July 23, 2021

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iNews-briefs217Cayman Islands has no confirmed local cases of chikungunya since 2015 began

Chikungunya/Dengue Update as of 7 March 2015

There have been no confirmed local cases of chikungunya reported by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) since the beginning of 2015.

Between 1 February – 7 March 2015, the statistics for chikungunya were as follows: six suspected with no travel history were sent for testing, six negative test results with seven results still pending; one from 2014. The total number of confirmed chikungunya cases remains 44.

Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Samuel Williams confirmed that the local Public Health surveillance team remains on high alert.

As of 7 March 2015, 23,283 confirmed/probable cases of chikungunya have been reported by all CARPHA Member States and 11 other Caribbean countries/territories since the beginning of the outbreak in the region. The total number of suspected cases is 863,207.

Further information can be obtained through www.hsa.ky. Regional updates can be accessed by visiting the CARPHA website on http://carpha.org/What-We-Do/Public-Health-Activities/Chikungunya. In addition United States updates are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on http://www.cdc.gov/chikungunya/geo/united-states.html.

Dengue Update:

There have been no confirmed cases of dengue since November 2014. All suspected cases of chikungunya are tested for dengue also.


Not Certain’ if man arrested in Ferguson shooting targeted police

From Newsmax

A 20-year-old man was charged on Sunday with first-degree assault for last week’s shooting of two police officers during a protest in the troubled city Ferguson, Missouri, a crime that fueled a national debate on race and policing.

The suspect, Jeffrey Williams, has admitted to firing the shots and was from the general St. Louis area, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch, told a news conference.

“It was not certain if he had been targeting police,” he added.

The St. Louis suburb has been racked with protests since a white police officer killed unarmed black resident Michael Brown, 18, last summer. The slaying sparked demonstrations around the country and led to a U.S. Justice Department probe.

Williams, an African American who had been on probation for possession of stolen property, was arrested after a massive manhunt. Tips from the public and video evidence helped in the investigation, McCulloch said.

“He has acknowledged his participation in firing the shots,” McCulloch said, adding Williams had been at protests in the city.

The suspect, whose bond was set at $300,000, appears to have used a .40 caliber handgun and was firing from a car, McCulloch said, adding it is possible that he was shooting at someone else.

A handgun was recovered in his residence and matched shell casings found at the scene, according to McCulloch, who said although Williams appears to be the only shooter, other people may be charged as the investigation continues.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/US/arrest-made-ferguson-police/2015/03/15/id/630224/#ixzz3UVfg4q7B


Important Notification on Meningitis Vaccination in the Cayman Islands

The Public Health Department wishes to remind the public that the meningococcal vaccine MPSV4 is offered mainly to students attending school overseas, especially those who reside in dormitories, and travellers to countries in which meningitis is endemic. Only those persons in need of the vaccines for the reasons noted are required to have the vaccine and may contact the department for an appointment to be vaccinated. For further information contact the Public Health Department on 244-2648.


Broughty Ferry man wins £25,000 after sinking hole-in-one during Caribbean break

From Courier UK

A Broughty Ferry man made sure his Caribbean holiday was a memorable one by winning £25,000 after hitting a hole-in-one during a golf competition.

Tommy Peebles entered the tournament at the ‘St Andrews Golf Club’ in Trinidad while on a break with his family.

The 56-year-old paid £260 to enter the four-day competition but his gamble paid off when he sunk a hole-in-one on the par-three hole at the Port of Spain course.

Tommy admits he was ‘not playing that great’ during his round but still beat odds of 12,500-1 to sink his ball with just one shot.

For more: http://www.thecourier.co.uk/news/local/dundee/broughty-ferry-man-wins-25-000-after-sinking-hole-in-one-during-caribbean-break-1.851170


Former Miss Cayman and ex Cayman Islands MLA called to the bar

Ex-West Bay MLA and UDP member, Cline Glidden and former Miss Cayman, Nicosia Lawson, were called to the bar last Thursday (12).

Glidden and Lawson were presented to the Grand Court by James Bergstrom of Ogier, where they executed their articles.

Acting Grand Court judge, Justice Robin, admitted the lawyers in front of friends, family, Cayman Islands Premier, Deputy Governor and other government officials including past and present MLAs.

