September 17, 2021

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iNews-briefs217Cayman Airways adds extra cargo flights for December

Cayman Airways Cargo has added additional cargo flights from Miami, Florida to Grand Cayman in December to assist local businesses with the extra cargo shipments they usually require during the busy holiday season.

Tyrone Welds, Cargo Manager for Cayman Airways, said the company has seen a spike in demand for early holiday shipping this year. “Not only have we had to add extra cargo flights in December, but we have been adding extra freighters in November as well to help meet this demand,” he explained. “It has already been a busy season for us for holiday shipping so we definitely want to encourage all businesses to schedule their shipping now in order to meet their deadlines.”

The extra Cayman Airways Cargo flights will be operating on December 5th, 12th, and 19th, 2014. For details and to schedule shipments, call Cayman Airways Cargo on 345-743-8547 on Grand Cayman or 305-526-3190 in Miami, Florida.


Cayman Islands health instructor announces a special Christmas gift

From Donna Mitchell, Lifestyles

Health, regardless of age, lifestyle, or physical condition requires regular exercise and movement.

My newly released Water Conditioning DVD – Water Works Wonders is now available as a special Christmas gift that will benefit everybody, especially people suffering from arthritis, pain, restriction of movement, or joint strain.

Aging folks really do well by moving in water, and people who sit for long hours at a desk will find improvement in posture, mood and ability to stay flexible.

This 40-minute Water Conditioning DVD features easy to follow instructions as well as a student model performing movements.

You can practice your water workout to either pool or ocean.

Water Works Wonders DVD – Special Introductory Offer of $20.00 CI.

Please contact me today to place your order. Payment acceptable by cash, cheque or Paypal.

Get your shopping done early to ease those last minute pressures of the Christmas Season.

Lifestyles, Ltd., Wellness Executives

Corporate and Personal Health, Weight Management,

Burdenko Water Conditioning and Yoga

C/O. Box 79, Grand Cayman, KY1-1701



Facebook: Lifestyles.Cayman


Extreme shrimp might hold clues to alien life, NASA says

By Emanuella Grinberg, From CNN

Shrimp dine on carbohydrates produced by bacteria living inside underwater volcanic vents

If bacteria can survive in these conditions on Earth, maybe it can happen on other worlds

Jupiter’s icy moon of Europa is the subject of speculation

(CNN) — Shrimp crawling around rock chimneys spewing hot water deep in the Caribbean Sea may hold clues to the kinds of life that can thrive in extreme environments on other planets, NASA says.

The shrimp are called Rimicaris hybisae (no, we can’t pronounce it either). They live in clumps on hydrothermal vents 7,500 feet underwater, where temperatures reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s very, very dark.

The water near the vents is cool enough for the shrimp to live in. The very hot water spewing from the vents is where their dinner is cooked.

The shrimp dine on carbohydrates produced by bacteria living inside the vents. So what does that have to with space aliens? If these bacteria can survive in these extreme conditions of Earth, maybe it can happen on other worlds, such as Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, which has a subsurface ocean.

“For two-thirds of the Earth’s history, life has existed only as microbial life,” said Max Coleman, senior research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “On Europa, the best chance for life would be microbial.”

“Whether an animal like this could exist on Europa heavily depends on the actual amount of energy that’s released there, through hydrothermal vents,” said Emma Versteegh, a postdoctoral fellow at JPL.

The elusive Black Seadevil is finally ready for its closeup

So the shrimp eat stuff cranked out by the bacteria — but what do the bacteria eat?

Scientist say they get their energy by using chemical reactions; since hydrogen sulfide is abundant in the vents, they use it to make organic matter.

What happens to the shrimp when they can’t find any bacteria to produce carbs for them? They turn into carnivores, maybe even cannibals. Researchers say they found bits of crustaceans in the shrimps’ guts and guess which crustacean is in big supply in the area? Rimicaris hybisae.

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Cayman Islands Court of Appeal upholds defilement sentences

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal upheld last Friday (21) the sentences handed down to two men who had pleaded guilty to defilement of a girl under the age of 16.

Justice Alexander Henderson had given Randy Michael McLean a sentence of five years, four months and it was McLean’s second conviction for defilement. The court agreed with the judge that this was a serious aggravating factor.

Justice Charles Quin gave the other appellant a sentence of four years, eight months and even though it was his first conviction the court agreed with the judge’s remarks that this offense was aggravated because the defendant had held a position of trust as an assistant coach of a girls sports team.

