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Cayman Islands has 21,465 registered voters for May elections

The Cayman Islands elections office last Tuesday saidt 21,465 people had registered to participate in the upcoming May elections.

This is the highest number of voters ever and almost 3,00 more than the 2013 voter registration.

However, The number of voters will not be final until the April 1st after any objections have been looked at. Objectors have until Feb. 20th to file.


Cayman Islander asks you to vote for his book

2017 CSPA Book Award

I would kindly ask for your support in voting for my recent published book please. Thank you all.

With regard

Hamid Charles

Hamid Charles

Reprographics Technician

Cayman Islands National Archive (CINA)

From: CLM Publishing [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2017 11:01 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: 2017 CSPA Book Award

Your book was submitted to the CSPA (America), and voting is now open. Feel free to forward on to your readers/family/friends for voting. Tell them your book name (just in case they forget) and possible what genre it is listed under; autobiography, Christian Living, children…

See the link below:

Voting for the 2017 Christian Small Publisher
Book of the Year Award is Now Open

You can access the ballot at:



Trinidad and Tobago government denies forensic ‘pile up’

From Caribbean News Now

IMAGE:forensic_science_centre.jpg The Forensic Science Centre in Trinidad

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — Operations at the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) in Trinidad were stalled for seven hours on Monday when no pathologist showed up for work.

Last-minute arrangements had to be made by FSC officials to “fly-in” pathologist Dr Hughvon Des Vignes from Tobago to conduct autopsies on about seven bodies – victims of murder and homicides – that occurred over the weekend.

However, the FSC rejected what it described as inaccurate reports published in some sections of the media regarding a ‘pile up’ at the Centre.

Post mortem examinations on the nine bodies received at the FSC on Monday were completed by 3:45 p.m. All bodies were released to relatives of the deceased by 4.00 pm.

Relatives of the victims at the FSC also complained about an awful stench coming from the mortuary. This was due to the malfunctioning of the refrigeration system, the Trinidad Guardian reported.

For more:‘pile-up’-33380.html

Three Vincentian Teens Among Four Killed In Accident In Barbados

From Caribbean News Service

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Jan 29 2017 – Four people — including a Barbadian male and three Vincentian women —  have lost their lives in a fatal collision involving a taxi and a private motor car, along the Graeme Hall, Section of the ABC Highway around 3 a.m. today.

Police are yet to release the names of the victims. However, counted among the dead are the 23-year-old Barbadian male driver of the white Mitsubishi  Lancer and his three female passengers ages 17, 18 and 19.

The three dead women, who were interns at the Crane Resort in St Philip, were due to leave the island today.

Two Vincentian males — ages 18 and 21 — were also passengers in the car at the time of the accident.

They were rushed to hospital by ambulance, along with the 52-year-old driver of the champagne colour Toyota Noah.

Based on their preliminary investigations, lawmen say there were at least three passengers in the taxi at the time of the accident. However, those survivors apparently left the scene.

Lawmen are therefore appealing to them and anyone else with information on the deadly collision to come forward. (Barbados TODAY)

For more:


TEXAS: Caretaker beats elderly patient for feeding dog ‘human food’

By Fox 8 from St Lucia Online

Police released graphic home surveillance video of a Texas caretaker viciously abusing an elderly patient.

The video shows the caretaker, identified by police as Brenda Floyd, berating and striking the victim in the living room of her Houston home, according to KIAH.

Police said the video was taken around 8 p.m. on New Year’s Day at the patient’s house in the 800 block of Oak Valley Drive.

Floyd can be seen waking the woman, who lets out a terrified-sounding yelp, before smacking her multiple times in the body, according to police.

“I told you to stop feeding that dog that human food,” the caretaker says at one point before slapping the patient in the back of the head. “Do you have another $4,000 to put that dog back in the hospital? Huh?”

For more:


Viacom unhooked from TM row over ‘Bubble Guppies’ merch

By Kevin Penton

Law360, New York (January 27, 2017, 10:16 PM EST) — A Michigan federal judge on Friday released Viacom from a case in which it faced allegations that promotional merchandise for its “Bubble Guppies” cartoon on Nickelodeon infringed trademarks owned by a children’s clothing company.

U.S. District Judge Janet T. Neff determined that the owners of the Guppie Kid clothing brand failed to establish that Viacom International Inc. infringed their trademarks because consumers would allegedly be confused and affiliate merchandise related to the cartoon aired on the Nickelodeon cable channel with their clothing line.

