from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to act as an “approved auditor” for class B insurance licensees in the Cayman Islands, according to Crowe Horwath’s managing director Bill Knibloe.

Crowe Horwath’s license to audit became effective 19 July.

Knibloe said: “This provides class B insurers domiciled in the Cayman Islands with another alternative and we’re looking forward to providing the same level of exceptional client service we have built our reputation on.”

For more: http://captiveinsurancetimes.com/captiveinsurancenews/article.php?article_id=4798#.V7r8KhSUSaw


Louisiana flooding just the tip of warming

berlin-1156844_1280-820x400From The Carbon Wars

Louisiana declared a state of emergency on Friday. The state is experiencing severe flooding that’s left at least three people dead, caused more than 7,000 people to need rescuing from their homes, and sent waist-deep water across the state in a disaster described as “truly historic” and “unprecedented.”

But the sobering news is that the weather now pummeling Louisiana is a sign that climate change has upended all expectations of what’s unusual.

You can expect to see more of these kinds of superstorms as the planet warms, according to the National Climate Change Assessment, a study produced by more than 300 experts working with a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee.

We’ve already started to experience them. “By my count, it’s the eighth 500-year flood to strike the USA since May of 2015,” meteorologist Paul Douglas said with tongue in cheek. “Probably nothing to worry about.”

For more: http://www.thecarbonwars.com/louisiana-flooding-just-the-tip-of-warming/


African mines ‘fixer’ linked to hedge fund

By Danny Fortson From The Times UK

A Gabonese “fixer” has been charged with bribery allegedly related to his work for Och-Ziff, the hedge fund giant under investigation of corruption claims involving its London operation.

Samuel Mebiame, 43, was arrested on Tuesday. He appeared in court in New York accused of making illegal payments to officials in Chad, Niger and Guinea to secure mining rights.

According to court papers, Mebiame was a consultant for a joint venture set up in 2008 by a Turks and Caicos entity and an unnamed hedge fund. Sources close to the situation said the fund was Och-Ziff. The company declined to comment.

For more: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/african-mines-fixer-linked-to-hedge-fund-lswpjrkwt


Michael Phelps teaches Simone Biles how to show off her medals

CqYQ3czWgAAMzuQBy Keith Wagstaff From Mashable

Simone Biles deserves a gold medal for wearing her gold medals in style.

The gymnast showed off her hardware on Sunday on Twitter.

Yes, she is wearing all five of her medals at once. She took home gold for the vault, individual all-round, team all-round, and the floor exercise. She also won bronze in the beam event.

Seeing as she can jump over a dinosaur, it’s no surprise that she can handle five medals around her neck. But who, exactly, taught her the best way to display her gold?

On Twitter:
Simone Biles Verified account

“michael phelps taught me how to stack my medals”

For more: http://mashable.com/2016/08/21/simone-biles-wears-her-medals/#ljsOq7_6CPqR


Germans and Russians furthering fusion

nice-1046188-820x400Fr0m The Carbon Wars

Nuclear fusion (not fission) is the answer to solving Earth’s carbon crisis. Now, German and Russian scientists are collaborating on furthering the technology.

The German nuclear research center in Jülich and Russian research at the Budker Center in Novosibirsk have signed a cooperation agreement for the joint construction of a special facility to produce polarized deuterium fuel from unpolarized deuterium. This will generate pre-ordered “nuclear spins”—alignments of the deuterium atoms—for fusion power experiments involving both deuterium and helium fuel. The joint project is funded by the German Research Association DFG and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF).

Departing from traditional generation of pre-ordered spins from already-polarized deuterium, the Russian scientists and engineers will contribute a specific magnetic field configuration, which will pre-order the isotope spins already during the polarization process. This enables the desired spins to be more easily filtered out and, in the same process, separated from the spin alignments not wanted for the experiment.

Why? The efficiency of the fusion power reaction is considerably higher with completely polarized fuel than with the traditional method. It gives a larger “cross-section” to the reaction which combines the atoms of deuterium and/or helium, at extremely high temperatures and pressures produced by magnets or lasers.

The reaction is thus longer-lasting—one major goal of fusion power development—and the energy and particles produced can be directed magnetically for technological purposes.

The key for German fusion power testing is the availability of this polarized fuel for the national fusion research center in Greifswald—an advanced magnetic fusion confinement design known as a Stellerator. In early February, Greifswald, with unpolarized fuel, achieved 80 million degrees Fahrenheit temperature for one-quarter of a second of complete confinement of the fusion plasma by the magnetic fields.

