September 26, 2020

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iNews-briefs217No new cases of Chikungunya confirmed since June 25 in Cayman Islands

Chikungunya Update as of 8 September 2014

From Cayman Islands Public Health Department

Total confirmed cases of chikungunya remain at five as reported on 28 July 2014. Since then, there have been no new confirmed cases.

  • Since the last update of 1 September 2014, three new cases were under investigation during the week of 1 – 8 September 2014. The blood samples were sent for testing at Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad on 8 September 2014.
  • Two results were received this week from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). All tested negative for chikungunya.
  • Total cases investigated for chikungunya since 25 June 2014 is 31.
  • The total results received thus far are: out of 28 test results received, five have come back positive, twenty two negative and one inconclusive. Results of three blood samples sent on 8 September are awaited.

To date, 9,640 confirmed/probable cases of chikungunya have been reported, 20 CARPHA Member States and 11 other Caribbean countries/territories. Total suspected cases are 644,686.

Further information can be obtained through

Regional updates can be accessed by visiting the CARPHA website on

In addition United States updates are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on


Cayman Islands Government rationale to be presented

The Government announced via Facebook today (Wed 10) that over 240 pages of recommendations (including downsizing, amalgamations, sale of agencies, outsourcing and removal of certain services) are to be considered as part of government’s ‘Rationalisation’ process.

The report, led by Ernst & Young (EY), was presented to government yesterday, and unveiled this afternoon.

It will be now considered, with the initial stage of implementation to take place “within months”, according to Premier Alden McLaughlin.

Also attending the event were Mr. Dan Scott of EY, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Rationalisation Unit Head Mary Rodrigues, and Portfolio of Civil Service Chief Odficer Gloria McField-Nixon.

Tune in to CIGTV and Radio Cayman for re-broadcasts of the press conference.

Source: From Loop News Service


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Cayman Islands Health Services focusing on critical illness

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) will be hosting the first ever symposium on critical illness that will cover a broad mix of topic and feature local and international speakers.

The subject, critical illness, was chosen because it covers a wide aspect of health care.

Monthy Mythem, a professor at the University College of London, will give a presentation focus on two interventions, fluid administration and supplementary oxygen.

All registered health care professionals are encouraged to attend.

Venue: The Westin

When: Friday 12 September | 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Saturday 13 September | 8:00 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.

For more information email:

[email protected]


Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) appoints new deputy head of insurance

The CIMA on September 1st promoted Ruwan Jayasekera to the position of Deputy Head of Insurance.

Reporting to the head of the Insurance Division, the deputy head manages the day-to-day operations of the division, both on an on-site and off-site basis by providing guidance, assistance to and supervision of the chief analysts and senior analysts, and through these posts, the analysts and junior analyst to achieve the legislative requirements and the goals and objectives of the division and CIMA.

Mr. Jayasekera joined the Insurance division at CIMA in April 2007 as a senior analyst and was later appointed as a chief analyst. After working in this capacity for a few years, he returned to Sri Lanka in 2011, taking up the position of assistant general manager of Business Operations at Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd. In January 2013, he returned to CIMA as a chief analyst in the Insurance Supervision Division.


Major Internet players, including Reddit, Tumblr, and others, to protest for net neutrality on September 10


By Kate Cox From Consumerist

In an action somewhat reminiscent of the widespread protests against SOPA back in 2012, several major internet businesses are planning a symbolic “internet slowdown” on September 10 to advocate for stronger net neutrality regulations.

The protest, called Battle For The Net, is being organized by advocacy groups Fight For The Future, Demand Progress, Free Press, and Engine Advocacy. Although sites will not actually slow their own servers to a crawl, they will all be displaying widgets showing progress bars and loading icons to protest against fast and slow lanes. Those widgets will direct readers to contact Congress, the White House, and the FCC to advocate specifically for reclassifying broadband services as Title II common carriers.

Reddit has signed on to the effort, as has Tumblr. Other notable sites planning to participate include BitTorrent, BoingBoing, Cheezburger, Etsy, Foursquare, Kickstarter, and Upworthy, among many others.

In an editorial for Wired, Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson urged other internet businesses to join the effort, saying that the FCC’s current proposal, “would kill permissionless innovation and free expression.” He added, “Companies would succeed because of deals struck with cable companies, not because of superior products.”

Dickerson appealed directly to business managers, not just individuals and advocacy groups, to get involved and raise a ruckus, by explaining, “The cable and phone companies are counting on our apathy. After all, businesses are often more conservative than activists and tend to not want to jump alone.”

“But not this time,” Dickerson concluded. “This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for the business world, because the future of the Internet is the future of American business.”

Craig Aaron, president and CEO of Free Press, said in a statement that, “next week’s Internet slowdown will show millions more people what a world without real Net Neutrality would look like.” He added, “If you claim to support the free and open Internet, you must pick a side in this battle. And being on Team Internet means you support reclassifying broadband under Title II of the Communications Act. There’s still a spot for Tom Wheeler on Team Internet, but only if he heeds the public and changes course now.”

Public interest groups and individual citizens alike have been leaving negative comments on the FCC’s proposal for months. Well over 1 million public comments have been filed so far, making it one of the most-discussed dockets the FCC’s ever had.

Of those, the vast majority stand firmly against the idea of regulation that permits fast lanes or multi-tiered access. NPR shared one analysis of the data that did not find “enough unique or organic anti-net-neutrality comments to register” on their visualization at all.

The full list of participating companies, organizations, and individuals, and the codes for participating, are available at

For more on this story go to:


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