November 29, 2021

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Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash kills one

From BBC

Dr David Whitehouse, space scientist: “I think this shows that there is no such thing as routine, regular safe access to space”
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Will crash set back space tourism?
‘This is catastrophic’ – scientist Watch
Virgin spacecraft crashes in test flight Watch
At least one person is dead and another injured after Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft crashed in the California desert.

The craft was flying a manned test when it experienced what the company described as “a serious anomaly”.

It was undergoing its first powered test flight since January over the Mojave Desert, north of Los Angeles.

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson tweeted he was flying to California “to be with the team”.

“Thoughts with all @virgingalactic & Scaled, thanks for all your messages of support,” Sir Richard said.

Both pilots were employed by Scaled Composites. One was pronounced dead at the scene while the other was transported to a local hospital in an unknown condition.

Eyewitness Ken Brown: “It burned for a time and then just exploded”
Television images shot from a helicopter showed what appeared to be wreckage bearing the Virgin logo. Officials have said the debris is currently strewn over a large area.

In a statement, Virgin Galactic said the “vehicle suffered a serious anomaly resulting in the loss of SpaceShipTwo”.

The aircraft that held the spaceship, known as White Knight 2, has landed safely, Virgin Galactic said.

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Cayman Islands police issue Halloween Safety message


On Friday 31st October 2014, parents, guardians and children in the Cayman Islands will be trick – or – treating as is customary. Uniform police officers will be on the streets tomorrow night assisting with road safety. However RCIPS is advising on the following tips in order to keep it safe.

  1. If a child’s costume does not have reflective strips, attach glow sticks to it or have the child carry a flashlight.
  2. Don’t let kids wear masks that restrict their sight.
  3. Tell children not to enter a stranger’s home unless they are with a parent or trusted adult.
  4. Don’t place candles or open flames in walkways or areas where they may come in contact with costumes.
  5. For young trick-or-treaters, inspect their candy for choking hazards, signs of tampering or products they may be allergic to.
  6. Drive slowly and be on the lookout for anyone crossing the street.
  7. Walk towards oncoming traffic.


Pilot killed, co-pilot missing after plane crashes in Caribbean Sea

From Caribbean360

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten, Thursday October 30, 2014, CMC — The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard is searching off St. Maarten for the co-pilot of a small US-based cargo plane that crashed into the sea on late Wednesday shortly after takeoff.

Authorities say they have recovered the body of one of the two pilots who were on board the Skyway Enterprises plane when it went down about three miles from shore.

The cause of the crash is unknown.

The Coast Guard said in a statement that the twin-engine SH36 aircraft was en route to Puerto Rico. Skyway Enterprises is based in Kissimmee, Florida, and was operating under contract with FedEx.

Private volunteers and Netherlands Royal Marines are taking part in the search.

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Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce sets up for Cayshop Expo

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is now setting up for the Cayshop Expo.

The Cayshop Expo is the perfect opportunity to come out and meet the people who provide us with all the latest goods and services right here on our doorstep.

The Expo begins on Friday October 31, 12:oopm to 8:00pm and November 1, 10:00am to 5:00pm. It will be held at the Arc at Camana Bay.

The CayShop Expo is well known for the incredible deals and specials offered by exhibitors –most of which are available only to those attending the event on the Friday and Saturday and the invitation only opening event on Thursday.

With so many special offers and discounts, CayShop is known for the being the most cost effective way to do everything from ordering hurricane shutters to buying the latest in communication technology.


It’s totally OK to eat pets in Pennsylvania

By Tricia Gilbride From Mashable

Tuesday night’s Colbert Report dove into the contentious world of state politics. Specifically, Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives, where whether or not it’s legal to eat pets is a hot topic.

Recently, a bill to outlaw the consumption of household pets was proposed in Pennsylvania after complaints surfaced that butcher shops were selling dog and cat meat.

Of course, people have very different ideas of what classifies as a pet — a point of contention for the National Rifle Association. Adamant that people maintain their right to shoot captive pigeons, the NRA opposed the bill. The vote never ended up happening, so the NRA gets its way, for now.

But just because Colbert suggests eating Chicken Poodle Soup, doesn’t mean you should.

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Cayman Islands government soon to announce contract for airport expansion design

Cayman Islands government Tourism Councillor Joey Hew has reportedly said the contract who will design and engineer the expansion to the Owen Roberts International Airport should be awarded in a couple of weeks.

Speaking on CITN/Cayman27 last Wednesday (29) Hew said, “We’re on track for the major renovations and we feel confident that we will see that in the first part of next year.”


Watch video of black bears brawling in the mean streets of suburban New Jersey

By Jessica Roy From New York Mag

Suburban New Jersey has always been insanely dangerous, its mean streets littered with Dunkin Donuts drive-throughs and the tears of Real Housewives. Now two bears have ratcheted up the danger level, taking their fight from the woods to the neighborhood.

Teresa and Melissa, can’t you two work this out like adults?

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Cayman Islands ex-premier doesn’t want to hear anything about Constitutional Reform

“The Cayman Islands Constitution is a written master plan of governance for the Cayman Islands. It is the fundamental law of the country and contains the principles and rules upon which the government is founded. It regulates the divisions of sovereign powers, directing to which persons or institutions each of these powers is delegated and the manner in which it is to be exercised. (SOURCE: Caymanian Bar Association)”

The ‘oracle’ and longest serving Member of Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly McKeeva Bush, however, isn’t interested in anything about the Constitutional Commission’s reforms. Not important enough, he has inferred saying the country [Cayman Islands] has other more important matters to deal with at the moment.