See also iNews Cayman story today “Two of Ogier’s Caymanian trainee lawyers are called to the Bar”


WATM: Dutch Caribbean orders flow study

By Aimee Turner From Air Traffic Management

The Dutch Caribbean air navigation service provider is partnering with Airbus ProSky for a comprehensive Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) deployment initiated by an airspace study as a first phase.

The study, which will be delivered by Metron Aviation, part of the Airbus ProSky group, will examine demand and capacity issues in the Curaçao FIR which will pave the path for an efficient and tailored ATFM solution to address the issues and trends within the airspace.

“The study will be key to assessing what air traffic flow issues we might have over the coming decades,” said Jacques Lasten, manager, ATM, at DC-ANSP. “We will utilize the recommendations to ensure DC-ANSP is equipped to handle capacity demands while ensuring airlines the most efficient service possible.”

According to CANSO, ATM in Latin America and the Caribbean is crucial to safely and efficiently handling growth in the region. Along with ICAO’s Aviation Systems Block Upgrade (ASBU’s), air traffic management upgrades will lead to greater harmonization of airspace and better management of traffic flows. By investing in this study, DC-ANSP is proactively planning for the future of aviation.

“The Caribbean region has made great strides in improving their ATM performance, and they will continue to progress in order to face the impressive traffic increase that has occurred in the recent years,” said Airbus ProSky CEO Paul-Franck Bijou. “We’re pleased to partner with DC-ANSP for this study and believe it will provide a strong foundation for their ATFM strategy. They are at the forefront of the Caribbean and we look forward to helping them continue to make efficiency and capacity enhancements.”

For more: http://www.airtrafficmanagement.net/2015/03/watm-dutch-caribbean-orders-flow-study/


7 Cayman Islands business pursued by DLP over pay and tribunal orders

The Cayman Islands Department of Labour and Pensions is pursuing 7 local businesses for infractions that include failing to pay wages, overtime or not complying with tribunal orders.

Island Builders, has been charged with 108 counts of failing to pay overtime to their staff and Sail Inn restaurant has similar charges of 28 counts.

All charges against Harry Lalli, owner of Front Door Cayman Ltd, have been dropped.

See latest information posted on National Pensions Office (NPO) website: http://www.npo.gov.ky/portal/page?_pageid=3602,8489521&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


Bahamas Nominated For World Travel Awards

By Kendea Smith, Bahamas MOT

The Ministry of Tourism is proud to announce that The Bahamas has been nominated the top Caribbean destination in 24 categories of the 22nd World Travel Awards.

The Bahamas has been nominated for the Caribbean’s Leading Airline; Caribbean’s Leading All-Inclusive Family Hotel; Caribbean Leading Luxury All-Inclusive; Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel; Caribbean’s Leading Conference Hotel; Caribbean’s Leading Green Hotel; Caribbean’s Leading Hotel; Caribbean Leading Hotel Suite; Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Resort; Caribbean’s Leading Casino Resort; Caribbean’s Leading Private Island Resort; Caribbean’s Leading New Resort; Caribbean’s Leading Spa; Caribbean’s Leading Airport Lounge; Caribbean’s Leading Beach Destination; the Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Destination; the Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Port; the Caribbean Leading Tourist Attraction; the Caribbean Leading Dive Destination; the Caribbean Leading Honeymoon Destination; Caribbean’s leading Tourist Board; the Caribbean Most Romantic Destination and the Caribbean’s Leading Airport.

World Travel Awards was founded in 1993 to recognize, acknowledge and reward excellence in the travel and hospitality industry worldwide.


Cayman Islands Rehabilitation of Offenders Law under review

The Ministry of Home Affairs is reviewing the Cayman Islands Rehabilitation of Offenders Law. Proposed amendments will give persons convicted of a serious offense the right to apply to have that conviction quashed if they had not re-offended within 10 years of their release.

At present job applicants can be asked to declare their entire criminal record to prospective employers and this has proved detrimental to the life prospects of ex-offenders, some of who are still paying for mistakes made in their youth -years later.

According to a recent Freedom of Information request there are 10,067 people in the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service database with a criminal conviction or serious traffic conviction.


20 Caribbean countries to benefit from Olympics broadcast deal

From Fox News Latino

The Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the broadcast of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil to 20 countries and territories in the region, the St. Lucia government said.

The Olympic committees “will provide access to 12 television signals and CBU (Caribbean Broadcasting Union) members can select the specific content to distribute to their markets,” according to a statement.

CBU outlets will receive customized content produced by U.S.-based ESPN.

