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iNews-briefs217Cayman Islands police community meeting

West Bay Police Station Community Meeting – West Bay Primary School Hall

On THURSDAY 28th August 2014 at 7 pm – 8:30 pm, there will be a public meeting at the Sir John Cumber Primary School Hall, by Chief Inspector Powery, the Area Commander of the West Bay Police Station.

The purpose of the meeting is to update the community on current Police issues and to enable the residents of West Bay to provide their input on how best the Police can address their concerns.


Former Trayvon Martin lawyers to support family of prisoner killed in Jamaica police custody

From Caribbean360

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday August 27, 2014, CMC – The Florida-based attorney who represented the family of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed by a neighbourhood watch volunteer in 2012, is providing support to the family of a Jamaica national who died in police custody earlier this month.

Jasmine Rand will be joining prominent US civil rights lawyer, Benjamin Crump, in providing support to the legal team representing the family of Mario Deane, 31, who died in hospital in the western city of Montego after being beaten at the Barnett Street Police station where he was being held for possession of marijuana.

“I’m going to bring any support, resources and help develop legal strategies as best I can this is a signature case, this will put the face to police brutality and misconduct in Jamaica by using this case we can look at the greater systemic issue.

“I noticed that the Prime Minister made a statement that she won’t see human rights violated. So I’m hoping that the government will stay true to its word and put all of its resources to providing transparency for the people,” said Rand.

Crump is currently represents the family of Michael Brown, 18, whose fatal shooting by a Missouri police officer has ignited violent protests in the town of Ferguson and controversy across United States.

Six police officers have been interdicted and suspended with immediate effect following a probe by the Inspectorate of Constabulary (IOC) into the circumstances surrounding Deane’s death on August 3.

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Cayman Islands police warn boat owners

The RCIPS is warning boat owners to secure their boats against opportunists who are looking a boat to steal to take offshore to another country, or to escape prosecution in the Cayman Islands. Boat owners should limit the amount of fuel in their boats to a range of about twenty-five to forty miles. The nearest land to Grand Cayman are Little Cayman and Cayman Brac which are about 74 and 89 nautical miles, respectively away. Boats owners should make it extremely difficult if not impossible for thieves to steal their boats by investing in security systems that electronically disable their boats from thieves having to drive them away. Install GPS tracking systems to allow owners to monitor the locations of their boats. Brightly light the areas at nights where their boats are kept to enhance early detection and to deter theft of their boats.

Acting Chief Inspector Ian Yearwood of the RCIPS’ Marine Unit states, “Boat owners invest thousands of dollars in their boats, and they must take the necessary precautions to secure their boats against theft.”


Is this country a new player in the Caribbean cruise sector?

From Caribbean Journal

Quietly, a new player has begun to emerge in the Caribbean cruise industry: Guatemala.

The Central American country has received almost 220,000 cruise passengers in the last few years, focused at the country’s Santo Tomas de Castilla Port on the Caribbean coast.

The country is projected to see a 5 percent increase in cruise arrivals for the 2014/2015 season, according to data from the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association as well.

“A large part of our work has been focused on the promotion of this sector by strengthening our infrastructure and increasing our offshore offering,” said Pedro Duchez, director of INGUAT, the country’s tourist board.

It’s also been a boon to the country’s stayover arrivals, the tourist board says, with around 70 percent of cruise visitors lured back for a longer stay.

The country also has as Pacific port, the Port of Quetzal, which offers visits to the old city of Antigua and the beaches of Monterrico, among other attractions.

Among the cruise lines that already sail to Guatemala include Carnival, Azamara, Celebrity, Holland America, Regent, Oceania and Royal Caribbean.

In the 2013-2014 season, the country received 69 arrivals totaling 80,864 passengers, the vast majority of whom came from the United States and Canada.

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Cayman Islands: Road safety schools reopening  

Government and private schools will be re-opening fully next week. There will be a lot of students being picked up and set down from school buses. Students will be walking to and from schools and crossing the roads to schools. The RCIPS is appealing to motorists to stop when school buses are picking up and setting down students and to be extremely cautious when approaching school zones and to obey school zones traffic lights when flashing. It is an offence to exceed the speed limit (15 MPH) in school zones. It is a ticketable offence, and the fine starts at $200. For every 1 MPH over the 15 MPH speed limit an additional $20 will be added to the $200 up to a maximum of $500.

It is an offence under the current Traffic Law to fail to give ample clearance to a school vehicle or overtake such vehicle while it is engaged in setting down or picking up passengers. It is a ticketable offence which carries a fine of $150.00.

Inspector Barnett of the Traffic Management states, “motorist should treat every student as their own and to respect every student as they would expect others to treat theirs.”


Philadelphia police arrest Jamaican national, described as ‘major marijuana trafficker’

From Caribbean360

BOSTON, United States, Tuesday August 26, 2014, CMC – A Jamaican national, described by law enforcement authorities as a major marijuana trafficker, will appear in a court here on Thursday following his arrest in Philadelphia over the weekend.

Dwight Langley, 49, was taken into custody outside his house in the community of Stonehurst. Law enforcement officials said that several barrels filled with 83 pounds of marijuana with a street value of US$360,000 were seized. They said they also confiscated just over US$8,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said Langley was being investigated for months.

Investigators believe Langley is a major drug trafficker with international connections.

A judge arraigned Langley on charges of violation of the Health and Safety Act for possession of marijuana, possession with intent to deliver as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Bail was set at US$250,000 pending his court appearance on Thursday.

