July 26, 2021

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CIIPO Appeals to Cayman Brac Artists

Representatives from CIIPO (the Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office) will be on Cayman Brac on Friday, 24 June, to speak with persons in creative fields about how they can benefit from stronger laws covering copyrights, trade marks and design rights.

Anyone on the Brac who produces – or wants to produce – original creative works ranging from poetry, music and apps, to ‘secret ingredient’ recipes and original design work, can speak with CIIPO representatives between 9am and 3:30pm on Friday.

Persons throughout the Cayman Islands can listen to CIIPO representatives during the live Talk Today broadcast from the Brac, airing on Radio Cayman between noon and 2:30pm, to hear more about Cayman’s IP protection.

CIIPO is a unit under the General Registry department. To speak with the CIIPO representatives while they are in the Brac, email the Registry’s Deputy Registrar Mr Donnell Dixon at [email protected] To learn more about copyrights, trade marks and design rights, log on to www.ciipo.gov.ky 


Cayman Islands Hospital – George Town – Closure for works


To accommodate much needed improvement, the front parking lot of the Hospital will be closed from TODAY 2 pm Thursday 23rd until Sunday 26th June.

Security officers will be available to direct you to alternate parking. We appreciate your understanding during this time and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Reform of Cayman Islands Fuels Markets Proposed

Government is working to establish, for the first time, an oversight body for the local fuels market.

Public input is currently invited into the proposed reform of the fuels markets in the Cayman Islands. These issues are covered in the discussion paper, “The Regulation of the Fuel Markets in the Cayman Islands”, which is now available for review.

Specifically, the Government will incorporate the fuels markets under the responsibilities of a new regulatory agency which will come into effect later this year.

The discussion paper proposes a phased approach. First, amendments will be made to the Dangerous Substances Handling and Storage Law, requiring the industry to provide specific pricing and cost information.

These amendments were enacted last October.

Next, will be the enactment of a Fuels Markets Bill, which will allow the OCR to analyse data, assess retail prices and competition, and take necessary measures to promote fair competition.

“Price controls are a last resort but the Government will do whatever it takes”, said Minister responsible for infrastructure, Hon. Kurt Tibbetts.  Welcoming this milestone, he added that Cabinet has decided to establish the multi-sector agency – to be known as the “Office of Competition and Regulation” (OCR).

This regulatory body which will assume all responsibilities and functions of the existing Information Communications Technology Authority (ICTA), as well as those of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), will also have the responsibility for the fuels markets guided by a Fuels Market Law.

The draft document is posted on the website of the Ministry of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure (PLAHI).  www.plahi<http://www.plahi>@gov.ky.  Printed copies are also available at the Government Administration Building, and at public libraries.

“The scope is even a bit wider, as the OCR will also assume the economic regulatory responsibilities of the Water Authority Cayman (WAC), encompassing water production and supply, as well as wastewater collection and treatment,” added Minister Tibbetts.

He said that the OCR would have a critical function, by facilitating economic development and innovation in these sectors.  “The expectation is that it could become a major driver in facilitating the development of a new pillar in our economy,” added Mr. Tibbetts.

Consumer value and protection will be one of the primary considerations. As the local fuels markets (and its pricing mechanisms) are closely tied to economic activity, the OCR’s oversight of this sector will be critical.

The long-time background issues include Government’s objective of promoting competition, as well as transparency, within the fuel industry.  To facilitate this process, officials have been engaged for some months now in meetings with industry representatives.

Under this new plan, the Petroleum Inspectorate will be fully integrated into the OCR, which would assume responsibility for the functions of the Inspectorate. Government’s existing policies which relate to fuel imports will guide the new legislation. Some factors are economic efficiency, security of supply, public safety, and environmental sustainability.

OCR will take responsibility for ensuring the implementation of the policy. As the public discussion paper further outlines, the jurisdiction of the new OCR will include the transport, trade, and distribution (wholesale and retail) of all fuel products and importantly to advise Cabinet on the state of competition in the sector.

Members of the public are encouraged to review the discussion paper, and to submit their feedback by email [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> or, in writing to: “Fuel Markets Discussion Paper”, PLAHI Ministry Government Administration Building.

The deadline for public feedback is 15 July, 2016.

Charlie Kirkconnell, Sinan Kanatsiz, and why Cayman might make sense for your business

From ima Network

Guest: Sinan Kanatsiz is the Chairman and Founder of the Internet Marketing Association. Charlie Kirkconnell is the CEO of Cayman Enterprise City and is focused on creating economic diversification to the island by attracting new businesses.