Bush said “With unemployment, people losing their homes, get an environment that encourages business and encourages people to spend money, that is what we need to spend time on and to make this country more unified. Constitutional matters are divisive in itself.”

Any reform should be later next year he added and said any changes MUST be approved by a referendum.


NYPD Sergeant allegedly conspired with woman over Skype to molest her 1-Year-old baby

By Jessica Roy From New York Mag

Back in February 2013, NYPD Sergeant Alberto Randazzo was charged with use of a child in a sexual performance, promoting sexual performance by a child, and possessing a sexual performance by a child. Then, a year later, while he was out on bail for those charges, he was caught downloading 30 clips of child pornography to his computer. This guy is a complete monster, huh?

Now the Daily News reports that cops have located and charged the Colorado woman Randazzo was originally accused of plotting with over Skype to molest her then-1-year-old child. Keira Norton, unable to come up with the $100,000 bail, is being held at Rikers.

According to the News:

The videos show Norton carrying out verbal instructions from Randazzo to perform sex acts on the baby, NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau Sgt. Christopher Sharpe states in the complaint.

If convicted, the duo could spend at least 15 years in prison, which, frankly, doesn’t seem like enough.

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Cayman Islands: WHO: No significant risk of Ebola transmitted via mail

While Cayman Islands health officials are taking local precautions against Ebola, World Health Organization (WHO) assures that there is currently no significant risk of Ebola being transmitted by mail.

“All the Ebola cases detected to date outside of the affected countries are clearly linked to direct exposure to symptomatic patients. This in itself, strongly suggest that the risk of transmission by mail is extremely low, if exists at all,” according to a release from Universal Postal Union’s International Bureau.

WHO experts believe that a person infected with the Ebola virus would not be well enough to come to work and contaminate the mail. In the unlikely event that such a contamination did happen, it is extremely improbable that the virus would survive the rigors of international transport. For example, even if the virus could be detected in the saliva of a very sick Ebola patient who had licked an envelope or stamp that was subsequently inducted into the mail stream, the saliva would dry quickly, making it extremely difficult for the virus to survive, especially given the international transmission times and transport conditions involved.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow noted that staff have been wearing gloves when sorting mail long before the present Ebola outbreak.

“People mail all manner of items – even foodstuff that spoils in transit. Because we never know what’s in the mail, gloves became part of our general health and safety protocols some years ago. The nature of the mail being what it is and the rigors it goes through during transit, is simply not favourable for the Ebola virus’ survival and that is welcome news for us. Even though the CIPS receives a negligible amount of mail each year from African countries, we continue to do everything that health officials deem safe to ensure that our staff and the public are safe where the mail is concerned.”


Rebel Ebola nurse shakes reporter’s hand, goes for bike ride in Maine

By Joe Coscarelli From New York Mag

Quarantine-defying Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox, now home in Maine after escaping Chris Christie’s bluster in New Jersey, flaunted her freedom in the most Maine way possible this morning: by going on a bike ride. While health officials in the state are insisting she stay inside until November 10, when her 21-day incubation period ends, Hickox, who served with Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone but has twice tested negative for the virus and shown no symptoms, keeps pushing the boundaries.

Last night, “Hickox made her point when she stepped outside the home,” the Associated Press reports. “After speaking to reporters, she shook a hand offered by one of the reporters.”

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Cayman Islands Ministry of Education & DES offer counselling support to school community

From The Cayman Islands Ministry of Education and the Department of Education

The Ministry of Education and Department of Education Services (DES) extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Bethany Butler, who was a Year 2 student at Savannah Primary. We recognise that this terrible tragedy has had a powerful impact on the entire school community and DES’s critical response team has been working closely with the school since we were first advised of this incident. Members of the team were at the school yesterday to meet with members of the school community and continue to be available to provide needed support.

Any parents who wish to seek counselling support for their children or who would like advice on how to deal with this issue with their child are urged to contact Raven Ramoon at the DES Student Services office at 926-8469 to arrange for support.   The critical response team will be meeting on Friday morning at 10:30am with all available staff members of Savannah Primary to offer their support and to help them prepare for the opening of school on Monday after the mid-term break. All staff members are urged to attend this very important meeting at the school.

In addition, the critical response team and counsellors from across the education system will be at the school on Monday to provide support for students and staff.


Zambian president dies after long illness

From Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

LUSAKA, Zambia (AP) – Zambian President Michael Sata, dubbed “King Cobra” for his sharp-tongued remarks, has died in a London hospital after a long illness. Vice President Guy Scott, a white Zambian of Scottish descent, became the country’s acting president Wednesday, making him the first white leader in continental sub-Saharan Africa since 1994 when South Africa moved to majority rule.

Sata, 77, had largely dropped out of public view months ago as his health deteriorated. The government did not divulge details of his condition, but some Zambian media outlets said he suffered multiple organ failure.

Rumors that Sata was deathly ill had long gripped Zambia, and opposition groups had questioned whether he was fit to lead a country of 15 million people that has enjoyed robust economic growth but suffers widespread poverty. He had served as president since 2011.

Under the constitution, Scott, a 70-year-old former agriculture minister who also worked in Zambia’s finance ministry, cannot run for president because his parents were not Zambians by birth or descent.

“Elections for the office of president will take place within 90 days. In the interim, I am the acting president,” Scott said in a radio address. “The period of national mourning started today. We will miss our beloved president and commander.”

Zambia had already declared Wednesday a national day of mourning for 26 people, all but three of them schoolchildren, who died Oct. 24 when a crowded boat capsized on Lake Kariba near the border with Zimbabwe. The children were heading to a ceremony marking Zambia’s 50th anniversary of independence from Britain.

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