Another aggravating factor was the difference in age between each man and his victim.


Three Norman Rockwell paintings sell for nearly $60 Million

iNews B norman-rockwell-galleryAgence France Presse From Business Insider

Three oil paintings by Norman Rockwell, the celebrated 20th century master illustrator of everyday life in America, sold Wednesday for almost $60 million, setting a new record for the artist.

The best known, “Saying Grace” (1951) that shows an elderly woman and boy bowing their heads in prayer at a restaurant, sold for $46.08 million at Sotheby’s.

That was more than double the estimated high sale price, and more than three times Rockwell’s prior record of $15.4 million for “Breaking Home Ties” in 2006.

Rockwell, who was born in 1894 and died in 1978, captured the life of ordinary Americans and small towns.

He was also known for his long relationship with the “The Saturday Evening Post” for which he did 322 covers between 1916 and 1963. He also illustrated legendary American tales by Mark Twain.

Another Rockwell work — “The Gossips” — sold for $8.45 million Wednesday, while “Walking to Church” fetched $3.24 million.

Photo: Norman Rockwell gallery Oli Scarff / Getty Images

Copyright (2013) AFP. All rights reserved.

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Cayman rush hour held up by car accidents

A one-vehicle accident closed a section of Esterley-Tibbetts Highway on Grand Cayman until the car could be moved causing a headache for motorists during rush hour and an accident yesterday (24) at noon caused similar delays.

This accident involved three cars and occurred on Grand Cayman’s Shedden Road by the junction with Eastern Avenue. One man was taken to hospital but reports say his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.


Sea life sanctuary turns the tide

iNews B coralreefSandals Foundation helps to save Jamaica’s Fishing Industry

Supported and trained by the Sandals Foundation in partnership with the government of Jamaica, a group of local fishermen have taken on a new role as sea wardens who patrol designated fish sanctuaries in order to protect fragile ecological systems. Referred to as the Caribbean Fish Sanctuaries Partnership initiative, this program helps promote the growth of fish populations and ultimately benefits future generations.

To view the video go to:

The Sandals Foundation believes in the preservation of our unique surroundings – from the delicate reefs, to the remarkable marine life, to the breathtaking beauty of the beaches, to the trees and flora. As we continue many of our community programs that have demonstrated a long history of success, the Sandals Foundation is also taking an increased leadership role as it develops ground breaking initiatives with the public and private sectors.


Collas Crill to merge with CARD in the Cayman Islands

From Business Life

Collas Crill and Cayman firm Charles Adams Ritchie & Duckworth (CARD) are to merge from a date early in the New Year, subject to regulatory approvals.

The merger creates the first and currently only law firm with offices in Singapore, the Cayman Islands, London and each of the Channel Islands.

The firm will remain as Collas Crill in Guernsey, Jersey, Singapore and London, and trade as Collas Crill & CARD for a transitional period in the Cayman Islands.

Collas Crill Managing Partner Jason Romer said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to join forces with CARD… Collas Crill has built a solid foundation in Singapore in the last three years. This news will be especially well received by our clients in Asia, who have been asking for a dedicated Cayman offering.”

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Why Android is the key to Google’s plan to rule the world

By Brad Reed From BGR

Like a lot of major American companies, Google has had some issues dealing with the Chinese government. In fact, Google hasn’t invested any resources in the country for years and last year the government blocked all of Google’s major services including Gmail, Google Maps and Google Drive. It goes without saying that this is a bit of a problem for a company as ambitious as Google since China’s fast-growing economy represents a huge opportunity for every major tech firm. Thankfully for Google, it seems to have an ace up its sleeve in the form of Android.

The Information reports that Android has become Google’s unofficial “backdoor” to Chinese consumers who are buying up low-cost handsets from small-name vendors such as Xiaomi and Coolpad. This has essentially opened up a new channel to Google services for hundreds of millions of Chinese smartphone and tablet owners, all without Google making any significant investments within the country.

Of course, not every Android handset sold in China comes preloaded with Google’s major revenue-driving applications so it’s no lock that the proliferation of Android devices is a de facto boon for Google. Even so, sources at Google tell The Information that “there will be more Android device owners using Google services such as Web search, Gmail and Google Maps in mainland China than in the U.S. within the next year or two,” which means that Google expects more than 100 million Chinese users to use Google services through their Android devices next year.