Quote: “This is not a bubble, it’s going to keep growing.” – Sinan Kanatsiz

In This Episode:

The recent IMPACT16 event in the Cayman Islands

How the IMA and Cayman Enterprise City started working together

How the IMPACT conference has evolved over time

Why starting a business in the Cayman Islands doesn’t work the way Hollywood shows it

Why digital is so important in growth

Resources: http://imanetwork.org/ima-and-cayman-enterprise-city/

To view video go to: http://imanetwork.org/086-charlie-kirkconnell-sinan-kanatsiz-and-why-cayman-might-make-sense-for-your-business/


Freddie Gray: Baltimore officer cleared of murder

_90074620_gettyimages-539060662From BBC

Image caption The officer faced a depraved heart murder charge, the most serious count lodged against officers tried in the case

Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson has been found not guilty in his trial for the murder of black detainee Freddie Gray.

He was found not guilty on a second-degree depraved heart murder charge, the most serious count sought against the six officers charged in the case.

The officer drove the van in which Mr Gray rode before he died.

The verdict is a blow to prosecutors, who have yet to win a conviction in the case.

Mr Gray, 25, was arrested in April 2015 for running away from police officers. He died a week after sustaining a spinal injury while in the back of a police van.

His death sparked civil unrest in Baltimore, amid a national debate on police brutality and the death of unarmed black men at the hands of police.

For more: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-36610395


Irish soccer hooligans damage car—then miraculously repair it on the spot

By Rain Noe From Core77

Mob mentality goes both ways

A blanket statement to our European readers: The only thing that makes us Americans feel that we’re not the only country filled with knucklehead bros is watching your soccer hooligans running amok. But now a kindly band of Irish football fans may be taking that away from us.

To catch up our American, “brown and pointy” football fans: France is currently hosting the 2016 UEFA European Championship, a monthlong football tournament that’s essentially the World Cup for Europe. Fan clashes have been nasty: For the past couple of weeks, YouTube has been awash in bystander-shot videos of vicious scrabbles between Russian, English and French supporters in Marseille. Blood has been spilled, arrests made, men taken to hospital.

But a video posted of Irish fans conducting themselves shows the Emerald Isle has sent their best. When an overzealous Ireland supporter banging a drum became caught up in the spirit and climbed on top of a parked car, he damaged the roof. To compensate the unseen owner for the damage, the Irish fans started stuffing Euros into the door gap–then realized that they could repair the roof themselves by working together

For more and video: http://www.core77.com/posts/54089/Irish-Soccer-Hooligans-Damage-Car—Then-Miraculously-Repair-It-On-the-Spot?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+core77%2Fblog+%28Core77.com%29


Cayman Islands National Older Person Policy Workshop

WHO: The National Older Persons Policy Steering Committee WHAT: Stakeholders workshop WHEN: Friday, 1 July, 9.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. WHERE: The Family Life Centre PARTICIPANTS: Steering Committee members, older persons and community representatives. BACKGROUND: The Steering Committee was formed in early 2016 to guide the process of developing a national policy for older persons in the Cayman Islands. The workshop will function as a sounding board to get more insight into the needs of older persons in the Cayman Islands, and to come up with solutions that can inform the policy.

Grand Cayman: Major Roadworks Underway

Red Bay Summer Roadworks

Motorists, especially residents of the Prospect and Red Bay areas, should note that roadwork will continue in that area for the coming weeks of summer.

The National Roads Authority’s (NRA) phased plan will see the scale of work escalate once schools close in early July. Plans include a reconfiguration of the Red Bay roundabout as well as enhancements to the east-west arterial. Work in this area is to be completed before the end of August.

The NRA improvements will include widening the Red Bay roundabout to three lanes, which will accommodate the widening of the east-west arterial (between Dr Tomlinson Roundabout and the DMS/Grand Harbour roundabout) to three lanes in coming years.

NRA officials explain that, to improve road safety, the roundabout lanes will be re-surfaced so they slant inwards. Some of the traffic islands and sidewalks will be reconstructed to facilitate these roadway changes.

However, special allowances are being made to ensure the flow of traffic. When work is underway, one lane will remain open as usual, and the closed bypass lane will be re-routed to another road to maintain traffic capacity. Therefore, the work is not expected to result in major traffic diversions or holdups on the east-west bypass.