Each step gets us closer to unleashing the ultimate source of clean, safe energy for a carbon free world.

For more: http://www.thecarbonwars.com/germans-russians-furthering-fusion/


Cayman Islands: Advance your professional goals this Fall 2016 at UCCI!

New this semester!
You speak, we listen. Working with various industry stakeholders, the University College of the Cayman Islands is proud to introduce our new programmes for the Fall 2016 semester:
Legal Support and Administration Certificate
Begins Monday, August 29
Only $330/course*

Newly designed to meet the needs of Cayman-based firms, UCCI’s Legal Support and Administration certificate programme is particularly suitable for persons working in an administrative or secretarial capacity in the legal or a related sector, those wishing to secure employment within this field, and those wishing to increase their knowledge of legal and administrative procedures.

*Cost does not include books and admin fees

Essentials of Facility Management Workshop (CED 112)
Every Thursday @ 6pm
Only $165 for a 14-week workshop

Offered in coordination with the International Facility Management Association (IMFA), this workshop is a great opportunity to advance the skills of service providers and both new and experienced facility managers.

IMFA qualifications are recognised as the benchmark for facility management in the United States and the Caribbean.

Call 526-0544 for further information.
Don’t get stuck in long lines. Check the registration schedule.
Sign Up Today
Connect with us
Facebook Twitter Instagram

University College of the Cayman Islands | 168 Olympic Way, PO Box 702, George Town, KY1-1107 Cayman Islands
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.05.16 PM

Cayman Islands: Back to School!

From Chatterbox

If you suddenly realise you need to get your child ready for school again (where did the summer go?!), then give Kara a call on 949 7065 or email her at [email protected] She can help!

See attached flyer below for more details about what Kara can help your child with.



Cayman Drama Society

unnamed-1-300x1852016 is proving to be amazing around the Prospect Playhouse! We have been busy renovating the auditorium this summer and getting ready for a smashing end to 2016!

And Yes! Its election season and what greater way to lighten the mood than coming to see the very funny, Yes Minister!

September 15,16,17,22,23,24,29,30, October 1

Yes Minister is a satirical look at the early career of Jim Hacker MP; a newly appointed cabinet minister in the fictional Department of Administrative Affairs at Whitehall. Hacker goes through various struggles to formulate and enact legislation or effect departmental changes that are continually opposed by the British Civil Service in particular his Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby. His Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley, is usually caught between the two. The British comedy, written by Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, was fist broadcast by BBC Television in the 1980s has now been adapted to the Cayman stage by Chuck and Barrie Quappe. As the Cayman Parliamentary system is based on Whitehall, any of the situations will be undeniably familiar to all that live in Cayman!


And you do not want to miss our continuing celebration of Shakespeare’s 400th!!!


Cayman Islands Pirates Week calls for food vendors

The Pirates Week Festival Office is inviting participants for the annual Food Festival to submit their vendor applications for the below dates/times:


Friday 11th November

George Town

6:00pm to 2:00am

Saturday 12th November

George Town

1:00pm to midnight

Saturday 19th November

George Town

2:00pm to midnight

Vendor applications must be submitted beginning on Monday 1st August, 2016 to the Pirates Week Office on Shedden Road, George Town (upstairs next to KFC). Vendor space is limited therefore applications must be submitted as soon as possible after the opening date above. Deadline for submission is Monday 31st October.

 All vendors must comply with the rules and regulations set by the Pirates Week Festival Office and must present a valid Food Handling Certificate for all persons handing food by the 31st October. Food handling certificates can be obtained from the Department of Environmental Health by contacting Mr. Gideon Simms on 949-6696 or email [email protected] .

 For application forms and more details please contact the Pirates Week Festival Office at 949-5078 or [email protected].



Moonlight and Movies: Shrek the Third

The Moonlight and Movies series continues on Tuesday (23 Aug) featuring Shrek the Third at 7pm in Gardenia Court in Camana Bay.


Conservation Council Meeting 24 August 2016

The National Conservation Council will hold a general meeting on Wednesday August 24th, 2016, from 2pm to 5pm in the ground floor meeting room (1038) of the Government Administration Building (Grand Cayman). The Agenda of the meeting will be available at the DoE website (www.doe.ky/conservation-council). This meeting is open to observers from the public. If anyone wishes to submit comments to the Council in advance of the meeting they may do so via email to [email protected].

