September 22, 2021

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Three Caymanians named in Queen Elizabeth II NY Honours List

Olive Miller has been named an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for her community service work here in the Cayman Islands. This is an upgrade from her Member of the British Empire (MBE) award she received in 1978.

Both Betty Baraud and Dr. Bill Hrudey each have received an MBE. Betty Baraud for her fundraising and volunteer work and Dr. Hrudey for scientific promotion.


Pope Francis laments wars, injustices that ‘ruined’ 2017 at New Year’s Eve prayer service

By: PTI From One India

Vatican City, Jan 01: Bidding 2017 farewell, Pope Francis on Sunday decried wars, injustices, social and environmental degradation and other man-made ills which he said spoiled the year. Francis presided at a New Year’s Eve prayer service in St Peter’s Basilica, a traditional occasion to say thanks in each year’s last hours.

In his homily, the pope said God gave to us a “whole and sound” year, but “we humans in so many ways ruined and hurt it with works of death, with lies and injustices.”

“The wars are the flagrant sign of this repeated and absurd pride,” he said. “But so are all the little and big offenses against life, truth, brotherhood, that cause multiple forms of human, social and environmental degradation.” Francis added: “We want to, and must assume, before God, our brothers and Creation our responsibility” for the harm. Despite the gloom, Francis said “gratitude prevails” thanks to those who “cooperate silently for the common good.” He singled out parents and educators who try to raise young people with a sense of responsible ethics. After the solemn basilica service, Francis strolled outside, briskly crisscrossing St.Peter’s Square to shake hands and banter with well-wishers, and kiss babies held by some of the thousands of faithful who waited for hours for a glimpse of him. The evening was warm, and Francis went without the white coat an aide carried for him. During his nearly hour-long walkabout outdoors, he stopped to admire a life-sized Nativity scene in the middle of the square.

IMAGE: Pope Francis PTI Photo

For more:


Cayman Islands Fire victim needs urgent help

From CMR

(CMR) Fire victim, Elaine Ricketts (AKA Carmen), is in urgent need of monetary funds to air ambulance her overseas for life saving emergency medical care.

Ricketts was seriously injured after someone doused her and the house she was living at with some sort of accelerant and deliberately set the place on fire early Wednesday morning.

Sadly, Ricketts does not have any current insurance coverage to assist with her medical expenses. We understand her coverage lapsed a few months ago. The ICU physicians have informed her employer that she needs to go overseas to a facility that has a burn unit and the necessary medical equipment and expertise to provide her with the urgent care that she needs.

The majority of the burns are on her upper body. CMR understands that the cost of the air ambulance alone is CI$25,000. Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so to Bank of Butterfield CID account # 136 111 509 0019.

Anyone requiring additional information can contact Kerry Ann Fearon 323-4969.



Cayman Islands Road Closure in Grand Harbor area for underground utilities work

Please be advised that Edgewater Way near the Careenage Condominiums in the Grand Harbour area of George Town will be closed from 7am-5pm from 2-5 January for the purposes of work being done by CUC and the Water Authority.

Questions regarding construction in this area can be directed to Arch & Godfrey Construction at 949-2370.


The RCIPS Reminds the Community of Assistance Options for Those in Need of Extra Support

In light of recent tragic incidents during the holiday period, the RCIPS would like to urge members of the community who may be experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties to seek assistance. A number of resources exist on island to help people in a variety of circumstances receive the help they need to manage difficult periods of their lives.

The following organizations provide a range of counselling services and can be contacted at the numbers provided. In addition to these, the RCIPS is here to help as well. Those experiencing difficulties can contact us at any police station and we will help facilitate them getting the help or information they need.

General Counselling and Support Services

CIG Counselling Centre – 949-8789 CI Hospital Mental Health Section – 244-2650

Family Resource Centre – 949-0006 Employer Assistance Program – 949-9559

Rehab Centre Associates – 947-6452

Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital (private) – 949-6066 Wellness Centre (private) – 949-9355

24 Hour –

DPSC Communications Centre – 9-1-1

CI Crisis Centre (for those experiencing domestic violence) – 943-2422


Cayman Islands: Financial scam via Instagram promising instant profits


Thursday, 21 December, the RCIPS received a complaint regarding from a resident who had been defrauded through a scam promising immediate profits. The complainant had been messaged while on Instagram from a person with the name ELLA_SAMEDAY_PROCESS who promised her a return of approximately ten times the money sent to her. The complainant sent money through MoneyGram to an address in Jamaica on more than one occasion without receiving any profits or the money returned.