To further minimize the impact on motorists, most of this work will be done during off-peak times. The plan is to limit the amount of work during peak hours on weekdays (between 7am and 9am, and from 5pm to 7pm) and in so doing, avoid disruptions to drivers going to and from work.

Once the Red Bay roundabout is completed, only one direction of the main road will be worked on at a time. For instance, when work is being done to the east-bound lanes, one of the bypass lanes will be open for traffic as usual, but the other lane heading to the eastern districts will be diverted through the old section of Shamrock Road.

During this phase, west-bound traffic heading towards town should note that there will be no right-turns allowed from the Red Bay roundabout to access the Prospect or Red Bay areas, including the primary school.

To access the Red Bay Primary School and/or the Prospect area then, westbound traffic should use the Dr. Tolminson roundabout, and must then return the same way, since the Red Bay roundabout access to the highway will be closed.

Alternately, west-bound traffic may use the DMS roundabout, but they will have to return to the highway using the Dr. Tomlinson roundabout.

When the west-bound lanes are being worked on, one of the bypass lanes will be open for traffic as usual, but the other lane heading towards George Town will be diverted through Prospect Point Road.

When one west-bound lane is closed, west-bound motorists driving from the east (and who must access Red Bay Primary School or the Prospect area) may use the Dr.Tomlinson roundabout onto Shamrock Road; but, they must then return the same way, since the Red Bay roundabout access will be closed.

To ensure the safety of NRA workers as well as the general public, drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to remain aware of these temporary changes, and to drive with caution in the area. Road users are asked to also pay close attention to signage indicating any lane closures or diversions.

Registration Open for Cayman Islands Youth Services Unit Summer Series

Summer heats up as the Youth Services Unit opens registration for its Summer Series, featuring two summer camps.

A culinary camp will take place from 5 – 8 July. The camp will focus primarily on cake decorating techniques including fondant work and sugar craft. In addition students will make breaks, rolls, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, eclairs and donuts. The camp will end with a showcase using the theme of “CaymanKind”. Campers must have intermediate or advanced baking skills. The camp will take place at the John Gray cooking classrooms between 9.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. for $80 per camper.

A special Teen Summit will take place from 11 – 15 July. The summit will promote personal development through interactive competitions, trivia, special outings and other activities. The summit will feature “Power Talks” with special guest speakers from the community. The summit will take place at the University College of the Cayman Islands between 8.30 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. for $50 per camper.

Registration forms for both camps can be found online at www.ysu.gov.ky. For more information call 943-1127 or email [email protected].



Cayman Islands Chatterbox is collaborating with Cayman Theraplay to present our fun and therapeutic Superheroes Camp!

Unleash your superhero and have fun with movement, creativity, language and friendship skills!

To book, contact: [email protected]

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 3.05.11 PM



Cayman Drama Society: The funniest show on earth!

Have you got your tickets yet for the funniest play of the year? Join us for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) Click here for tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-complete-works-of-william-shakespeare-abridged-ticket-sales-in-us-tickets-24974384055?aff=ehomecard

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 3.07.48 PM

Cayman Islands: Register for the CNCF Summer Arts Camp

Learn new skills while having fun this summer. Registration is open for the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Summer Arts Camp.

Set to take place 11 – 19 August, the camp is open to students ages 7 – 16. Children 6 years old are accepted if an older sibling is enrolled in the camp.

Students will engage in activities that focus on the visual, traditional and performing arts, with classes in drama, storytelling, dance, and more. Students will also get to take part in field trips that highlight Cayman’s cultural and maritime heritage.

Registration forms can be found online at www.artscayman.org/creative-kids and are due by Thursday 30 June. Membership cost is $150 per child for seven days. Snacks and lunch are included. Payment is due Friday 15 July.

For more information about the camp you can email [email protected] or call 949-5477.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.09.13 AM


BBQ & Gospel Hoedown

St. George’s Anglican Church’s Annual 2016 Fundraising BBQ & Gospel Hoedown is Friday (24 Jun) at 530pm.

Island Living Show

Cayman 27’s Island Living Show is Friday & Saturday (24 & 25 Jun) from 5 — 8pm and 10 — 4pm respectively at the Arts and Recreation Center at Camana Bay.


Cayman Islands: Mud Run organisers call for volunteers

The Pirates Week Festival is seeking 100 volunteers to assist with its upcoming Pirates Trail Mud Run on Saturday 25th June, 2016.