“In addition to their preferred feeds, CBU members will also transmit all semi-finals and finals featuring Caribbean sportsmen and women at the Rio Olympics,” the St. Lucia government said.

The countries covered by the agreement are: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and the Turks and Caicos.

The CBU was founded in 1970 to facilitate radio and television broadcasting in the region and the union’s members currently reach more than 4.8 million people. EFE

For more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/sports/2015/03/12/20-caribbean-countries-to-benefit-from-olympics-broadcast-deal/


Celebrating our Bahamian icons – ‘Culture 101’

From Bahama Islands Info

NASSAU, Bahamas — The local group, “Cultural Legacy”, is putting on a production to showcase Bahamian culture starting from the 1900’s through the 1960’s. This will include music, dance and drama works from Bahamian trailblazers such as Paul Meeres, Blind Blake, Freddie Munnings Sr., George Symonette, Eloise Lewis, Maureen DuValier, “Peanuts” Taylor, John “Chippie” Chipman and the BBC Singers. There will be a Gala event at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts on Friday, March 20th at 8:00pm with a cocktail reception immediately following and a second performance on Saturday, March 21st at 6:00pm.

Today’s artists will be depicting each cultural icon in song and dance. The Dicey Doh Singers and Freddie Munnings Jr. will join in as well as others to share the works of our talented trail blazers. Peanuts Taylor and John ‘Chippie’ Chipman will be on stage together, doing what they do best – drumming!   Other featured performers include Ronald Simms, Claudette ‘Cookie’ Allens, Patricia Bazard, Sweet Emily, Chase Miller, Ryan Albury, Marcel Sherman and more.

In addition to reliving the history of these great legends of the past, Celebrating Our Bahamian Icons will recognize a well known artist from our community. Mr. Kermit Strachan, affectionately known as “KC”, the lead singer in the popular Dicey Doh Male Chorus, has performed on the Dundas stage for many years and has traveled around the world as an ambassador for the Bahamas, always as a performer either in drama or in song.

This event will acknowledge “KC” Strachan, as well as share the history of the people that have paved the way to establish our uniquely Bahamian culture in the performing arts; also to encourage the continued excellence of our artists of today.

This production is called “Culture 101”, which indicates that there is more to come. The Cultural Legacy committee anticipates this being a continued event going forward, acknowledging all of our Bahamian artists not only in drama, but music, art, poetry, playwriting, storytelling, etc. Through this venue, the group hopes to get the youth more knowledgeable and more involved in culture that is uniquely our own.

Tickets are available at The Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts on Mackey Street and at Custom Computers, Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza and Custom Computers in Cable Beach.

For more: http://www.bahamaislandsinfo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20472:celebrating-our-bahamian-icons–culture-101&catid=51:Music&Itemid=180


Cayman Football: National players say Jamaica tour was positive experience

iNews b Ramon-Sealy-From Digicel Sportmax

Cayman Islands international players Abijah Rivers and Ramon Sealy insist they took a lot of positives from the two friendly games in Jamaica, despite losing both.

The Cayman Islands will start the World Cup Qualifiers later this month in a home and away series against Belize and River believes it was just the test they needed.

“We know results did not go our way, however, I personally took a lot of positives. Jamaica is one of the best teams in CONCACAF, even at the Under-23 level and we gave them a run for their money up until the late stages,” Rivers said.

“This was a wakeup call for a lot of the players, but now they know the level of football they need to play at over the next two weeks heading into Belize.”

Sealy, who is the first string goalkeeper on the team, says the squad gave it their best in the two games.

“To come up against Montego Bay United, the defending champions in Jamaica and then the Jamaica Under-23 with players who play all across the world, and who have played in youth World Cup’s was an honour. I do believe this was the best preparation we got. We have only been training for 7 weeks now, but we have made For more: http://www.sportsmax.tv/?q=articles/2015/03/13/cayman-football-national-players-say-jamaica-tour-was-positive-experience


Around 100 left Caribbean to fight with Islamic extremists – US

WASHINGTON, March 12 (KUNA) — Close to 100 young people have left the Caribbean region and traveled to Syria to join Islamic extremist organizations, US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Commander John Kelly indicated to the Senate Armed Services Committee during a hearing on Thursday.

“These small countries that don’t have anything approaching [compared] to our FBI. They’re extremely concerned about them (the now-turned militants) coming back, as we are to our own country,” affirmed Kelly.