The RCIPS FCU is looking into the matter and conducting enquiries with MoneyGram. The RCIPS FCU reminds the public that solicitations of this nature are highly suspicious and should not be responded to.

Further information about this matter can be sent to 949-8797 or emailed to RCIPS FCU at [email protected].


The Cayman Islands Christmas season hazards to aviation

From the Cayman Islands Civil Aviation Authority

George Town, Grand Cayman, (December 2017) – This holiday season the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reminds residents of some basic guidelines to help keep celebrations as safe as possible. The first of these is that permission from the authority is necessary to fly anunmanned aircraft within three nautical miles of any airport in the Cayman Islands. Flying kites near airports is also potentially dangerous to aircraft, and is likewise regulated.Furthermore all fireworks, laser and searchlight displays within three nautical miles of an airport must be coordinated with Civil Aviation. In addition any individual or organizationplanning to release sky lanterns may be liable for any damage caused by the release or resulting debris. For more information on how to avoid these holiday hazards to aviation contact the Civil Aviation Authority at tel.949-7811 Ext 242 or e-mail:alas[email protected]. Interested persons can also read more at the CAA website

See full PR below:

George Town, Grand Cayman, (December 2017) – The Christmas season is upon us onceagain and with it will come new presents to be enjoyed and events to be celebrated.

Unfortunately, some of these presents and celebrations can pose a threat to both the public and the aviation industry and the purpose of this advisory is to identify the requirementsnecessary to ensure the safety of all without detracting from the enjoyment of the Season.Activities likely to present the greatest risk to aviation and public safety in general includethe flying of small unmanned aircraft (also known as drones or unmanned aerial vehicles)kites, sky lanterns and firework displays.

Small Unmanned Aircraft

The interest in and operation of small unmanned aircraft (SUA) has continued to increase significantly across the Cayman Islands particularly in the congested areas of West Bay,Seven Mile Beach, George Town and in the vicinity of the airports. Such operations pose ahigh risk of an incident or accident involving an SUA and a conventional aircraft. In additionto aircraft taking off and landing at the airports, there are also frequent flights involving theMRCU spray planes and the RCIPS and CIH helicopters all of which operate at low-levelthroughout the Cayman Islands.

As a protective measure, “no-fly” zones were introduced in February 2015 and it is nowillegal to fly an unmanned aircraft within 3 nautical miles of Owen Roberts International Airport (Grand Cayman), Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (Cayman Brac) andEdward Bodden Airfield (Little Cayman) without a specific written permission issued by theCivil Aviation Authority. In addition, a “no fly” zone has also been established around HMPrison Northward and it is illegal to fly an unmanned aircraft within 1 nautical mile of thePrison perimeter without the specific written permission of the Director of Prisons.

Legislation covering the operation of SUA in Cayman Islands airspace can be found in Article73 of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013 (AN[OT}O 2013) as amended


Article 73 makes the SUA operator legally responsible for:

i) The safe conduct of each flight;

ii) Avoiding collisions with other people and objects including aircraft;

iii) Maintaining unaided visual line of sight with the SUA at all times;

iv) Not flying within 150m of any congested areas, or over gatherings of people v) Not flyingwithin 50m of a person, vehicle, vessel, building or structure

The use of an SUA for commercial purposes requires a Permission issued by the CAACI.

Any person who contravenes the provisions of the Article or flies an SUA within the ‘no fly”zones identified above, is guilty of an offence and may be liable, on summary conviction, toa fine not exceeding CI$3,400.00.