Post Offices Close Temporarily on Wednesday

Post Offices on Grand Cayman will be closed for two hours on Wednesday, 24 August 2016, to facilitate a staff function.

The closure, from 12noon to 2:00p.m., includes the General Post Office, Airport Post Office and all district sub-post offices.  All offices will re-open for normal business hours at 2:00p.m. that afternoon.

Post Offices on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman will NOT be affected, and will operate according to normal hours.

Desk(345)244 1764 – Cell(345)926 0173 – Fax(345)949 5936


Music Happy Hour

Music Happy Hour for kids is Friday from 3:30 — 4:30 pm at Starfish Village every Friday in August.

Cayman Theological Institute

The Cayman Theological Institute is hosting orientation for the new semester on Friday (26 Aug) at 7pm. Call 949.9533 for more information.

Cayman Green Drinks Social

The National Trust invites persons to their Green Drinks social to discuss the National Conservation Council’s proposal to enhance our Marine Parks. The event will be held at Cayman Cabana on Friday, August 26th 2016 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. There will be guest speakers and volunteers to answer questions and provide information.

Green Drinks is an international club in which like-minded environmentally-conscious people get together to share ideas and socialize (the people are green, not the drinks! J).

Green Drinks Social


Theatre in the Court: Rundown

Theatre in the Court presents Rundown on Saturday (27 Aug) at 7pm in Gardenia Court.

CIIPA Running for Red 5 & 10K

The CIIPA Running for Red 5 & 10K is Saturday (27 Aug) at 630am. Log on to caymanactive.com for more details.

Cayman Car Boot Sales

Walk For The Cure charity car boot sale

Starting August 27, 2016

Join us Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 6:30-10:30am in the parking lot at CIBC FirstCaribbean Main Street Branch for a fundraising Charity Car Boot Sale!


Vote for the People’s Choice Miss Teen



Rehoboth After School Program


HOURS: 2:30PM-6:00PM



Spaces allocated on tlrst come first served basis

WHY REHOBOTH Rehoboth After School is not a child minding service, we have at least one teacher per 10 children, and they are split into their appropriate class years and besides helping with homework given assignments that correspond with their school curriculum. This way it is easy to help any child that is falling behind with his/her studies. The children do get a snack which is included and also have the chance to participate in some fun activities- games, arts & crafts etc.


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 2.46.00 PM


Moonlight and Movies: Curious George

The Moonlight and Movies series continues on Tuesday (30 Aug) featuring Curious George at 7pm in Gardenia Court in Camana Bay.



Pirates Week Volunteers

The Pirates Week Office is seeking volunteers to assist in the planning in its upcoming events. For more information email at [email protected] or call 949-5859.


Cayman Islands: LCCL applicants must advise TBL board of Caymanian participation

In order to ensure that the law is upheld, procedural changes for the Local Companies (Control) Licence Law (LCCL) will come into effect on 1 September 2016.

The LCCL requires foreign investors to publish ads that solicit Caymanian participation in their potential business endeavours. In these ads, Caymanians are asked to inform the foreign investor of their interest, in writing; however, as of 1 September, Caymanians also must supply a copy of that letter directly to the Trade and Business Licensing Board.

Also, when submitting their applications to the board, foreign investors must include copies of the two local newspaper ads, published in accordance with section 11 (4) (e) of the law, that solicited Caymanian participation.

‘These procedural changes will help the board to know if the applicant has complied fully with the LCCL’, said Minister of Commerce Wayne Panton.

LCCL applications must be submitted in person at the Business Licensing Counter, on the first floor of the Government Administration Building. The counter is open Mondays to Fridays, between 9:00am and 4:00pm. In addition to the two newspaper ads, applications must be accompanied by due diligence such as a police clearance, copies of passports, references, and the relevant fees.

Letters from Caymanians are to be addressed to the Trade and Business Licensing Board, c/o the Department of Commerce and Investment, Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue Suite 126, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

For more information, visit www.dci.gov.ky or email [email protected]



Cayman Islands Golf: Weekend of Winners

We are looking forward to this years Red Cross event labels Weekend of Winners. The event will take place at the North Sound Golf Club on September 2nd.



URISA’s 2016 Caribbean GIS Conference in Barbados

URISA’s 2016 Caribbean GIS Conference on September 4-8, 2016 in Barbados. Check out the latest information!