The 5k run and obstacle course is a fundraiser for the Islands’ national festival, Pirates Week (10-20 November, 2016).

Event organisers are looking for both service groups and individuals to pitch in as follows:

The week before the race,

  • course set-up
  • organising participant packets

On race day,

  • registration
  • EMS station (must be First Aid/CPR trained)
  • water stations
  • obstacle management
  • lifeguard stations
  • photographers

 Along with giving back to the community, volunteers will receive a free t-shirt, food and beverages as well as a chance to win a free airline ticket on Cayman Airways (terms and conditions apply. A minimum of 3 volunteer hours is required).

Interested persons, aged 18 and older, will be provided with a short training session on Tuesday 21st June at 5:30pm at the Pirates Week Office.

For more information or to receive a volunteer application from, contact the Pirates Week Office via email at [email protected] or 949-5859/949-5078.

The Pirates Trail Mud Run is set for Saturday 25th June (see flyer attached) at the end of Sparky Drive, Industrial Park at 7:00am. There will be a children’s course (five and up) available.

Register online at www.caymanactive.com before Friday 17th June. Late registration begins on 18th – 22nd June at a higher cost, so register early. Registration details are as follows: Children 5 – 12: $15, Individuals: $40, Teams of four: $120 (Late registration: $50/Individuals | $160/Teams).

The first 200 adults to register get a collectible Pirates Trail Mud Run t-shirt.

NEW to Pirates Trail Mud Run!

2016 registrants will also have the opportunity to win an additional $1,000 in our TUG-O-WAR event.

Eight people can take home the cash prize for an additional fee of only $10 per person/$80 per team!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.18.39 PM

Cayman Businessmen’s Breakfast

The Grand Cayman chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International is having its monthly breakfast on Saturday June 25th at 7:30am, at Lola’s ( formerly The Upper Crust) restaurant in Camana Bay. Our speaker will be Mr. Charles Watler MBE.

Come out to hear the how God is making a difference in the life of men like you, right here in Cayman.

Olympic Day 5K Run/Walk

The Olympic Day 5K Run/Walk is Saturday (25 Jun) at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex at 7am. Log on to caymanactive.com for more details.

Miss Cayman Islands Meet & Greet

The Miss Cayman Islands Meet & Greet is Saturday (25 Jun) at Lobster Pot at 7pm.

Fundraising car wash

The Wesleyan Holiness Church Youth Camp Group is hosting a fundraising car wash on Saturday (25 Jun) from 730 — 130pm at the Wendy’s on West Bay Road.

First Assembly of God 2016 Conference

The First Assembly of God 2016 Conference will include a Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Champion House II and the launch of the women’s conference at 8am on Saturday (25 Jun). Services continue at 10am on Sunday (26 Jun)

Bodden Town Women’s Fellowship garage sale

Members of the Bodden Town Women’s Fellowship will be having a garage sale on Saturday (25 Jun) at the Webster Memorial United Church Hall at 6am.


PAWS on Wheels

PAWS on Wheels cycling event is Sunday (26 Jun) at 7am starting at the Lighthouse Restaurant. For more details, log on to caymanactive.com.

Cayman Amateur Radio Society Exercise

The Cayman Amateur Radio Society invites you to their annual field day exercise at Public Beach on Sunday (26 Jun) from 9 — 2pm.


Landlord and Tenant Relationships

The Chamber of Commerce presents a course on Landlord and Tenant Relationships on Tuesday (28 Jun) from 9 — 11am. Register online at caymanchamber.ky.

Blow Out Book Sale

The Humane Society’s Blow Out Book Sale is Saturday (28 Jun) from 9 — 4pm at AL Thompson’s.


SME Workshop

The Chamber of Commerce presents a free SME Workshop on Hiring the Right Employee on Wednesday (29 Jun) from 530 — 730pm. Register online at caymanchamber.ky.


Cayman Islands student filmmakers to walk the Red Carpet

The Young Image Makers (YIM) Red Carpet Premiere will take place on Thursday 30 June at the Harquail Theatre at 7.00 p.m.

The event marks the close of the 2016 YIM programme which provided the eleven finalists the opportunity to sharpen their technical skills and explore their creativity through the art of filmmaking.

At the annual event, two students – one from the junior and senior categories – will win a summer movie camp experience at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) courtesy of the Department of Tourism (DoT). One additional NYFA movie camp prize is being awarded by DoT to the winner of the Cayman Through My Eyes Video Challenge, a special category in YIM this year. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will also be named and given a prize provided by Cathy Church’s Photo Center.