The flying of kites in the vicinity of airports is potentially dangerous to aircraft particularlyduring the taking–off and landing phases. Not only is there a risk that the body of the kitecould damage the aircraft or be ingested by a jet engine with possibly catastrophic results,but the control lines, sometimes made of high tensile steel wire on performance aerobaticmodels, can pose a significant hazard to propeller driven aircraft

Article 71 of the (AN[OT}O 2013) effectively limits the height at which a kite can be flown toa maximum of 100ft above ground level (AGL) within a 3 nautical mile radius of an airport. Beyond this distance, a kite cannot be flown above 200ft AGL within the Cayman Islands.

The rules regulating kite flying may not be generally known and the purpose of this advisoryis to provide the necessary information to allow the public to understand the potentialhazards to aviation and to enjoy this recreational activity within the limits established bylaw.

In the Cayman Islands this danger was exemplified during 2017 when a helicopter was badlydamaged and a crew member injured as a result of it colliding with the control wire of a kitebeing flown well above the maximum permitted height. The aircraft was able to land safely,however, the incident could easily have resulted in the loss of helicopter and the lives ofthose on board. Subsequently, the owner/operator of the kite was prosecuted and sentenceis awaited.

In order to protect the safety of aircraft, the operators of kites being flown above theheights specified are liable to be prosecuted and may have their equipment confiscated.

Fireworks and Light Displays

Firework displays can vary from small domestic events to major commercial or ceremonialdisplays whilst light shows include all outdoor laser and searchlight displays. The associatedrisk posed by these events is increased when the activities take place in the vicinity ofaerodromes, particularly during critical phases of flight including approach, landing andtake-off.

Organizers planning firework and light displays during the coming season are reminded ofthe legal requirement under Article 165 of the (AN[OT}O 2013) to coordinate their proposedevents with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) in order to preventpotential threats to aircraft operations.

Coordination with the CAACI is required for all firework activity that takes place within 3nautical miles of an airport or under the approach and departure paths. Firework displaysoutside this area where the display height is expected to exceed 200ft above ground level must also be coordinated with the CAACI. Proposed laser and searchlight events within thesame areas are similarly subject to coordination with and approval by the CAACI.

Firework, Laser and Light displays which come into this category must be formally approvedin advance by the CAACI and will incur the appropriate fee, as per the Air Navigation(Overseas Territories) Order Fees Regulation 2010.

In addition, the indiscriminate use of hand–held lasers can endanger an aircraft, itsoccupants and people on the ground if the crew is blinded by it. In recent years there havebeen several reports of lasers being directed into the cockpit of aircraft and during 2017 anindividual was successfully prosecuted for endangering an aircraft by the dangerous use of alaser.

Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns are forming an increasingly significant part of community and individualcelebrations in the Cayman Islands and the number and size of lanterns being released is increasing to a point where they can pose a hazard to aircraft.

Unlike other forms of recreational and celebratory activities including SUA and kite flying,firework displays and laser light shows, all of which can be controlled from the ground, sky lanterns cannot be controlled once released and the larger lanterns, some of which exceed4ft in height and diameter, are able to climb in the prevailing wind to a height of severalthousands of feet.

Many such products are described by the manufacturers or the retailers as being “biodegradable” inferring that they burn themselves out and leave no trace behind them. Whilstthis may be true of successful launches over the sea, it is not necessarily the case of Sky lanterns which are blown back over the land. There are documented incidents in which fireshave been started, property destroyed or damaged by the smouldering remains and oflivestock injured form digesting bamboo or wire debris.

In addition, the risk to aviation is obvious and although there is currently no legislation inplace to regulate the release of sky lanterns the need for caution and careful planningbefore a launch will be equally obvious.

Any individual or organization planning to release sky lanterns should consider theirpersonal liability in the event that damage to property or injury to humans or animals iscaused either by the release of a sky lantern or the debris generated by them.


Cayman Islands Liquor Board Extends Hours for Holidays

The Liquor Licensing Board has approved a blanket extension to all retail, wine and beer, restaurant, and hotel licences for the following dates:

Ø Tuesday, 26 December 2017, 12.01am until 4am and;

Ø Monday, 1 January 2018, 12.01am until 4am.

Regular licensing conditions/hours apply to Sunday, 24 December 2017; Christmas Day – Monday, 25 December 2017 and Sunday, 31 December 2017.




