September 30, 2020

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iNews-briefs217Former Cayman Islands TV reporter and political aide arrested

Kenneth Bryan, one time reporter for CITN/Cayman27 and now political aide to the Cayman Islands Premier was arrested last Saturday (11) outside a nightclub on the West Bay Road.

Police have confirmed he was arrested on suspicion of obstructing justice and assaulting a police officer.

Bryan stood as a political candidate for the ruling Progressives party in the last election but was unsuccessful.

We understand he is still continuing in his current position whilst out on bail.


World Bank should meet with Caribbean finance ministers urgently says President

From Jamaica Gleaner

WASHINGTON, DC (JIS): President of the World Bank, Jim Young Kim, is to meet with Caribbean Ministers of Finance and Governors of central banks at a summit early next year, to examine how the bank can assist with formalising projects related to debt overhang, slow growth, climate change and high electricity rates.

President Kim, who met with Ministers of Finance as well as Governors of central banks from the Caribbean who are attending International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank meetings, at its headquarters in Washington, DC, on October 12, said there is an urgent need for the World Bank to meet with the Ministers of Finance to develop a strategy to assist Caribbean countries.

“We are very much concerned about the Caribbean and we are ready to assist in any possible way, once we can create the programme which will be beneficial to all,” he said.

Kim said he is aware that the Caribbean is going through a difficult time, and he encouraged the Caribbean Finance Ministers to meet among themselves to examine possible proposals they can present at the summit.

The proposal by the World Bank President to host the summit of the Caribbean Finance Ministers, came as a result of a request from Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Peter Phillips, who is concerned that the high debt of Caribbean countries as well as debt overhang, slow growth, climate change and high electricity rates will hinder progress.

The Minister emphasised that there is an urgent need for these matters to be addressed and for concessional financing, in terms of debt restructuring.

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Cayman Islands plan survey of Rock Iguanas

The Cayman Islands Department of Environment is planning to execute a survey on the Rock Iguana population in Little Cayman.

Jane Haakonsson, research officer with the Department of Environment who is heading up the initiative, said, “We are in the process of deciding on a survey that will be adequate; because of the harsh environment in Little Cayman, it is very difficult to access all the areas. We are creating a survey that takes into account the inaccessible areas of Little Cayman.”

SOURCE: Cayman Compass.


Week-long Carnavales de Limón liven up Caribbean

Carnavales de LimonBy Carnavales de Limon From Repeating Islands

In so many ways, the Caribbean Carnaval is unique, both in Costa Rica and around the world. Unlike most “carnivals” in existence, the weeklong festival in Puerto Limón takes place in October instead of February, Robert Isenberg reports for Tico Times. While the people of Limón celebrate their Carnaval in familiar ways – feathered costumes, glittery masks, parades, drums, and calypso – Costa Rica’s most famous Carnaval has nothing to do with Lent or Easter or overweight Tuesdays.

Then there is the city itself: Puerto Limón, a community unlike any other in Costa Rica. The picturesque peninsula, the industrial landscape, the stone walls that frame the oceanfront – the nation’s busiest port is singularly scenic, and its long, wide avenidas make it the perfect setting for a massive street parade. (And with major renovations like the Moín Port project coming up, this will be your last chance to see Limón in its current form.)

Most importantly, Puerto Limón is the epicenter of Costa Rica’s Afro-Caribbean culture, and there is no better excuse to visit the city and relish its food, music, and heritage. For more whole fish, coconut rice, diced fruit, and agua de sapo than you can handle, Carnaval is exactly the right occasion.

Carnaval continues throughout the week, but the real party takes place this coming weekend, with a Sunday morning parade, fiestas in the streets, and live music all night long. Stay tuned.

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Cayman Islands premier says 2007 builders’ law to come into effect

Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin announced at the recent Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon that the Builders Law, enacted in May 2007, would be amended and brought into effect.

The law was never made official because of Hurricane Ivan and in the aftermath there were a proliferation of construction companies formed. McLaughlin said, “many by persons who knew little or nothing about building. This was and is still possible because all that is required to become a building contractor in Cayman is a Trade and Business Licence.

“Some operate without paying pension, health insurance or other benefits and thus are able to underbid companies that comply with statutory requirements. Others don’t operate at all, but simply farm out their work permit holders. The result is that there are currently some 2,091 work permits held for construction workers at a time when a number of Caymanian tradesmen and laborers are unemployed.

