December 6, 2021

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iNews-briefs217Chikungunya in Latin Caribbean goes over 700,000 as the Dominican Republic nears a half million cases

By Robert Herriman From Outbreak News Today

The number of autochthonous chikungunya cases in the Latin Caribbean, which includes the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Martinique, Puerto Rico and four other countries, has gone over the 700,000 case mark, according to the latest data from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

This milestone was mainly due to the additional 20,000 locally transmitted cases reported from the Dominican Republic during the past week–going from 467,000 to 486,300 cases.

The total number of locally acquired cases in the Western hemisphere is now at 738,715.

In the Andean area of South America, the number of cases in Colombia is now up to 1,350 and Venezuela is reporting 1,168.

In Colombia, President Juan Manuel Santos called for stepped-up preventive measures to avoid infection with the chikungunya virus. According to a Prensa Latina report, there are estimations showing that the number of cases could reach around 700,000, Santos said.

Colombia has also reported more than 100,000 suspected and confirmed dengue fever cases as of Sept. 12. The same mosquito vector, Aedes aegypti, transmits both viral infections and is ever present in the region.

In a PAHO Epidemiological Alert published on Aug. 29, The threats posed by the seasonal increase of dengue transmission and the introduction, or risks of introduction of the chikungunya virus in the Region require an integrated approach of prevention and vector control activities of both diseases. With the rapid spread of the chikungunya virus observed in some countries of the Americas, simultaneous dengue and chikungunya outbreaks may occur, which would result in increased health care demand.

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Cayman Islands government wants to move oil terminal

Cayman Islands Minister of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure Kurt Tibbetts has announced the government has entered into an agreement with a consultant to help it find an appropriate partner to move the diesel storage facility at Jackson Point, South Sound. This will also mean a much larger facility.

He said the current facility is dangerous situated in a congested residential area and in the flight path for the airport.

Tibbetts did not say where the new facility might be moved to.

Navasota, an oil and gas expert, is working as a broker/agent and will help government find a fuel supply partner to finance and build the facility and will ttake a commission from that company.


‘Authentic Cuba’ tourism campaign extended across Russia

From Caribbean News Now

HAVANA, Cuba (AIN) — From Monday, the tourism campaign “Authentic Cuba” will promote the holiday resorts on the island in the east central region of Russia — an untapped market, according to Edilberto Riverón, the representative of the ministry of tourism (MINTUR) in Russia.

The official told the Prensa Latina news agency that this outreach strategy has been focused on the west, especially Moscow and St Petersburg, but will now also extend to the northern and eastern areas, where some of the most populous and most economically developed cities are concentrated, such as Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan and Samara.

This announcement was made in the context of the Cuban Night at the International Fair Obdij 2014, an event that brings to the biggest Moscow hotels over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world to negotiate accommodations during the winter season, when the Russian travelers tend to plan their holidays abroad.

Odij granted an opportunity to the MINTUR promotional campaign, in which companies such as Barceló, Sol Meliá, Memory DIMMs and Havanatur participated and which in 2015 is expected to reach even more remote areas such as Oms, the Urals, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and Volgograd.

Culinary, mixology and musical and dance traditions of the Caribbean nation are some of strengths in this marketing strategy, supported by advertising spots. Russia is currently the tenth largest source of tourists to the island, but since the Authentic Cuba began in 2011 the number of travelers has increased, and in July 2014 had grown by 25% over the same quarter of 2013, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics and Information.

For more:‘Authentic-Cuba’-tourism-campaign-extended-across-Russia-22884.html


20141472: JLL Patheon Co-Investment Fund, L.P. (Cayman); Gallus BioPharmaceuticals, LLC

DATE: September 22, 2014


ACQUIRING PARTY: JLL Patheon Co-Investment Fund, L.P. (Cayman)

ACQUIRED PARTY: Gallus BioPharmaceuticals, LLC




Veteran Trinidad Calypsonian “Black Stalin” suffers stroke following performance

From caribbean360

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Tuesday September 23, 2014, CMC- Veteran calypsonian Leroy Calliste, the Black Stalin, remained hospitalised Monday after suffering stroke a few hours after performing at a charity show in south Trinidad on Sunday night.

Relatives said that Stalin, 73, was rushed to the San Fernando Hospital after he started experiencing severe pain to his back on returning home for performing at the inclusive fundraiser hosted by the St. Andrew Anglican Church in aid of its building fund.

