September 27, 2020

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iNews-briefs217Cayman Islands new renovated yacht club opened by Governor

Last Wednesday (24) saw the opening of the newly renovated Yacht Club close to the old Courtyard Marriott Hotel on West Bay Road, Grand Cayman. The Yacht Club and the hotel along with 690 acres of land was purchased by Dart in 2011.

We were looking forward to a new look Yacht Club from Mr Dart and we were not disappointed.

Over 100 persons gathered for the ceremony that was opened by HE Governor Helen Kilpatrick who smashed a bottle of the best champagne at Dock A.

The Club is now open.

There are many improvements that include:

A complete rebuild and expanded dock space, more amenities, upgrades to fuel stations, roads, walkways, landscaping, car parks, lighting, ship supplies, electricity to all 158 berths, movable cleats, floating pontoons and security.

There are still more improvements to come including a restaurant that was the former Morgan’s Harbour Restaurant.

The Yacht Club is also the launch pad for over 700 tours on certain days to Caymans top tourist attraction – Stingray City.


iNews briefs Yacht Club IMG_6777-768x455YACHT CLUB

From Green Tech Solar

Installation Details: 24 SOL Lights, 125 watt Solar Panels,18 feet above grade

Luminaire: Cobrahead, Glass, Lens, T2, Dark Sky compliant, Natural light color

Battery storage: 100Ah battery, 4 nights in reserve


Start date: 01/11/2013 Completion date 11/11/2014

Client DECCO Ltd. (Dart Group)

Location Cayman Islands Yacht Club

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Trinidad police station comes under attack after gang leader killed

From Caribbean360

PORT-OF-, Trinidad, Friday September 26, 2014, CMC – A police station on the outskirts of the capital came under gunfire on Thursday night following a gun attack in the area that left three people, including a Jamaican national dead.

Police public relations officer, Inspector Wayne Mystar, speaking on radio here Friday, said that shortly after 9.30 pm (local time), police officers had received information about gunshots from an area in Laventille, along the east-west corridor.

“Shortly afterwards…police officers from the Besson Street police station had to take evasive action as a result of shots being fired at the station from a northerly direction. Members of the Guard and Emergency Branch were called in to render support,” he said.

He said police investigations so far reveal that five men were in the Laventille area when a black vehicle and the occupants inside fire gunshots on the group, hitting all of them.

“As a result three persons succumbed to their injuries, two are presently at the Port of Spain general Hospital. Information is that one Dillon Skette, Joel Cash and one Jamaican national, Sherwin Thomas deceased,” he added.

Media reports Friday identified Skeete as a gang leader.

Mystar said that the situation “is quite calm” and that the area is secured and police officers have returned to their normal duties.

Asked whether the police are expecting reprisals, Mystar replied “in situations like these we expect the unexpected so we expect anything to happen so we are on alert to ensure that law and order is maintained”.

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Iggy causes power outages in Cayman Islands

An iguana (“Iggy”) caused power outages to Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) customers in West Bay and along the West Bay Road on Grand Cayman last Thursday (25) morning.

The large iguana came into contact with the power lines near the Hydesville Substation in West Bay.

It was a bad day for CUC as lightning hit a pole and blew fuses in Prospect that affected that area and Savannah.

Outages were out between an hour and three hours in all the affected areas.

The bad weather also hindered crews trying to repair lines as the persistent lightning and heavy rains around the Island preventing them from working on the lines.


Burglar bars prevent Suriname couple escaping tragic house fire

From Caribbean360

Suriname, Friday September 26, 2014, CMC – A 51-year-old man and wife were killed after burglar bars on the windows prevented them from escaping a fire that ravaged their house in the capital, fire officials have said.

Police have identified them as Ashokkoemar Dahoe, 51, and his wife Soemintra, whose age was not disclosed.

The Fire Department said that the burglar bars on their windows had prevented them from escaping the house.

It is not clear what ignited the fire that struck just after 1.00 a.m (local time) official said, with neighbours reporting reporting hearing “a loud bang and within no time the entire house was engulfed in flames”.

On neighbor said that they tried to force the burglar bars off, but the flames were leaping out of the window.

“All windows were protected. They placed the burglars for their own protection but the things became their downfall. Such nice people, such a horrific way to die,” he added.

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Changes soon come to Cayman Islands workforce agency

It was open house for Cayman Islands media last Friday (26) when the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA opened its doors to announce changes will be soon introduced to help the 800 people registered as seeking work.

Some projects were outlined including job-link and training programmes.

Brian Holland, the new director of the NWDA, will help to put more Caymanians in jobs.

Holland takes up the position at the end of the year and said he will be building on what the agency has been able to achieve so far.


Vatican arrests ex-envoy Wesolowski over child abuse

From BBC

The Vatican has placed its former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski, under house arrest on charges of sexually abusing children.