For more:


NASA studies astronaut twins to observe the rigors of space

BY Billy Steele, From engadget

Preliminary findings indicate changes in gene expression and other biological markers.

When you spend nearly a year straight in space, you can expect NASA will want to conduct a good bit of research on you when you return to Earth. The space agency has been doing just that with astronaut Scott Kelly who was in orbit for 340 days. There’s no one better to compare Kelly to than his twin brother and fellow astronaut Mark. NASA collected blood and other biological samples to look for any changes a long spaceflight may cause in the human body.

In total, Scott Kelly has spent 522 days in orbit. That’s a few more than his identical twin brother who has been in space for 54 days. Scientists reported the preliminary results of the study comparing the two this week in Galveston, Texas. What they’ve found so far is that DNA methylation decreased during Scott’s flight and increased in Mark over the same period of time. The process is the addition of a chemical marker that can affect gene expression. However, it is reversible. Researchers also observed that levels for both returned to pre-flight numbers after Scott landed. For now, the scientists aren’t sure this means or what caused it.

The team of researchers also found variations in the gene-expression signatures of the two brothers. Similar changes happen all the time here on Earth in response to environmental changes — like a change in eating habits or sleep schedule, for example. The data showed changes in Scott were larger than normal which could be caused by a diet of freeze-dried food and the challenge of trying to sleep while floating during orbit.

Researchers must now determine which of the changes are a result of prolonged space flight and which are simply natural variations over time. What’s more, because of the small sample size, findings from the Kelly brothers may not be indicative of others.

“The greatest importance of the study is to show that we can do it,” explained Johns Hopkins University geneticist Andrew Feinbergi. “I don’t think people realized it would be so easy to do genomics on astronauts in space.” Researchers say this type of genetic testing could be used to prescribe a course of medications for astronauts during long flights — like a trip to Mars.

IMAGE: Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

For more on this story go to;


Attorney: Seven detained after disembarking cruise at Port Canaveral


PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. – Customs agents detained seven people, mostly Syrian nationals, after they disembarked a Royal Caribbean cruise at Port Canaveral Sunday morning, according to a volunteer attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.

Customs agents escorted the seven individuals into a room where they were held for 6 ½ hours before being released, the attorney said.

One of those detained was a Jewish refugee from Syria who has resided in the country for 20 years and her three children, who are U.S. citizens, the attorney said.

A spokesman for U.S. Customs was not immediately available for comment.

A spokeswoman for Royal Caribbean was not immediately available for comment as to whether it has issued travel notices to those who have booked cruises.

For more:


Cayman Islands: A new partner at Priestleys…

We are delighted to announce that Guy Dilliway-Parry has accepted an invitation to become a partner of the firm.

Guy joined Priestleys from the London Bar in 2012 and quickly became an integral part of the growing success of the dispute resolution and litigation department and the firm in general. Guy has had a number of ground-breaking successes, including: bringing the first action under the Bill of Rights which led directly to changes in the law as to the detention of persons before charge; and, more recently, bringing the first successful claim before the Gender Equality Tribunal.

Guy’s practice continues to grow and prosper. He covers all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution undertaken by the firm and at every level. To his great credit he has in a short time managed to develop a high profile standing in matrimonial, probate and commercial litigation which we anticipate will strengthen in the coming years.



Fine details

Champagne has a pronounced taste not found in white wine, yet the difference is only a dose of CO².

A motional feedback corrected woofer is a significant upgrade, yet the difference is only a small bit of circuitry.

A homemade waffle with expertly browned butter-infused maple syrup is an extraordinary experience. A Kellog Eggo waffle…not so much.

It is often the fine details that differentiate good from great.

It’s easy to overlook the details and focus on the big stuff, but it’s often a mistake.

For more:


Chef Martinez selected for 2017 Cayman Cookout


Local Chef Jose Martinez of Maison Blanche on Longboat Key joined top chefs from around the world this month for the annual luxury culinary event on Grand Cayman island, the Cayman Cookout. Hosted by acclaimed chef and culinary expert Eric Ripert, Martinez worked alongside gourmet gurus such as Emeril LaGasse, Tim Love, Anthony Bourdain and Jose Andes to guide attendees through a full-course experience. Martinez was the only chef in the Gulf Coast area to attend.