Now that Apple has started regaining some major momentum in China in the lead-up to the iPhone’s launch on the country’s largest wireless carrier, it looks like China will be the next major battleground for the iOS-Android feud that has consumed the mobile world for the past few years.

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Diversifying your portfolio with rare strategic metals – Cayman Conference Speaker

From Kitco NEWS

Kitco News speaks with Knut Anderson, general manager of Swissmetal, a company that helps investors access rare and strategic industrial metals worldwide. “Rare strategic metals are used in about 95% of all industries today,” he says. “We have pioneered a way that you can own these kinds of metals physically.” He says that rare strategic metals diversify a portfolio because they are priced differently than stocks, bonds, silver and gold. With regards to the yellow metal, Andersen says he expects the gold to decline by another $50-100 before it turns around. “I think we’re definitely going to see gold at $4,000-5,000 in the next two years.” Tune in now to learn more about the unique supply and demand fundamentals surrounding rare strategic metals. Kitco News, November 18, 2014.

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Trinidad and Tobago’s most wanted fugitive in custody for triple murder

From Caribbean360

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Monday November 24, 2014, CMC – Trinidad and Tobago police say they have captured the country’s most wanted man, the main suspect in the disappearance of four members of a family.

Police said they captured Azmon Alexander Sunday after Irma Rampersad, 49, and her daughters, Felicia, 17, and Jennelle Gonzales, 19, and her one-year-old granddaughter Shania Amoroso, were reported missing from their home in Brasso Seco, south of here, on October 26. A family friend, Felix Martinez, 52, was also reported missing.

On November 8, the bodies of Irma Rampersad and Shania Amoroso were found in the Brasso Seco Forest. The body of Martinez was also later found.

Police said they captured Alexander in Arima, east of here. He had a cutlass in his possession and was the lone passenger in a vehicle. He offered no resistance when the police nabbed him.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar in a statement congratulated the police and urged the public to continue providing assistance in a bid to end the criminal activities here.

“Given the brutal and tragic circumstances of this particular case of the murders of three people from the Brasso Seco community, where one of the victims was an innocent 18-month-old baby, quick and successful investigative work by the police bring a sense of hope that justice will be delivered,” he said.

“I must also thank and congratulate those very caring and civic mind citizens who, in different ways, assisted the police with information which eventually led to the capture of the suspect.

“I believe all officers of our protective services should heed the signals sent by these interventions which can help tremendously in ongoing efforts to build greater trust and confidence by people and communities in our Police Service,” she added.

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Cayman Islands local authors to connect via book fair

By Elke Feuer

CayWriters hosted it’s very first book fair in Octo­ber 2013 for authors in Cayman known as the Home Grown Book Fair. The event’s name was recently changed to the Cayman Islands Book Fair.

This year’s book fair will take place on the 5th and 6th of December 2014 at the Cayman Islands George Town Library, who’ve generously donated their facilities, the staff’s time, and much more to accommodate the event.

The feed­back from the first book fair was wonderful and I’m excited about what offered at this year’s event. The features include:

Guest Speakers

Writing Work­shops and presentations

Author Readings and Book Signings

Books and merchandise for sale by local authors

Prize giveaways

Kid activities

Q&A with pub­lished authors

I anticipate this annual event growing with island-wide and international recognition, impacting Cayman’s schools, businesses, and the community in the years to come. I’m excited about what the future holds for CayWriters, the Cayman Islands Book Fair, and local writers.

Please follow our Facebook page: for details about registration, sponsorship and dona­tion opportunities, the event schedule and more until our website is live.

For more:

Cayman Islands Book Fair

Date: Friday 5 December

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Date: Saturday 6 December

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Location: George Town Library


8-year-old allegedly sexually assaulted in primary school toilet

From Caribbean360

SCARBOROUGH, Tobago, Wednesday November 19, 2014, CMC – Police say they have detained a man who allegedly sexually assaulted an eight-year old primary school student on Tuesday.

They said the man in his 20’s, is expected to appear in court later this week.

Media reports said that the man was observed entering the back of the school wearing a stocking over his head before the incident.

The Tobago representative of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified teachers Association (TTUTA), Orlando Kerr said the school’s principal, when alerted of the incident, ran to the bathroom, pushed in the door and wrestled with the intruder, taking away a knife he had in his possession.

“The principal did a lot, he went into the bathroom. He was able to sort of deal with the situation and he was very happy he was able to do that. He would have put himself in danger to try to deal with the situation and try to rescue the child.