“The law will require builders to demonstrate their ability and to be licensed within their specific area of expertise. It is expected that this law will reduce the number of unqualified contractors in the market and the abuse of work permits, thus creating more opportunities for Caymanians.”

President of the Cayman Contractors Association, Heber Arch, has said his association supports it 100%.


British police seize over $400,000 suspected funds for IS

From The Sisat Daily

London, October 13: British police have confiscated 250,000 pounds (about 401,713 dollars) of suspected funds for the Islamic State (IS), the anti-terror authorities said Monday.

Most of the money was seized from travellers departing from Manchester Airport to Turkey, who were suspected of supplying cash for militia fighters in Syria and Iraq.

“Terrorists need money to fight. At the Turkish border with Syria there are shops where you can buy guns, boots, rations and if you are going out there to fight you need money and you want equipment,” Xinhua quoted Tony Mole, detective chief superintendent of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), as saying.

“We take that cash away from people, not only stopping them from buying weapons and funding terror organisations which are a threat to the UK and an international threat but we also disrupt that person,” added Mole, who is also head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit (NWCTU).

Some of the confiscated cash was spotted in the travellers’ luggage or hidden under their clothes.

The confiscated cash was seized between April 2013 and April this year, while details for the rest of Britain were not available yet.

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Cayman Islands to have a Yogathon in support of Breast Cancer Foundation

iNews briefs Yogathon-2014_Poster-for-fbStarting October 18, 2014

2nd Annual Yogathon, with all proceeds going to the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation

Saturday Oct 18, 2014 @ 10AM TO 12PM in Camana Bay

See attached flyer



World Bank-Caribbean Finance summit

From CANA News

WASHINGTON, Oct 14, CMC – President of the World Bank, Jim Young Kim, is to meet with Caribbean finance ministers and the governors of central banks at a summit early next year, to examine how the bank can assist with formalizing projects related to debt overhang, slow growth, climate change and high electricity rates.

Kim, who met with the regional finance ministers and officials last weekend, said there is an urgent need for the World Bank to meet with the Caribbean finance ministers to develop a strategy to assist Caribbean countries.

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6 Persons disciplined after softball altercation in Cayman Islands

Following an altercation that took place on Oct. 6th at the Field of Dreams in conjunction with a game in the adult coed league prompting police to be called with one man injured, six persons have been disciplined.

The governing body, Cayman Islands Little League Association sent out the following statement on14th October:

” The Cayman Islands Little League Association (CILLA) is concerned and is taking very seriously an incident that happened at the ‘Field of Dreams’ Monday 6 Oct after a game in the adult co-ed softball league.

After a thorough investigation, the Little League board has taken appropriate disciplinary action ranging from banishment from the League’s facilities, to one game suspensions.

Little League has also called a mandatory meeting of the Captains of the adult league for Tuesday 14 Oct at 6pm at the Field.

The ‘Field of Dreams’ is private property and belongs to Cayman Islands Little League.

Little League wishes to continue to offer adult softball programmes but, as a not-for-profit organization whose primary focus is on the children of Cayman, we can only seek to do so with the co-operation and support of all participants in the adult league.

Going forward, Little League expects exemplary sportsmanship from all players, using this to make the Field of Dreams a better place to play recreational ball.”


Dallas Morning News presents One Day University   

iNews briefs One Day Univ FlyerJoin top professors from SMU, Yale, Columbia and Chicago Booth Business Schools

as they share insights on strategy, negotiating, leadership and more.

  1. No Bad Deals: Six Essential Negotiation Skills To Increase Effectiveness

Linda Ginzel, Chicago Booth School of Business

  1. What is Strategic Thinking? Game Theory, Simulation, Role Playing,

and other Frameworks

Paul Bracken, Yale School of Management

  1. How “Aha!” Really Happens: Intuition and the Creative Spark

William Duggan, Columbia Business School

  1. Why People Matter: The Importance of Humans in a Competitive World

Miguel Quinones, SMU Cox School of Business

LIVE 3-hour event: November 1, 2014

The Belo Mansion, downtown Dallas

9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

See attached flyer for more details


An umbrella that protects you from rain with just air, but only lasts 30 minutes

By Stan Schroeder From Mashable

The umbrella market is ripe for innovation, and regular ones just don’t cut it anymore. So one Kickstarter project wants to bring you an umbrella powered by air.

The aptly-named Air Umbrella is a rod-shaped device with a motor, rechargeable lithium battery and fan blade. The device takes in air below the fan blade and forces it out in such a manner that falling rain gets redirected.