Cayman Islands Winter Carnival Traffic Advisory, 1 December to 7 January

The Cayman Islands Winter Carnival begins Friday, 1 December and continues daily through Sunday, 7 January, and is located just north of Cost-U-Less, off the Esterley Tibbets Highway. Parking for the event will be available on either side of Pinehurst Road (off Esterley Tibbets), at Governors Public Beach, and on from just north of Governors Square (The Pinnacle) up to The Avalon. Shuttle buses will provide transportation to the venue from Governors Beach and from the lots off Pinehurst Road.

The RCIPS is advising motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution in these areas during the event times, between 6PM and 12AM. In addition, we are reminding the public that no parking will be permitted along the Esterley Tibbets Highway.


Final Extension for all Cayman Islands Contractors to Register

The Builders Board has again extended, for the final time, the deadline for all local contractors to register with the board. The contractors’ deadline has been moved a full four-months from Thu (30 November 2017) to 31 March 2018.

All contractors will have to register to be able to seek permits or request inspections from the Planning Department after 31 March next year.

This registration requirement is for general and civil contractors, residential and building contractors as well as trade contractors.

For fees and registration forms, contractors should visit


Cayman Islands Public Holidays for 2018 Confirmed

The list of Cayman Islands Public Holidays for 2018 is now officially confirmed and released by the Deputy Governor’s Office.

The list is as follows:

New Year’s Day: Monday, 1 January 2018;

National Heroes Day: Monday, 22 January 2018;

Ash Wednesday: Wednesday, 14 February 2018;

Good Friday: Friday, 30 March 2018;

Easter Monday: Monday, 2 April 2018;

Discovery Day: Monday, 21 May 2018;

Queen’s Birthday: Monday, 11 June 2018;

Constitution Day: Monday, 2 July 2018;

Remembrance Day: Monday, 12 November 2018;

Christmas: Tuesday, 25 December 2018; and

Boxing Day: Wednesday, 26 December 2018.


Blurring the Boundaries Between Craft and Art

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands Opens REVIVE! — Celebrating contemporary and traditional craft from the Cayman Islands.
7 October 2017 — 11 January 2018.
The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) presents a new exhibition titled, REVIVE! — Celebrating contemporary and traditional craft from the Cayman Islands. The exhibition showcases the best in Caymanian craft and features over 50 artists from all six districts. Works include a diverse range of objects by makers who are using traditional and cutting-edge techniques across diverse practices including: basketry, ceramics, textiles, fibre, paper, glass, metal, and wood craft.






Scott’s Dock Announcement

All users of the Cemetery Pier/ Scott’s Dock area are advised to use an alternative ramp on January 3rd to facilitate a cruise ship visit.



Department of Agriculture Sales Section

The Department of Agriculture’s Sales Section will be open  from  Wednesday 27th December to Friday 29th December from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  They will be closed on Saturday 30th December and will not reopen for business until Thursday  4th January 2018 as they will be conducting their annual inventory



Scott’s Dock Announcement

All users of the Cemetery Pier/ Scott’s Dock area are advised to use an alternative ramp on January 8th to facilitate a cruise ship visit.



Cayman Islands High School Reunion

The 40th reunion for the Cayman Islands High School class of 1997 is Saturday (20 Jan) at the George Town Yacht Club.



Scott’s Dock Announcement

All users of the Cemetery Pier/ Scott’s Dock area are advised to use an alternative ramp on January 24th to facilitate a cruise ship visit.



Overseas Scholarship Applications

The Ministry of Education wishes to inform the general public that it is now receiving applications for overseas scholarships for the 2018/2019 academic year. The application period is open from  15 November 2017 to 31 January 2018.
All those planning to apply for a government scholarship for the 2018/2019 academic year are invited to complete the Overseas Scholarship Application which is located online at
An information session on the application process will be held at the George Town Public Library on the 21 November 2017 from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  Anyone applying for a government scholarship for the 2018/2019 academic year is encouraged to attend.
Contact the Scholarships Secretariat if any additional information is required via email at [email protected] or call 345-244-2482.
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