Maison Blanche

For more:


The passing of Caymanian Kenneth Adolph Eugene Watler

It is with regret we announce the passing of my cousin Kenneth Adolph Eugene Watler b. 1 May, 1918, son of William James Watler m. Wilhelmina Eugenia nee Watler this evening (Jan 25).

He was the last surviving of 12 siblings and the last of his generation of Gun Bay Watlers.

Our condolences to his many nephews and nieces.


Woman gets stingray ‘massage’ in Grand Cayman

From MSN

A bizarre video has emerged of a woman getting her back massaged by a stingray. The footage, shot in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, shows Helen petting the huge fish before it is placed on her back for her to receive a massage.

Although the video was shot in 2010, it was only recently posted online.

To watch video go to:

Issuance of Cayman Islands Voter IDs Starts 1 April

In response to a number of queries, Elections officials state that they will start issuing Voter ID cards from 1 April 2017.

The revised voters’ list is scheduled to be out on 31 March incorporating all the verified changes and new registrations. This will be formalized in the final list of voters on 1 April. Following this, the new IDs will be issued.

Existing voters will have their verified details and photograph transferred on to their new cards which they will have to pick up at Elections Headquarters on Smith Road.

New registrants will need to have their photos taken by the Elections Office prior to the Electors ID cards being issued to them.


Dominican Republic Popcorn performing Live



JAN 16 – FEB 6

Every Step Counts Pedometer Challenge
The Every Step Counts Pedometer Challenge runs January 16th through February 6th. For more, head to



24th AGM Justices of the Peace

 The 24th Annual General Meeting of the Justices of the Peace Association of the Cayman Islands will be held at The George Town Yacht Club Restaurant [located at the end of the North Sound Barcadere], on Saturday, 4th February 2017, at 7:00 p.m.
Movie Night

The West Bay Girls Brigade is hosting a Movie Night at John Gray Memorial Church Hall on Saturday (4 Feb) at 630pm.  The cost is $5. The film is Zootopia.


80th Annual Convention of the Church of God Full Gospel Hall

 The 80th Annual Convention of the Church of God Full Gospel Hall George Town is Sunday — Sunday (5 — 12 Feb) with a Prayer Meeting at 630am, Preaching and Praise service at 1030am and Evangelistic Service at 715pm on weekdays and Sunday school at 945am, Morning worship at 1045am, youth service at 3pm and evangelistic service at 7:15pm on Sundays.



Immigration: Work Permits

 The Chamber of Commerce is hosting a workshop on Immigration: Work Permits on Thursday (9 Feb) from 9am until 11am at their offices in Governor’s Square.  Log on to for more.



A Show From The Heart

 The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens Presents A Show From The Heart featuring Carlene Davis on Friday (10 Feb) at the Lion’s Center.  Gates open at 7.

Golf Tournament

 The Montessori by the Sea Parent’s Guild is looking for sponsors for their upcoming Golf Tournament on February 10th.  You’re also welcome to register as an individual competitor or as a team.  For more information, email [email protected]



Guiding the Way 5 & 10K Family Fund Walk/Run

 The Guiding the Way 5 & 10K Family Fund Walk/Run is Saturday (11 Feb) at 630am for walkers and 645 for runners at Safehaven by Holiday Inn.  To register, log on to

Cayman Islands Kids Gaelic Football Club welcomes new members

On Saturday February 11th2017, the Cayman Islands Kids Gaelic Football Club will host a ‘Start of Season Blitz’ at the Camana Bay CIS Football Pitch. This event will encompass training skill sets for each age group and culminate in a round robin of games. All children between the ages of 5 and 18 years old are welcome; the event is open to all children who have not played before and to those who attended the inaugural games last year. Registration is at 9.30am, with the training running until 11.30am. This event is free of charge to all.



Kiwanis Bike ride

The Annual KiwanisBike ride is Sunday (12 Feb) at 6am at Smith Cove.  For more, log on to



Employment Pensions

 The Chamber of Commerce is hosting a workshop on Employment Pensions on Tuesday (14 Feb) from 9am until 11am at their offices in Governor’s Square.  Log on to for more.



Exceeding Customer Expectations

 The Chamber of Commerce is hosting a workshop on Exceeding Customer Expectations on Thursday (16 Feb) from 9am until 1pm at their offices in Governor’s Square.  Log on to for more.