• Keynotes from Chris Shedrick at What3Words and Tyler Radford from Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

• High Level Meetings and participation from UN-GGIM International Forum on Geospatial Information and Services for Disasters.

• A full-day track on Caribbean Disaster Management developed in conjunction with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency

• Missing Maps MeetUp

• Tons of education – More than 20 comprehensive sessions with presentations from nearly 60 of your peers.

• A high-powered panel session on “Confronting Land Administration Challenges: The Key to Unlocking Economic Prosperity”

• Take advantage of free preconference workshops and training

• Networking and a Busy Exhibition – Gold Sponsors Esri and Spatial Innovision; Silver Sponsors GeoOrbis and Hexagon Geospatial; Bronze Sponsor – GeoTechVision!

Reserve your hotel room by August 15 to take advantage of discounted group rates!

Check out all of the conference details and register right away at: http://www.urisa.org/education-events/urisa-s-caribbean-gis-conference/


CXC Education Program Registration

The CXC Education Program is inviting volunteer teachers. Registration takes place on Sunday (11 Sept) at 2 pm, at the John Gray High School Auditorium; classes begin on September 18th. For further information visit www.education.adventisteducation.org.

SAT  &  SUN SEP 17 & 18 

British Schools Fair Cayman Islands

Street: Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman

District: Seven Mile Beach

Island: Grand Cayman

Country: Cayman Islands



Sat 17 Sep & Sun 18 Sep

2.00-6.00 p.m.

A chance for Cayman families to meet leading UK boarding schools. If you are considering the possibility of your children having the opportunities afforded by an overseas education, this is your chance to speak to some of the top schools.

Free entry

For more information contact [email protected]


Save the date for our 6th Annual “Paws for Wine” Fundraiser!

Sat 24th September 2016

From CARE Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts

Please save the date for our 6th annual “Paws for Wine” event. We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship for this event so we can raise more funds to continue on with our worthy cause. If you would like to help with volunteering or donate auction items we would love to hear from you. [email protected] or 938 2273.

So please pop this date in your diary and join us for an evening filled with fun, laughter, dancing, fabulous food and great wine.



Be part of the action and support your nation with The Games at Camana Bay – a series of festivities inspired by the 2016 Olympics. Take in cultural experiences by catching the last chance to see Rundown, getting lost in poetry readings or by supporting a local author as they celebrate their latest book.

Moonlight & Movies: Summer Series

Tuesdays until 30 August


Gardenia Court

Music Happy Hour for Kids

Fridays until 26 August


Starfish Village

The Games at Camana Bay: Moonlight & Movies

Thursday 11 and 18 August


The Crescent


Wednesday 17 August


Books & Books

Culture at the Cinema: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Saturday 20 August


Regal Cinemas

Theatre in the Court: Rundown

Saturday 27 August


Gardenia Court


A Legacy of Light

Early watercolours from the National Collection

Early Watercolours

Rarely displayed watercolour paintings from the early collections of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) and the Cayman Islands National Museum (CINM) are currently on display at the National Gallery. The exhibition closes 16 September 2016.

Learn more!

#Free Family Day!

Saturday, August 27 at 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

We are set to host a Watercolour Play Family Day to coincide with the Gallery’s latest exhibition A Legacy of Light. The event boasts fun family art activities including a sketch quest, scavenger hunt, treasure quest and watercolour painting stations. Admission is free!

Splish Splash, Dot Dash!

Saturday, August 27 at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

A special watercolour workshop for kids will take place in the Susan A. Olde Art Studio. Families will be encouraged to leave their inhibitions at home and have fun with all kinds of water-based paints. The class is free, however registration is required at space is limited.

Email us to register.

A Walk Through Watercolours

Thursday, 25 August 2016. Doors open at 5:00 PM. Discussions begin at 5:30 PM. Join art critic Emé Paschalides for a special discussion and walk through of the National Gallery’s watercolour exhibition A Legacy of Light. Admission is free. Refreshments served.

Happy Hour with BYPC

Friday, 16 September 2016. 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM Stop by the National Gallery for a closing celebration of the National Gallery’s watercolour exhibition. Organised by the Butterfield Young Patrons Circle (BYPC) the event boasts great music, fun activities, nibbles and drinks! Mingle with artists, curators and like-minded individuals.

Take it Home

The NGCI Store at the National Gallery has a fabulous selection of creative gifts for all ages. Come check out a variety of new merchandise highlighting Cayman’s local water color artists. Great gifts embodying the peaceful serenity of our Cayman Islands!

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