Stalin, who was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of the West Indies (UWI) was crowned Calypso King of Kings in 1999 for his mega hit “Black Man Feeling to Party”.

Stalin has limited mobility and a speech problems and “all indications point to a stroke,” his relatives told reporters.

He is still undergoing tests.

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BA charges so much to fly to Cayman!

By Anna G Manchester From Trip Advisor

As a Brit, a trip to Cayman is always going to be 12+ hours on a plane, but I wonder how many people realise the difference in ticket prices between airlines? We are travelling there next Easter, and BA, having the only direct (though not non-stop) flight from London, know full well that there is no competition, and also that this is a prime school holiday period!

We have to travel from Manchester, and BA quoted me £3500 for 3 of us to fly out on Good Friday for 2 weeks. When my heart-rate came back down I checked prices to fly via the US, even though on this occasion we sadly don’t have enough holiday time for a stopover in a US city. I got flights with Delta for £2200, a difference of £1300 or, I guess, nearly $2000?

Now flying via the US when you’re not visiting there is unbelievable hassle, what with arranging and paying for ESTAs, queuing for hours at security and immigration and so on, but with the difference in price we’ll just have to grin and bear it!



Phoenix Airways offering special Barbados flights as part of low-cost Caribbean service

From Caribbean360

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tuesday September 23, 2014 – Phoenix Airways, the new Inter Caribbean Airline, flight services to Dominican Republic & St. Kitts, from Barbados are expected to resume on November 1st, 2014. The service has been streamlined from a Boeing 737-300 to a more concise ATR 72-202, carrying 66 passengers plus luggage. The airline promised to begin operations to St. Maarten late November, this year and to Miami and New York in January 2015. A press release from the company stated, “we are eagerly working with the tourism boards across the Caribbean to offer a low cost hassle free service throughout the region”.

Phoenix Airways says it has a fleet of four aircrafts – a King Air (8-9) seats, a Beech 1900 (19 seats), an Embraer 120ER (30 seats) and a ATR-200 (66 seats).

In addition to resuming their services, the company is also planning two special flights for their timeshare holders only, from Barbados to Miami, 18th December,2014 returning 2nd January, 2015 and Barbados to Miami 21 December, 2014 returning 3rd January, 2015. The company is expected to operate three flights into Barbados from Canada, Brazil and Grand Cayman, bring a total of 504 passengers for the Christmas Season.

Phoenix Airways timeshare packages, offers bulk flights or flying hours to customers, also receiving discounts at participating hotels and car rentals. These packages start at $3000.00 for six flights per year. Customers who have not yet signed up, are encouraged to take advantage of the great deals available to everyone.

For further information please feel free to visit their website at or email [email protected]. Customers can also call 1-800-744-2014.

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Cayman Islands Grand Harbour restaurants closed second time this year

Beaches Sports Bar, Rouge Lounge and Night Club, and Blue Mountain Cafe have closed down at Grand Cayman’s Grand Harbour.

This is the second time this year but before that other restaurants have opened there and have not been successful.

New tenants are being sought by the property managers BCQS.


Three Jamaica police charged in the death of entertainer Kentucky Kid

From Caribbean360

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tuesday September 23, 2014, CMC – Three police officers were on Monday charged with the 2009 killing of entertainer, Kentucky Kid, who was shot at his home during what law enforcement officials said then was a shoot out involving the police.

The police officers – Norval Warren, Uriel Anderson and Gary Thompson – as well as two civilians, Marvia Morgan and Donovan Brown, are due to appear in the Home Circuit Court where an application for bail will be made.

A coroner’s inquest into the death of the 37-year-old entertainer, whose real name is Robert Hill, ruled on August 12 that the five be charged with murder.

The inquest started on September 28, 2010.

Hill was killed at his home in Kingston on December 9, 2009 by police who claimed he was shot in a gun battle that started when they went in search of him.

Before his death, Hill made several complaints to a number of bodies, including the Police Public Complaints Authority and Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) concerning incidents involving the police, and expressed fear for his life and the safety of his family.

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Cayman Islands gallery wants volunteers

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) held an open house last Saturday (20) to meet with anyone interested in volunteering.

Food, music and games were on hand together with staff and tours to give prospective helpers an introduction to the gallery’s culture.