Coco Fest

 You’re invited to Coco Fest on Saturday (18 Feb) at Pedro Castle from 12pm to 4pm where there will be food, music and crafts.



Floral Arrangement Classes

 The Floral Supervisor at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman will lead a course on floral arrangement with three classes at the University College of the Cayman Islands on January 31st, February 7th and February 21st from 6 — 8pm. For more details call the Department of Agriculture on 947-3090.



Legislative Assembly Starts

 The third meeting of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly will commence at 10 a.m. on Wednesday (22 Feb).



Register for Dress For Culture Day

Host a dress down day at your business or school on Friday 24th February (or your preferred date!) and have everyone wear clothing that reflects their culture(s). Whether it be football jerseys or traditional costumes, all forms of cultural dress are welcome! We ask that each participant makes the suggested donation ($3 students or $5 adults) or more, which will directly support youth arts programming in the Cayman Islands.

Friday 24th February 2017

Adults $5 & Students $3

Register your school or business to participate by completing our Registration Form or email your participation details to: [email protected]

Please call if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to assist: 949-5477



Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night is a multi-disciplinary arts fair now in it’s 5th year with approximately 2,000+ in attendance each year. If you are engaged in any form of the arts, we invite you to get involved. All special talents are welcome and whether you have been performing for years or you consider yourself an up-and-coming talent, we encourage you to be a part of this year’s festival.

Event: Red Sky at Night

Event Date: Saturday 25th February 2017 – 4:00 p.m. – midnight



Cayman Islands Lion’s – Cycle For Sight

Cayman Islands Cycling Association

Sunday 26th Feb 2017 6:00AM – 9:00AM

Event Description:

Lion’s Cycle For Sight – Change the way we see the world Start: East End Public Beach | Finish: Lions Community Center – 24 Miles



Girls Brigade 70th Anniversary: Fun Day

 As part of 70th anniversary celebrations, the Girls Brigade is hosting a Fun Day on Saturday (18 Mar) at Prospect Youth Center
February Events at Camana Bay
Regal Cinemas’ Kids Club: Old Dogs (PG, 2009)
Saturday 4 February
Regal Cinemas

Budding Chef Cooking Class: We’re Stuffed
Saturday 4 February
Bon Vivant

Janine di Giovanni Book Signing and Presentation 
Saturday 4 February
Books & Books

Exotic Indian Cooking Class
Tuesday 7 February
Bon Vivant 

Island-Style Cooking Class
Wednesday 8 February
Bon Vivant 

The Bookends Club 
Wednesday 8 February
Books & Books

Daytime Cooking Class: Creme Brulee in the Day 
Thursday 9 February
Bon Vivant

Cayman Arts Festival Fringe Concert 
Friday 10 February
Gardenia Court

Budding Chef Cooking Class: Sweet Treats 
Saturday 11 February
Bon Vivant

Valentine’s Day Moonlight & Movies: Cinderella (PG, 2015)
Sunday 12 February
The Crescent

Valentine’s Day Moonlight & Movies: Tangled (PG, 2010)
Monday 13 February
The Crescent

Valentine’s Day Moonlight & Movies: Lady and the Tramp (G, 1955)
Tuesday 14 February
Gardenia Court

Tasty Tapas and Bubbles Cooking Class
Tuesday 14 February
Bon Vivant

Freshness from the Sea Cooking Class
Wednesday 15 February 
Bon Vivant

Wednesday 15 February 
Books & Books 

Daytime Cooking Class: Macarons for the Sweetest of Sweet 
Thursday 16 February
Bon Vivant

Legends at Camana Bay 
Friday 17 February 
The Festival Green 

Regal Cinemas’ Kids Club: The Love Bug (G, 1968)
Saturday 18 February 
Regal Cinemas 

Budding Chef Cooking Class: Pizza Party
Saturday 18 February 
Bon Vivant 

Culture at the Cinema: Swan Lake 
Saturday 18 February 
Regal Cinemas 

Big Green Egg 101 
Tuesday 21 February 
Bon Vivant 

Daytime Cooking Class: Braising and Slow Cooking 
Wednesday 22 February 
Bon Vivant 

Braising Bootcamp Cooking Class 
Thursday 23 February 
Bon Vivant 

Budding Chef Cooking Class: Mexican Fiesta 
Saturday 25 February 
Bon Vivant 


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