“These small countries that I’m describing have no real ability to deal with them.

He highlighted, “if they come back or when they come back, they can conduct operations in their own countries, or they can simply get on the network, ride up into our country (US), and do whatever someone tells them to do.”

For more: http://www.kuna.net.kw/ArticleDetails.aspx?id=2429602&language=en


The Bahamas National Youth Choir to mark 25th concert season

From Bahama Islands Info

One of The Bahamas’ true cultural treasures, The Bahamas National Youth Choir, will mark its 25th concert season March, 25th – 28th, 2015 at The Dundas Center for the Performing Arts, Mackey St. Nassau, New Providence. NASSAU, Bahamas — One of The Bahamas’ true cultural treasures, The Bahamas National Youth Choir, will mark its 25th concert season March, 25th – 28th, 2015 at The Dundas Center for the Performing Arts, Mackey St. Nassau, New Providence. Preparations for this milestone concert season are well on their way and it promises to be a grand performance covering a wide genre of music. The event will be under the distinguished patronage of Her Excellency, Dame Marguerite Pindling.

Established in 1990, the choir has become well-known for a repertoire that showcases both the vocal talent and engaging stage presence of the members. The Choir maintains a reputation for delivering performances of the highest calibre and has filled concert halls across the Caribbean, Europe and North America.

Traditionally, the concert season marks the beginning of the choir’s annual tour. The choir is able to tour because of the generous support of the patrons of these events and donations from Corporate Bahamas.

The founder and artistic director of the choir is Mr. Cleophas R.E. Adderley, a distinguished Bahamian musician and composer.   This highly acclaimed artist has performed in the presence of notable world figures including Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II and former presidents of the United States.

The choristers comprise students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 25. However, to celebrate this milestone the Alumni Association has joined forces to make this concert season ‘one to remember’. This concert series is of particular note as the choir celebrates its 25th concert season at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts (May 25th – 28th 2015). The repertoire includes items performed over the years and will also include a variety of choral favorite composers such as spiritual arrangements by the famous American composer Moses Hogan and classic works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and George Frideric Handel.

The gala night concert will highlight band members and choristers who have contributed to the development of the organization.

For more: http://www.bahamaislandsinfo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20455:the-bahamas-national-youth-choir-to-mark-25th-concert-season&catid=51:Music&Itemid=180


Cayman Islands Tennis Federation raising funds for talented youngsters

The Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands, together with parents, is raising funds for Cayman Islands’ talented juniors to compete internationally.

The junior programme at the tennis club in South Sound has many youngsters who train hard with their dedicated coaches.

The club is holding a Taste for Tennis wine and food fundraiser on Saturday March 21st at the Tennis Club from 6.30-8 p.m.

Jacques Scott has donated the wine and local restaurants and parents donate the food.

Tickets are $35 each. All proceeds will go towards the junior programme.


Perry Center Hosts Hemispheric Forum on Energy in the Caribbean

The Perry Center hosted a Hemispheric Forum on March 12, 2015 on the Impact of Energy Developments in the Greater Caribbean Region, with a panel of experts, including Juan Gonzalez from Vice President Biden’s staff, Bob Ichord, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Energy Resources Bureau, Frank Mora, Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Center at Florida International University, and Jorge Piñón, former industry executive and current Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Energy Program at the University of Texas.

The discussion moderated by Visiting Professor Walter Earle, took Vice President Biden’s Caribbean Energy Security Iniitiative as a point of departure. The panel provided in-depth analysis of the initiative and the prospects for less expensive, cleaner, and more reliable energy for the Caribbean, distinguishing between fuels and electricity supplies. In response to questions from the Lincoln Hall and online audience, the panel reviewed the need for harmonized regulations and governance, and assessed the political will of regional countries to make the changes required for long term energy security. Questions also addressed long term oil prices as a determinant for current investment decisions, Cuba’s energy future, and the impact and prospects of Venezuela’s Petrocaribe.

To view the recording of the Hemispheric Forum, please click on the following links. Please note that simultaneous interpretation in Spanish was also recorded:

Links: http://chds.dodlive.mil/2015/03/12/perry-center-hosts-hemispheric-forum-on-energy-in-the-caribbean/


Cayman Islands mosquitos face new techniques of eradication

The Cayman Islands Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) is looking at two techniques to eradicate them or at least lessen their numbers in the Cayman Islands.