The former archbishop was defrocked in June after a Church tribunal found him of abusing Dominican boys.

He will now be tried by a Vatican criminal court, becoming its highest official to face abuse charges there.

Wesolowski, who is originally from Poland, served as a papal envoy to the Dominican Republic for five years.

A Vatican spokesman said the arrest reflected Pope Francis’s wish “that such a grave and delicate case be handled without delay, with the just and necessary rigour”.

Pope Francis has pledged a crackdown on clerics and employees of the Church who exploit minors, comparing their actions to a “satanic mass”.

Last year, he strengthened the Vatican’s laws against child abuse.

The Vatican spokesman said the decision to place Wesolowski under house arrest, rather than hold him in a police cell, was taken on account of his health.

Wesolowski is expected to go on trial later this year.

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Cayman Islands may use crematoriums

Cayman Islands Minister of Health Hon. Osbourne Bodden, says cremating and even stacking tombs, may become a possibility in the future because of space running below.

In an interview with on CITN/Cayman 27 Minister Bodden said, “We still have a fair bit of land, but the day is going to come when we may no longer have the luxury to buy up property for cemeteries. We will have to look at crematoriums. We will have to look at stacking.”


The Monarq Group steps ahead with strategy to broaden brand portfolio

From The Moodie Report

Monarq is advancing its strategy of broadening its brand portfolio by taking on a premium portfolio of Bacardi brands.

From 1 July Monarq embarked on a regional partnership with Bacardi Caribbean/Atlantic to manage domestic and duty free distribution and marketing execution on most Caribbean islands of a premium portfolio of Bacardi brands.

“We are currently in the midst of the transition, getting ready for the high season in the Caribbean, and the feedback from our distribution partners has been very positive,” Monarq’s Managing Director Robert de Monchy told The Moodie Report.

“The distribution agreement with Bacardi is in line with our strategy and the portfolio – which is only a part of Bacardi’s portfolio – fits like a glove.

“Brands such as DOM Benedictine and B&B are unique in itself, while others like Oxley Gin, Baron Otard Cognac and Cazadores Tequila fill a gap in our portfolio.”

Monarq has added a sales & marketing coordinator to its Miami office to service the brand additions.

As reported, Monarq has built its portfolio strongly in the past year with additions like Teeling Whiskey, Ole Smoky Moonshine and Richland Rum.

“Our strategy is a wide but not deep portfolio,” de Monchy explained. “We aim to have a leading brand in each of the relevant alcoholic beverage categories.

“Besides, we are always open to look at true innovations, such as Ole Smoky moonshine, Crystal Head Vodka or Frutta Winespirit.”

De Monchy underlined the need to meet increasing demand for innovative products, travel retail exclusives and destination products – a global trend but one that applies especially to Caribbean cruise ship passengers.

“Our portfolio is skewed towards this type of unique item. Travel retail is not all about price – it’s about the right proposition at the right moment.”

Powered by its strengthened portfolio, Monarq foresees continued growth in the Caribbean as well as Latin American, despite a possible slowdown in the Mercosur region, especially Brazil.

“The unfavourable exchange rate trend and economic slowdown have impacted duty free sales in Brazil and its borders,” de Monchy noted.

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National Conservation Council holds historic first meeting

Posted By Joe Avary and Kevin Watler

Friday, 26 September 2014 7:39 pm


Cayman Islands conservation council meets for first time

The newly appointed Cayman Islands National Conservation Law Council last Thursday (25) held its first meeting to establish its working procedures

The 13-member body of appointees and Department of Environment experts will ultimately administer the National Conservation Law that was passed in December of 2013.


SHE Caribbean hits the stands with the biggest names In Caribbean fashion!

From St Lucia Star

Just as observers of New York Fashion Week 2014 were getting this year’s Shala Monroque style fix, SHE Caribbean was preparing to hit the market featuring the Saint Lucian fashion phenom on the cover! With Ms. Monroque in high demand by venerable publications like Vogue, Tatler and Harpers Bazaar, that’s quite a scoop for the region’s favourite magazine for Caribbean women!

Shala Monroque is a household name in New York, where her effortless street-chic style has been hailed by editors and fashion watchers to be unique and “Neo-Classical” – a term Shala explains in SHE’s in-depth story about how “the island girl from Marisule” became the toast of the city that never sleeps. Her honest and candid account of growing up a child of the islands is compelling and inspirational, to say nothing of the amazing photographs, styled by Shala herself!

But that’s not the only big news from SHE CARIBBEAN!

In 2010, SHE marked its 10th Anniversary with a celebratory edition, but over the last three years the changing face of publishing and the economic pressures of a global recession resulted in fewer issues of the magazine. Nonetheless, the women of the Caribbean have never lost their passion and enthusiasm for the region’s only magazine dedicated to them.