The premiere kick starts the second annual CayFilm Festival. It is free and open to the public with a semi-formal dress code. Additional support for YIM comes from the Department of Commerce and Investment.

For more information visit www.artscayman.org/young-image-makers, or email [email protected]

National Arts & Culture Awards

CNCF is now accepting nominations for the National Arts & Culture Awards. Nomination forms can be found online at www.artscayman.org/arts-award.

NRA Road Works

Motorists and residents of the Prospect and Red Bay areas are advised that the National Roads Authority will be conducting roadworks at the Red Bay roundabout through June 30th.

Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Summer Arts Camp

Registration is open for the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Summer Arts Camp, taking place 11 — 19 August. The Camp is open to students ages 7 — 16. Registration forms can be found online at www.artscayman.org/creative-kids and are due by Thursday (30 Jun.)

National Culture and Heritage Policy and Strategic Plan

Progress continues on the creation of the Cayman Islands’ first National Culture and Heritage Policy and Strategic Plan.

There is now a comprehensive survey designed to garner widest possible feedback from all individuals in the Cayman Islands, so that the public is given full access to contribute to this important policy.

The survey is designed to give the public the opportunity to have a voice in the information-gathering stage of the policy formation as well as to contribute to what will become the vision, values and potential objectives of the policy.

Members of the public can access the survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZDQK8C2 . The survey closes 30th June.

The findings of the survey will be used along with the reports from the six Focus Groups of the Steering Committee, to be compiled into a main situational analysis on culture and heritage in the islands, which will be submitted to the Ministry of Culture by the end of July. Survey results will be used to feed into the framework for the new policy and strategic plan, which is expected to roll out over a 10-year period, from 2017 to 2027.

Cayman Islands Cancer Society Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society will be held at the Chamber of Commerce Office in Governor’s Square on June 30th, at 730pm


Football Camp

The Annual Football Summer camp for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16 years hosted by the Agape Family Worship Center on the first three Saturdays in July from 4 — 7pm. Call 949.2539 for more.


Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church Graduation Service

The Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church is hosting a graduation service on Sunday (3 Jul) at 7pm


Teen Challenge

Red Bay Church of God Holiness will hold a Teen Challenge under the theme Deep Sea Discovery for ages 13-19 Monday — Friday (4 — 8 Jul) from 6:30 – 9:30PM.

Launch Pad Enrichment Center Summer Camp

Launch Pad Enrichment Center Summer Camp kicks off next month for children between the ages of 4 and 11 from 730am to 530pm. For more information, call 945-1866.

Gun Bay United Church Food Stall

The Gun Bay United Church is hosting a food stall on Monday (4 Jul) at the Elliott Conolly Civic Center at 11am.

KRI Performing Arts School

KRI Performing Arts School is hosting a summer camp July 4th — 23rd for children between the ages of 5 and 14. For more information call 924.4098.


2016 Vacation Bible School — Tree House

The Church of God Chapel George Town invites all children between the ages 3 to 13 to attend their 2016 Vacation Bible School — “Tree House” — running July 5th through the 8th from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM nightly at the Family Life Center

June Events at Camana Bay

We want to help you celebrate Dad this Father’s Day. From a family portrait session with Picture This Studios in beautiful Gardenia Court to a cooking class for dads and kids to whip up tasty treats at Bon Vivant, there are ample opportunities for bonding experiences this Father’s Day at Camana Bay.

With summer approaching, we have some exciting events to welcome this school’s-out season, including the return of our popular Moonlight & Movies series and a cooking class featuring the king of the grill, the Big Green Egg. Foodies can also enjoy an unforgettable night with a feast under the stars at Ortanique’s pig roast.

Here is a quick look at our special events:

Budding Chef Summer Tween Classes

Every Tuesday, 31 May through 28 June


Bon Vivant

Isy B. Fashion Show

Moonlight & Movies: Summer Series

Every Tuesday, June through August


Gardenia Court

Cayman 27’s Island Living Show

Friday 24 June and Saturday 25 June

5-8pm and 10am-4pm

The Arts & Recreation Centre

Island-Style Cooking Class

Tuesday 28 June


Bon Vivant

Ortanique’s Final Pig Roast

Tuesday 28 June


The Island

Cuisine of the Sun Dinner

Thursday 30 June



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