Aedes Egypti mosquitos spreads diseases such as Dengue Fever and the Chikungunya virus.

One new option is to drop by plane BTI insecticide that targets the larvae of the Aedes Egypti and doesn’t affect any other organisms or any other insects,

The second option is to plant bowls of water with minute amounts of insecticide that are called egg traps.

We understand Cayman mosquitos are quaking in their boots.


Managing Disaster Risk in African, Caribbean, and Pacific Countries

iNews B Haiti Earthquake_0From GFDRR

Haiti Earthquake photo

The Africa Caribbean Pacific-European Union Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Program (ACP-EU NDRR), which is managed by GFDRR, has released a video highlighting its work to support Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation activities in ACP countries through technical assistance, capacity building and advisory/analytical work. The program also supports these countries in the immediate aftermath of a disaster with post disaster needs assessments (PDNA), rapid-response technical assistance, capacity building, and the development of sustainable recovery methods.

For more and video: https://www.gfdrr.org/managing-disaster-risk-african-caribbean-and-pacific-countries


Cayman Islands GT waterfront restaurant to close

Breezes By the Bay restaurant will close its doors on 3rd April says a representative of the Tropical Trader Restaurant Group that also own Chicken! Chicken! and Cimboco on Cayman Islands Seven Mile Beach.

Breezes has been a landmark for the George Town waterfront for the past 12 years and for many years with different owners was known as The Cayman Arms.


Film Festival launches its 10th Anniversary Celebrations with Caribbean Spirit

The dates are set for the highly anticipated 10th anniversary celebrations of the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF). To the delight of fans, film aficionados and cultural connoisseurs, the famed festival returns to the exciting downtown Toronto core from Sept. 9th 2015.

To kick off this milestone celebration, organisers have announced the 2015 theme: CARIBBEAN SPIRIT explores the extraordinary dynamism and diversity of Caribbean heritages, in all their myriad incarnations. The Program will also include a retrospective of the best Caribbean-themed films of past years.

This year’s festival is headed by an impressive Steering Group of new and veteran CTFF associates including Trinidad and Tobago filmmaker Mandisa Pantin (Programming Co-ordinator), and Toronto-based digital storyteller Emmanuelle Pantin (Community Partnerships and Screenings Coordinator).

It brings together noted arts and media practitioners like (among others) industry programmer, Chloe Sosa Simms; producer, Lea Marin; filmmaker and writer, Elizabeth Topp; fundraising and grants specialist, Lauren Mohammed; cultural communicator, Stephen Weir; marketer, Louise Noel Ambrose; gender equality activist, Stephanie Leitch; and cultural entrepreneur, Frank Francis. The full Who’s Who of CTFF 2015 is on the festival’s newly revamped website.

The renowned CT Incubator (CTI), now in its 6th year, that supports filmmakers to develop strong original indigenous content for the international market, will once again run concurrently with the festival, led by Manager Nicole Brooks and coordinated by Timmia Hearn Feldman.

This year the festival is supported by CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution’s “3D Distribution Project”. Financed by the ACP Cultures+ Programme of the European Union, “3D” aims to strengthen and promote regional audiovisual content, and build sustainable distribution networks for Caribbean film and television.

Running alongside the mammoth and prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, CTFF’s longevity and ongoing success is a testament to the strength of Caribbean film stories and their ability to stand tall in the international marketplace.

In 2015, CTFF continues to promote the talents of established and emerging filmmakers of Caribbean heritage who practice their art across the Region and worldwide Diaspora, and to provide a global platform for them to share their distinctive and original stories.


Cotton Tree Estate Cayman Islands up for sale

From Savills – International

Cotton Tree Estate at Barkers Beach, West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands is up for sale at around US $4.7 million.

Property features

Traditional Ocean front Cottage Colony

Caribbean sea views on secluded Barkers beach

Currently run as a small boutique resort

Minutes from famous Seven Mile Beach

Fabulous kite surfing beach

Tax Free jurisdiction

Governors Design Award special mention

Travelocity and Conde Naste recognised

400 feet of beach.

Two and a half acres

For more: http://www.primelocation.com/overseas/details/34588303#zS2UcE4GQrpFcZEL.99


Dominica leads geothermal in the Caribbean

From Kairi FM

Dominica is being described as the pioneer of Geothermal Energy in the Caribbean.

That latest observation is coming from the Minster responsible for Geothermal Energy Ian Douglas, on the heels of reports that the country’s geothermal thrust has gone cold.