Despite the hurdles, publishing powerhouse Mae Wayne answered the prayers of fans and supporters, and in November 2013 committed to relaunching SHE CARIBBEAN with three issues per year packed with the region’s best fashion editorials, thought-provoking articles and all the beauty, health and culture the magazine is renowned for.

“The women of the Caribbean islands have supported throughout the years, and our response has been to give them what they want – more SHE CARIBBEAN! With the support of our advertisers we are committed to producing a world class glossy magazine which captures the zeitgeist of the Caribbean through fashion, beauty, culture and the stories of the women who make the region great!”

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Cayman’s tyre pile still growing

Even though the Cayman Islands Ministry of Health confirmed two bidders had submitted plans to claim the tyres at the George Town landfill dump, and the assessment committee had made a recommendation to the Central Tenders Committee, nothing has happened.

They tyre pile continues to grow and no details have been forthcoming as to who and/or when.


Entercom/KC found guilty of invasion of privacy for mistakenly calling woman a porn star

From All Access Music Group

ENTERCOM/KANSAS CITY has been found guilty of invasion of privacy and will have to pay ASHLEY PATTON at least $250,000 in damages after Alternative KRBZ (96.5 THE BUZZ) DJs AFENTRA (BANDOKOUDIS) and DANNY BOI (DANIEL TERREROS) mistakenly called her a porn star on-air, KSHB.COM reports.

The incident happened in APRIL 2012 during the “AFENTRA’s BIG FAT MORNING BUZZ” show (NET NEWS, 7/29). AFENTRA and DANNY BOI were talking about news that a CALIFORNIA teacher was fired for being in a porn video; they began speculating if there were any porn stars living in KANSAS CITY and asked listeners to text in the names of local porn stars. One such name was “ASHLEY PATTON, OLATHE SOUTH.” They Googled it, found photos, then announced PATTON’s name and high school on-air and briefly joked about her.

Unfortunately, the texters misspelled the name of porn star “ASHLEY PAYTON.” ASHLEY PATTON, who happened to be a law student at the UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS SCHOOL OF LAW, found out she was being talked about on-air, called PD SCOTT GEIGER (a.k.a. LAZLO), who asked her if she was a porn star, and when she denied it, he changed the spelling of the name on the station website and pulled the podcast version off the website. ENTERCOM attorney ANDREW SUTOR offered PATTON an apology, be it on the air or written, but she declined and filed suit.

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Revisions to two Cayman Islands Financial Services Regulatory Policies now in effect

GRAND CAYMAN (Monday, 8 September, 2014) Revisions to two regulatory policies approved by the Board of Directors of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) come into effect today with the publication of the revised policies in the Gazette. These policies relate to the licensing and approving of money services business, and to the licensing of banks.

The Regulatory Policy on Licensing and Approving Money Services Business outlines distinct criteria for licensing principals and approving agents; clarifies principals’ obligation to oversee agents’ anti-money laundering practices; and establishes criteria for what would be considered a suitable place of business.

Key changes in the revised Policy on Licensing Banks include enhancements to the criteria for licensing home regulated banks as well as to those requirements that pertain to the management and control and the track record of applicants.

These policies may be accessed on the CIMA website,, via the Regulatory Framework tab. The policies may also be accessed directly by clicking the following links Licensing – Banking and Regulatory Policy – Licensing and Approving Money Services Business..


Cayman Islands football association to develop women’s football

On the 25th September the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) announced it has appointed a committee aimed at developing women’s football in Cayman.

The committee comprises:

Martha Godet (Chair), Jessica Ebanks, Ondina Hernandez, Donna Wilson, Gisela Gamba, Sharon Roulstone and Karina Tibbetts.

According to the statement from the CIFA, “The goal is to grow women’s football locally by reviewing the structure of the women’s game, tackling challenges and making recommendations.

“CIFA is determined to create a positive environment for women’s football in this country,” said CIFA President Jeffrey Webb. “The Women’s Committee will explore all avenues to develop our players on the pitch and in the classroom.”


IDB, EU and Spain reaffirm commitment to renewable and efficient energy in the Caribbean

NEW YORK – Representatives of the European Union (EU), the Kingdom of Spain and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) today signed a joint declaration reinforcing their collaboration in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Caribbean.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency can help the Caribbean accelerate its development, mitigate the impacts of climate change and achieve greater energy security. By renewing its commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency, the partnership will work to foster conditions for attracting more investments in sustainable energy; identifying, replicating and scaling up best practices, and coordinating policies and activities among Caribbean states.