“The police responded, and the male suspect was apprehended by the police. However the staff remains traumatised at this time, and we are looking at some short-term solutions to the situation,” Kerr said.

The school will be closed for the remainder of the week to allow for the review of the security arrangements at the school and for counselling of those affected.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Tobago Brian Headley said while his officers must be commended for the quick work in apprehending the suspect, all efforts must be made to have security measures instituted.

“There needs to be security at the school. Persons need to be vigilant. The school needs to be fenced and security guards are needed,” Headley said.

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Tamir Rice, 12, fatally shot by Cleveland police while brandishing toy gun

From CBC News

(AP) Boy’s replica gun resembled a semi-automatic pistol, Cleveland police say

A 12-year-old boy was fatally shot by police in Cleveland after brandishing what turned out to be a BB gun, triggering an investigation into his death and a legislator’s call for such weapons to be brightly colored or bear special markings.

The boy, Tamir Rice, died from his wounds Sunday, a day after officers responded to a call about someone waving a “probably fake” gun at a playground.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said one officer fired twice after the boy pulled the weapon — which was lacking the orange safety indicator usually found on the muzzle — from his waistband but had not pointed it at police. The boy did not make any verbal threats but grabbed the “airsoft” handgun after being told to raise his hands, Tomba said.

“That’s when the officer fired,” he said.

Police said the weapon resembled a semi-automatic handgun.

The two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the officers are a first-year rookie and a 10-year department veteran.

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Italy’s first female astronaut arrives at space station: NASA

From Business Insider

Moscow (AFP) – A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying Italy’s first female astronaut has safely docked with the International Space Station, NASA said.

Samantha Cristoforetti, along with Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov and American astronaut Terry Virts, arrived at the orbiting space lab on the Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft at 0249 GMT Monday, NASA said.

“A new vehicle has arrived. The Soyuz is confirmed as attached properly,” high above the Pacific Ocean, NASA television added.

Cristoforetti, Virts and Shkaplerov docked just under six hours after taking off from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. They are to stay at the space station until May 2015.

Their voyage will mean major food upgrades for the astronauts aboard, with nearly a kilo of caviar in their baggage and an espresso machine.

“There will be 15 boxes of 30 grammes each of caviar, but also apples, oranges, tomatoes and 140 doses of freeze dried milk and black tea without sugar,” a space station official was quoted as saying by Russian press agency TASS.

Astronauts on the station will also finally be able to enjoy a decent brew thanks to the 20-kilogramme machine designed by famed Italian coffee makers Lavazza and engineering firm Argotec, which specialises in making space food.

Cristoforetti, 37, who is also a captain in the Italian air force, “will be not only the first female astronaut from Italy to go into space, but also the very first astronaut in the history of the conquest of space to savour an authentic Italian espresso in orbit,” the two companies said in a statement.

In total 16 countries work on the ISS, including Russia and the United States, which finances most of its operation. A team of astronauts is always aboard, with stays of up to six months.

Launched into orbit in 1998, this outpost and orbiting laboratory, which cost $500 billion (404 billion euros) to build, saw its lifespan extended by another four years by NASA. It’s now expected to remain in service until 2024.

NASA depends entirely on Russia to send its astronauts to the ISS, which costs the United States $70 million (56 million euros) per person in Soyuz rockets.

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Time to give Fifa the red card?

CanoverSMBy George Turner, c/o Wrapper Towers From Tax Justice Network

Taken from “a week in tax justice $41

IMAGE: Cayman’s Canover: charged with fraud and money-laundering

How long before Fifa is officially charged with bringing the game of football into disrepute?

Last week the “beautiful game’s” governing body was ridiculed after it effectively dismissed allegations of corruption in the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. Fifa’s “summary” of an in-depth probe was instantly disowned by Michael Garcia, the investigator, as a whitewash. Garcia demanded the matter be passed to the head of FIFA’s audit and compliance committee to review.

So how effective is Fifa’s audit and compliance committee? Well the signs aren’t good.

This week, Canover Watson, a committee member, was charged with fraud and money laundering. Canover is the FIFA vice president for Caribbean football union. He is charged with crimes in his native Cayman Islands.

Keen readers of the Wrapper will remember that Canover was arrested in August by the Cayman Islands police. As of today, he is still listed as a member of the audit committee.

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See also iNews Cayman story published November 23 2014 “Committee to examine Garcia report” at:

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