But Douglas-who has had geothermal added to his portfolio following the December 08, general elections, says Dominica is the only country in the Caribbean that will soon provide that kind of energy for commercial use.

A six-day flow test conducted on the geothermal project in June 2014 has indicated that Dominica has the potential to produce its own energy.

The island’s geothermal energy has been called a national priority for Dominica by prime minister and minister for finance, Roosevelt Skerrit.

He has stated that electricity generated from geothermal sources will lower the cost of energy.

Government has invested over $54 million in exploring the island’s geothermal potential.

For more: http://www.kairifm.com/#!Dominica-leads-geothermal-in-the-Caribbean/cs6y/5501e8d80cf27b8ab275d4f3


More Cuban migrants enter Cayman Islands waters

Another group of Cuban migrants, 37 in number including 8 women, sailed into Cayman Islands waters last Thursday (12) after their engine failed.

They were towed into safe harbor in Cayman Brac after travelling from Cuba about a week ago.

Two men and one woman have decided to end their journey in Cayman Brac and will be transported later to the Immigration Detention Centre in Grand Cayman.


Guyana to be represented at Miss Caribbean United States Pageant

iNews B JamesBy Guyana Times

Miss Guyana delegate, Cherese James is one of 17 contestants who will compete for the title of Miss Caribbean United States Pageant at the Poet’s Den Theater, New York on Saturday evening.

Cherese James

Cherese James

The 17 tropical beauties will compete for the crown and the chance to represent the United States at the Miss Caraïbes Hibiscus Pageant in St Marteen, and the Miss Jaycees Pageant in Antigua later in the year. They will compete in swimsuits, intelligence, evening gown and talent.

Prizes include a scholarship to Future Stars Studios, a contract with MMG-Model Management, two round trip tickets courtesy of Caribbean Airlines, and more. Total prize package is worth US$20,000. The pageant will be broadcast live at 19:00h on http://live.comeseetv.com/video/7/miss-caribbean-united-states-pageant-2015/

About Miss Guyana

Before migrating to the United States in the Spring of 2006, Cherese James spent her entire childhood and early teenage years growing up in a quiet village outside of Guyana’s busy capital city.

Coming from very humble beginnings, she explained that “though circumstances weren’t always the best,” she was always “happy and contented as there was always love in the home.” This experience she said, “has been invaluable in helping to shape my character and has taught me some of the very values I still hold dear today.”

Currently a Vascular Surgeon Assistant at the New York Vein Centre, saving lives and making a difference is what James enjoys best and has hopes of one day becoming a Vascular Surgeon herself.

She possesses a strong passion for Equality, which has driven her to advocate and raise awareness for persons living with disability. The tenacity and deep passion she displays while advocating for such individuals, has resulted in her appointment as Ambassador of The Guyana Association for the Visually Impaired (GAVI) in May, 2014.

James being no stranger to pageantry, has decided to participate in the Miss Caribbean United States Pageant as she sees it as a celebration of the diverse Beauty, Talent and Intelligence of Caribbean-American women who have not lost their identity.

She believes “the sky is not the limit, there’s room beyond the stars.”

For more: http://www.guyanatimesgy.com/2015/03/13/guyana-to-be-represented-at-miss-caribbean-united-states-pageant/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=guyana-to-be-represented-at-miss-caribbean-united-states-pageant


HGTV show “Caribbean Life” and the BBC’s “Wanted in Paradise” feature Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands strengthening real estate market have been featured recently on television.

These have included HGTV’s “Caribbean Life” and BBC’s “Wanted in Paradise”.

Cayman Islands have also been featured on AWE TV and a VH-1 show.


Caribbean regional task force to battle childhood obesity

From Fox News Latino

The Caribbean Public Health Agency, known as CARPHA, has formed a regional task force to develop an action plan to reduce childhood obesity.

The announcement comes months after the organization published Plan of Action for Promoting Healthy Weights: 2014-2019, the Caribbean Community said Friday in a statement.

By 2019, the CARPHA task force should be ready to assist governments in “providing children with more supportive environments for physical activity and healthy eating” and “empowering communities to embrace active living and healthful eating.”

CARPHA member-states will be expected to provide appropriate incentives to discourage unhealthy consumption patterns and to ensure children are safeguarded from bias and stigmatization associated with their condition, among other tasks.