The device, which is available in Models A, B and C, comes with an adjustment controller at the bottom that allows users to adjust the speed of the motor.

Model A, which the company says is marketed toward females, is about 12 inches long and has 15 minutes of battery life. Model B is about 20 inches long and has 30 minutes of battery life. Model C is extendable; its length ranges from about 20 inches to 32 inches, also with 30 minutes of battery life.

This Kickstarter project isn’t the first example of an air-powered umbrella. Several other concepts have materialized in the past.

However, the Air Umbrella may be the first to be sold on the market. Funding for the project closes on Oct. 24; preorders start at $118, and begin shipping before December 2015, according to the Kickstarter page.

While the Air Umbrella sounds impressive in theory, we’ll need to try it out for ourselves before we ditch our trusty old-fashioned one.

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Behind the scenes of Cayman Islands Government’s Walk/Run Club

Fitness gurus Jennifer Ahearn, Tara Bush, Anthony Watts and Charles Gilman are the master minds behind Government’s Walk/Run Club – a programme designed to help keep civil servants fit and healthy.

Started in March 2014, 15 to 20 persons come out on Monday evenings from 5:30 p.m to take part. The club is open to all runners and walkers, no matter the fitness level. Participants are placed under the wings of pace group leaders who work with persons individually.

Chief Officer in the Ministry of Health, Jennifer Ahearn, commented that the club is a great way for civil servants to take advantage of running or walking and meet new friends. “And we even have some fun along the way,” she adds laughing.

Based on a 5K route, Lands & Survey’s Geomatician Anthony Watts has planned out a three week cycle – and each route is extended as persons’ fitness levels increase.

All four founders agree that it is rewarding to see the significant personal improvement in budding runners’ physical appearance, self-esteem and fitness.

The group would like more civil servants take part in the club – and eventually participate in the upcoming Intertrust marathon with Deputy Governor Franz Manderson.

For more on Government’s Walk/Run Club, tune into CIG TV from today (Tuesday, 14 October 2014) until Thursday 16 October 2014 at 5.00 pm on Weststar Channel 20 and Logic Channel 23 and throughout the evening. The full report will also be aired later on the Cayman Islands Government You Tube channel.


10% of the world’s population controls 87% of the wealth

iNews briefs graphicBy Elena Holodny From Business Insider

The top 10% of the world’s population controls approximately 87% of the world’s wealth. This is according to Credit Suisse’s annual Global Wealth report.

One of the major themes of the report was the ongoing rise in global inequality.

“Personal wealth varies greatly across individuals,” the analysts write. “During much of the last century, wealth differences contracted in high income countries, but this trend may have gone into reverse.”

The report’s analysis considers two time periods: 2000-2007 and 2007-2014.

For the most part, countries saw wealth inequality drop during the first period and increase during the second period.

Between 2000 and 2007, 74% of countries studied in the report saw a reduction in wealth inequality. In contrast, between 2007 and 2014, wealth inequality rose in 76% of the countries.

China, Egypt, and Hong Kong saw the most rapid rises in wealth inequality over the last 14 years. All three actually saw a rapid rise during both time periods.

On the other hand, the analysts found inequality has fallen rapidly in Poland and Saudi Arabia from 2000 – 2014.

See graphic

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Former St Vincent high court registrar fined EC$10,000 for theft, abuse of authority

From Caribbean360

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Oct 14, CMC – Former Registrar of the High Court, Vanessa Tamara Gibson-Marks was fined EC$10,500 (One EC dollar =US$0.37 cents) Tuesday on charges of theft and abuse of authority charges.

Gibson-Marks last week pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing EC$21,925 and abuse of her authority as Registrar of the High Court.

Director of Public Prosecutions, (DPP), Colin Williams discontinued the third charge of providing a certificate “which was to your knowledge false in material.”

Magistrate, Carla James fined Gibson-Marks EC$4,500 to be paid in one month or three months imprisonment on the theft charge and on the abuse of authority she was ordered to pay EC$6,000 in three months or spend six months in jail.

The St. Lucia-born Gibson-Marks had pleaded not guilty to all three charges when she appeared in court on August 21, three months after Attorney-General Judith Jones-Morgan asked her to resign.

The court is expected to hear soon an application by Jones-Morgan to have Gibson-Marks disbarred from practicing law in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Gibson-Marks was represented in court by St. Lucian lawyer, Alberton Richelieu.

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