“Our long and close relationship with the Caribbean has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge of the region’s current conditions and future needs and of what it will take to achieve its energy targets,” said IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno. “By working closely with the EU and Spain, as well as with others interested in joining this partnership, we will avoid duplication, leverage our strengths, and maximize our impact.”

This renewed collaboration will also explore opportunities such as involving the private sector and civil society in energy-related efforts, and promoting the use of sustainable energy technologies and solutions to limit the negative consequences of energy generation, among other issues.

For more:,10927.html


Cricket: Cayman Islands National Team to be chosen

The Cayman Islands will be participating in the upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) Americas Twenty20 Championship and local selectors will be watching closely all the potential players during the domestic Challenge Trophy tournament that began on Saturday (27).

It is not until the tournament finishes will the National Team be chosen.


Freddie Mercury and Pavarotti sing a duet, thanks to this incredible guy

iNews BriefsFreddie MBy Mary Noble From Topix

Very few things on the Internet make me say “damn, that was great.” But damn, that was great.

Watch singer Marc Martel impersonates two of his favorite musical influences, Freddie Mercury and Luciano Pavarotti, for an incredible duet version of Nessun Dorma. Amazingly, this is one continuous performance from start to finish, shot in one take, using two cameras. No audio has been cut or replaced.

To view:


Warwick International Hotels announces new Caribbean resort

Warwick International Hotels (WIH) has announced plans for the collection’s first four-star resort in the Caribbean.

Named “The Warwick, Paradise Island, Bahamas,” the new getaway is planned to open in mid-2015. The resort, which features 246 rooms and suites, enjoys a prime island location, overlooking the beautiful Nassau Harbour and the Atlantic Ocean inlet, with panoramic views of Nassau and Paradise Island.

A relaxing stroll takes visitors to the casino and the many attractions of Atlantis. Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.


BNP Paribas chairman resigns: company

From Business Insider

Paris (AFP) – The chairman of BNP Paribas has resigned, some three months after the French bank was hit by a record $8.9 billion fine for violating US sanctions, the bank said.

Baudoin Prot, 63, who has headed the bank since 2011, was stepping down as of December 1 “for personal reasons,” the bank said in a statement following a meeting of the board late on Friday.

Prot will be replaced by Jean Lemierre, 64, one of his close advisors and a key figure in negotiating BNP Paribas’s settlement with US authorities.

Prot’s resignation, which was first reported by a source close to the matter on Tuesday, comes almost three months after the giant French bank pleaded guilty to US criminal charges of violating sanctions on Iran, Sudan and other countries.

Prior to becoming chairman, Prot served as chief executive of BNP Paribas from 2003-2011, the period in which many of the violations of US sanctions law took place.

US officials said BNP Paribas deliberately hid thousands of transactions with Iran, Sudan, Myanmar and Cuba, countries that were sanctioned for terrorism and human rights violations.

The bank agreed to plead guilty to one count of conspiring to violate sanctions, making it the first bank found guilty in a sanctions case.

Prot was not personally questioned by US authorities during the probe, but the difficulty of the settlement negotiations took its toll on the chairman, according to people familiar with the bank.

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Egypt adjusts clock for the fourth time in 5 months

From The Hindu

(AP) For the fourth time in less than five months the clocks have changed in Egypt.

The switch between summer and winter time was abandoned after the 2011 uprising toppled long-ruling autocrat Hosni Mubarak, but then was abruptly revived this past May, when clocks sprung forward in a move aimed at alleviating rolling power blackouts.

But just weeks later the clocks fell back again at the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan — which this year fell at the hottest point of the summer — to shorten the daily dawn-to-dusk fast.

The clocks returned to summer time when Ramadan ended in July, but now winter has come again, despite the fact that daytime temperatures still hover around 30 degree Celsius.

As of midnight on Thursday, Egypt is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

The initial switch in May caused widespread disruptions, particularly at the airport, when local flight times were changed at the last minute.

There were no reports of major disruptions this time around.

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Snakebot and quadcopter combo makes for a go-anywhere rescue drone

iNews briefs herald-robotBy Mariella Moon From Engadget

Everyone has different ideas on what the perfect search-and-rescue robot is, and for a University of Pennsylvania Mod Lab team, it comes in the form of a snake drone-quadcopter chimera. The Hybrid Exploration Robot for Air and Land Deployment or H.E.R.A.L.D. is composed of two snake-like machines that attach via magnets to a UAV. After being carried to the site by the quadcopter, the snake bots can detach themselves, slip through the holes and cracks of a collapsed building, for instance, and slither to their destination. The researchers have been working on H.E.R.A.L.D. since 2013, but now that all its components can properly merge and work together like the robots in Power Rangers, they presented it at the 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. You can watch the machine ace the tests its creators put it through in the vid after the break, including a part where a researcher used an Xbox controller to navigate a snakebot through a pipe.

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