“The responsibility for protecting the future of our children should be shared by all sectors, both public and private, all levels of government and by families and civil society at large,” CARPHA Executive Director James Hospedales said.

CARPHA has an integrated strategy to address nutrition-related diseases in Caribbean countries, where the proportion of overweight or obese people is in the range of 28 percent to 35 percent.

Consumption of sweetened beverages, limited intake of water and fresh fruit and vegetables and low levels of physical activity are significantly correlated with weight problems, the organization said.

CARPHA member states are Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bermuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Saba, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands. EFE

For more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/health/2015/03/13/caribbean-regional-task-force-to-battle-childhood-obesity/


Cayman Islands Health Authority launches its online portal

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) has launched a new online portal for its patients called “My HSA”.

The free online service allows access to personal health information at anytime.

With the new online system, patients can request, reschedule or cancel appointments and review test results. They can also send secure messages to HSA staff and view immunisation, allergy and health history information.

Patients must show identification, have an email account to get started and sign up in person at the Cayman Islands Hospital or any of the district clinics.


Police in Ohio on the lookout for serial pooper defecating on parked cars

By Mary Beth Quirk From Consumerist

Police in Akron, OH have been dealing with a messy issue since 2012, and it’s one they just can’t seem to wipe away: Cops say a mysterious serial pooper/bowel movement bandit has made area cars his own personal dumping ground, hitting up as many as 19 vehicles in the last three years. But now, police have his face on camera.

While it might be easier to look away when faced with such a gross activity, a brave resident was able to stay focused and snap a photo of the poopetrator in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, reports NewsNet 5.

The resident had set up a camera after having her car hit by the feces villain for the seventh time, all while her car was parked in the driveway. She caught the suspect in action, and police are now using his photo to try and bust him for going in public.

Another man said his car has been hit six times, with fecal matter spread all over his vehicle in at least one instance.

If he’s caught, the suspect could face misdemeanor criminal mischief or criminal damaging charges. So far none of the victims have recognized the man caught on camera, but Akron Police say they’ve gotten about a dozen tips so far.

Stay vigilant, citizens. Even if it’s worse to watch the crime in action, you could be saving others from a stinky fate.

For more: http://consumerist.com/2015/03/12/police-in-ohio-on-the-lookout-for-serial-pooper-defecating-on-parked-cars/


Cayman Football: National team going in blind against Belize admits Gonzalez

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Head coach of the Cayman Islands International Football team Alban Ruiz admits he doesn’t know much about his 2018 World Cup Qualifiers Round 1 opponents Belize. The Cayman Islands will face the Central Americans in a home and away playoff series for a place in Round 2 of the Qualifiers.

“I must say we have done some research on the team (Belize) but it has been really difficult to get scouting reports or tapes on them in order to look at their strengths and weaknesses,” Ruiz said.

“I scouted the facility and their local league. We don’t know what to expect. All we know is that they have a semi-professional league. But, we will make best use of the little we have to increase our chance to get to round 2.”

Ruiz also says that prior to the Jamaican tour the team had not played together for four years, since the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers.

“It was very tough to get back the chemistry of the team. It is hard as some of the players have 9-5 (fulltime jobs) and some are even in school. But for this Belize clash, anything can happen, the ball is round and we have 23 hard working players, so I will work with them.”

For more: http://www.sportsmax.tv/?q=articles/2015/03/13/cayman-football-national-team-going-blind-against-belize-admits-gonzalez


This USB drive can nuke a computer

iNews b x407ca7d45e-pagespeed-ic-uc_avgiqhl iNews BBy Matt Burns from Techcrunch

Do not ever use a random USB flash drive. There are plenty of software exploits that can ruin your computer or life. And with this flash drive, it can physically destroy your computer by blasting a load of voltage to the USB controller with negative voltage. Think Wile E. Coyote and an ACME Human Cannon. BOOM!

The basic idea of the USB drive is quite simple. When we connect it up to the USB port, an inverting DC/DC converter runs and charges capacitors to -110V. When the voltage is reached, the DC/DC is switched off. At the same time, the filed transistor opens. It is used to apply the -110V to signal lines of the USB interface. When the voltage on capacitors increases to -7V, the transistor closes and the DC/DC starts. The loop runs till everything possible is broken down. Those familiar with the electronics have already guessed why we use negative voltage here. I‘ll explain to others that negative voltage is easier to commutate, as we need the N-channel field resistor, which, unlike the P-channel one, can have larger current for the same dimensions.