Persons with all skill sets are encouraged to sign up to assist NGCI staff in areas such as the gift shop, library, cafe and fundraising events.


Caribbean Airlines continues to fly in the red

From Caribbean360

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Tuesday September 23, 2014, CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago government says it will provide an estimated TT$1.8 billion (One TT dollar=US$0.16 cents) into the financially troubled national airline, Caribbean Airlines (CAL) during the period 2013-15.

But Finance Minister Larry Howai told the Standing Finance Committee of the House of Representatives that the airline would remain in the red for at least three more years and that the government would have to provide funds up until 2017.

Howai also told legislators that a restructuring plan had been put in place that would lead to the gradual reduction of the subsidy given to the airline over the next three years. He said however the airline would not reach a level of sustainability within the next three years.

Earlier, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said CAL had received TT$477 million in support in 2013, TT$570 million in 2014 and was estimated to receive TT$718 million.

Former works minister Colm Imbert said that in 2015, Government was really providing $730 million, following Howai’s disclosure that the government would be allocating an additional TT$11.3 million to CAL to assist with debt repayment.

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Leaky dredger now moved from Cayman Islands North Sound

The leaky dredger responsible for an estimated 500 gallons of oil spilling into Grand Cayman’s North Sound from May has been moved to a notch excavating equipment dug to house it.

The Department of Environment says the dredger will be disassembled and scrapped in its new location although no timeline for its salvage has been set.


This new report shows why taxi drivers are terrified of Uber and Lyft

By Maya Kosoff From Business Insider

San Francisco’s taxis have taken a hit from apps like Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft, and now the city has the numbers to prove it.

Last week, San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency released a report: in the last 15 months, cab use in the city has fallen by 65%.

According to SFMTA’s Taxis and Accessible Services director Kate Toran, who compiled the report, the average San Francisco taxi now makes 504 trips a month. In March 2012, the average taxi made about 1,424 trips a month.

The decrease in San Francisco’s taxis can be attributed to services like Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft, which all operate in the city. “There’s been a real reduction,” Toran said to the SFMTA board of directors. “But obviously this doesn’t tell the whole story. Part of the story is we don’t have hard data yet from the [transportation network companies’] side to really analyze the full impact on the streets and our air quality.”

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Cayman burglar sentenced to 2 years – he hit the same bar FIVE times

James Blair Ebanks was sentenced last Thursday (18) to two years’ imprisonment for two burglaries at the Cobalt Coast Resort in West Bay, Grand Cayman.

The records showed that he had previously burgled the same bar three times before!

Although the amount of beer Ebanks stole amounted to only $90 the damge he caused was over $4,000 said the resort owners.


JULIAN ROBERTSON: Alibaba is a ‘Fabulous company’

By Linette Lopez From Business Insider

For some people Chinese retailer Alibaba’s record breaking IPO last week was a sign that the market is frothy, if not in a bubble right now.

Others, like legendary investor Julian Robertson, think it’s one of the few real deals out there.

At Monday’s Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Conference, he said that Alibaba is a “fabulous company.”

“If Alibaba and some of the other things do as well as they are projected to do, then they are probably reasonable valued. Look, we are always looking for bargains…that’s sort of the way it goes in our business,” he said.

This is a far cry from Robertson’s stance on investing in China five years ago, when he said he simply didn’t understand it.

Alibaba crushed its IPO, gaining 38% on its first day of trading. The company has its critics though. They say that Alibaba shareholders have almost no rights, and are skeptical of accounting issues at companies that Alibaba has acquired.

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See iNews Cayman story “Alibaba shares surge in their NY stock market debut” at:


Memorial service held for slain Florida family

From Miami Herald

(AP) Family and friends gathered at Bell High School to remember six children who were fatally shot by their grandfather.

Some 100 people viewed toys and photos displayed inside the school’s auditorium on Sunday evening.

Authorities say 51-year-old Donald Spirit also killed his daughter, 28-year-old Sarah Spirit on Thursday afternoon at their north Florida home.

The Rev. Jimmy Corbin of Mount Nebo Baptist Church told mourners “the world itself has been touched by the tragedy that happened in this town.” He says a pastor from the Cayman Islands had called to offer comfort.

The Gainesville Sun ( ) reports a candle-lighting ceremony followed the service outside Bell Elementary School. School officials say they plan to plant seven live oak trees on school grounds in honor of the family.

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