Put simply, the bits inside the USB drive draws and stores a ton of power. When a certain level is hit, it returns the power to the source, which is either a dedicated USB controller or the CPU itself. This is bad news bears. The amount of power returned overloads the circuits, rendering it useless. Since a lot of USB controllers are built directly into the main processor… bye bye computer.

Scary. Thankfully the creator hasn’t released the schematic for the drive.

There are enough USB exploits floating around to warrant caution. Some will unknowingly install malware or backdoor software, and now, there is at least one, that will actually destroy your computer. It’s straight out of Colin Farrell spy movie and a fantastic argument for Apple’s vision of the future.

For more: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/12/this-usb-drive-can-nuke-a-computer/?ncid=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Techcrunch+%28TechCrunch%29


The biggest problem I have with the $10,000 Apple Watch

By Brad Reed From BGR

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why I think it’s so ridiculous for Apple to charge $10,000 for an 18k gold Apple Watch. I have nothing against people buying high-end luxury items that most of us mere mortals can’t afford. I also don’t so much mind that Apple is charging so much money for a device whose software will be obsolete in a few years because at least the device’s battery is replaceable and you can keep using it as a regular watch, if nothing else. No, I think the biggest reason I think charging $10,000 for the 18k gold Apple Watch is that the device is just not attractive enough to justify that high price.

I understand this is entirely a matter of taste. Some people might look at the Apple Watch and see a masterwork of elegant craftsmanship. But that’s not what I see.

When I look at the watch, I see a bulky, boxy device that has a rather unsightly bump on the bottom where its core sensors are located. I don’t think the device is ugly, mind you, I just don’t think it’s nearly attractive enough to be considered a luxury good by any means. As one fashion expert recently put it, “It’s just not pretty.”

(For what it’s worth, I feel this way about all smartwatches right now. I remember being super-excited for the Moto 360… until I saw how thick it was and I realized that wearing one made you look like you had an old-timey compass strapped to your wrist. And let’s not even get into some of the watches that Samsung has churned out. Shudder.)

I have no doubt that Apple will sell a bunch of gold Apple Watches and that it will make the company yet another small fortune. And as Benedict Evans writes, the gold Apple Watch could be part of a long-term strategy for Apple to brand itself as less of a pure tech company and more a company that sells products based on “delight and experience.”

I also have no doubt that Apple Watches are going to get thinner and more attractive in the coming years so they won’t look like computers on your wrist but more like wristwatches that simply happen to function as computers.

But just for my personal tastes, I look at the first-gen Apple Watch and say, “You want $10,000 for something that looks like that?”

IMAGE: WEARABLES Apple Watch Edition Price $10,000 Image Source: Apple Inc.

For more: http://bgr.com/2015/03/12/apple-watch-edition-price-10000-dollars/


Cayman Brac’s “Brother King” dies

Cayman Brac is mourning the death of Reverend Lee King known as “Brother King”.

He was a missionary and pastor who helped develop much of the island’s infrastructure after he arrived there in 1966.

He helped to construct and develop many projects on the Sister Islands including the Brac’s hospital, dock, Bluff Road, and “rest home” for the elderly and disabled.

He also wrote a book on his life called, “From day one…on the Brac”.

Brother king died, after a long fight with cancer, near his hometown in Opp, Alabama in the United States on Thursday12th March.


“Death Is Part of the Job” in Long-Term Care Homes

By Jill Marcella , Mary Lou Kelley from Sage Open

Supporting Direct Care Staff With Their Grief and Bereavement

For long-term care (LTC) home staff who work directly with residents, death, dying, and grief are day-to-day experiences in their working life. However, staff are often overlooked for grief and bereavement support. This exploratory research used a qualitative approach to understand LTC staff’s grief and bereavement experience and to identify the perceived support needs of nurses and personal support workers who work in two faith-based non-profit care homes in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Findings indicated that participants’ experiences are complex, shaped by the emotional impact of each loss, the cumulative burden of ongoing grief, an organizational culture in LTC where death is hidden, and the lack of organizational attention to staffs’ support and education needs. Eight recommendations were developed from the findings. It is hoped that this research will assist in the development of organizational policy and procedures, addressing the health and well-being of direct care workers in LTC homes.

This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

SOURCE: http://sgo.sagepub.com/content/5/1/2158244015573912.abstract?rss=1



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