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Cayman lets lead slip, loses to Jamaica


Kingston, Jamaica – The Cayman Islands let a two goal advantage slip and lose to Jamaica 5-3 on match day two of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Under 17 Boys Group 1 qualifiers at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex.

Cayman stunned their opponents and home supporters when they opened the scoring 5th minute through Leo Ebanks and then doubled the score two minutes later through Elijah Seymour (7th).

The Jamaicans responded in the 15th through Alex Marshall and then evened the score in the 18th. Cayman Captain Zachary Scott gave his side the advantage going into a break when he scored in the 25th.

In the second half, Jamaica lifted the pace and were rewarded with Marshall getting his second in the 62nd to level the score. Ajeanie Talbot gave the lead in the 75th before Marshall scored the clincher in the 92nd.

In the other match up Guadeloupe defeated U.S. Virgin Islands 5-0.


Severe drought forces Jamaica to adopt new strategies for start of school term

From Caribbean360

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tuesday August 26, 2014, CMC – Jamaica, suffering from a prolonged dry spell that has affected a number of institutions, says it will adopt new measures to ensure that students returning to school next week for the new academic term are not severely hampered by the lack of water.

“I want to give every assurance that the National Water Commission, in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government, will be doing their utmost to supply water to the affected areas, so that the new school term will commence as smoothly as possible,” said Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Robert Pickersgill.

Pickersgill said that information to date from the Meteorological Service suggests that various parishes in the north and south of the country were experiencing severe to extreme drought and the projection is for these parishes to continue to receive below normal rainfall.

“In light of that information, the Ministry is paying special attention to the reopening of schools as schools, as well as hospitals and infirmaries especially in those communities that are adversely affected by the severe drought,” he said.

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4 businesses in Cayman Islands capital burglarized

Three restaurants and a dive operator were burgled in the space of a few hours in George Town, the Cayman Islands capital in Grand Cayman. It happened last Tuesday (26).

A quantity of alcohol was stolen from Cayman Cabana, the thieves tried to steal a safe from Pizza Hut on West Bay Road but failed, even though the thieves smashed a door at nearby Island Naturals Restaurant nothing was taken, but they stole some tools from Don Foster’s dive shop.


Dallas County reports second confirmed case of Chikungunya in resident returned from Caribbean

By Robert Wilonsky From Dallas news

Texas is home to several mosquito species that can carry the chikungunya virus.

Dallas County health officials say they’ve confirmed a second case Chikungunya virus, this time in a patient who appears to have been infected during a trip to the Dominican Republic. Zachary Thompson, director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, says the patient was diagnosed after returning home.

The county isn’t providing any further information — no gender, no age, no zip code.

As we’ve noted, the Chikungunya virus, like the West Nile virus, is transmitted via mosquitoes. But unlike West Nile, humans and some wild animals serve as the virus’ reservoir, not birds. The virus brings with it an out-of-nowhere high fever and severe joint pain, and perhaps even headache, muscle pain and rashes. It’s not fatal, but as the county reminds this morning, it can be “disabling.”

And there’s nothing that can be done to combat it: There’s no vaccine for Chikungunya.

“We’re a 21st-century country dealing with Third World viruses,” says Thompson. “We have to prepare all of our health departments for that. As we start out planning for 2015, we have to look at West Nile and now Chikungunya. We’re going to be trapping, looking for both viruses. It’ll be an educational process for Dallas County and North Texas. We have to have a healthy fear of what these viruses can do. That’s why we’re doing the necessary planning. This is the world we live in.”

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Cayman Islands Music on the Menu “Soulful Awakening”

Hi there! Keep your eyes on this post as it will be updated continuously providing more information about the first in the newest series of Music on the Menu Dinner Concerts sponsored by Stepping Stones …

The title for the next MOM is “Soulful Awakening”. The central work in the programme is Rachmaninov’s epic Sonata for Cello and Piano.

The performers are Angharad Parkes (cello) and Glen Inanga (piano). Photos, bios and full playlist to follow shortly

The evening will commence at 6.30pm with canapes and welcome drink on the terrace. Audience will be invited to be seated (allocated in advance by CAF) and to make their 3-course meal with wine dinner choices from a set menu.   The performance will then proceed and will be immediately be followed by dinner.


Bahamas: Local activist participates in U.S. State Department professional exchange on human rights

From Bahama Islands Info

NASSAU, Bahamas — On August 22, Ms. Erin Greene, Director of Advocacy at SASH Bahamas, a local Non-Governmental Organization met with U.S. Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Lisa Johnson to discuss her recent participation in a U.S. State Department sponsored professional exchange “Human Rights for All.” The role of SASH Bahamas is to work with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and to support persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Ms. Greene also serves as the regional chairperson of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research & Action (CAFRA).

Ms. Greene was among a group of NGO and community leaders from Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Suriname to participate in the three-week professional exchange. The program took them to Washington, DC, Memphis, Tennessee Little Rock, Arkansas, Des Moines and Iowa City, Iowa and San Francisco, California. The participants engaged American counterparts on values and principles that shape the United States’ human rights policies.

Ms. Greene discussed with Chargé Johnson how she plans to apply her experience to human rights initiatives in The Bahamas, while noting some of her most memorable experiences, “The informational activities like Memphis Black Pride, the Little Rock Memorial and the Clinton Library tour affirmed for me the ways in which American and Caribbean stakeholders can work together to ensure human rights for all.”

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JTC Group expands Cayman offering

From Business Life

JTC Group has recently been granted a licence to provide their full suite of private client, corporate, fund and real estate services in the Cayman Islands.

Since 2013, JTC Group has had a presence in the Cayman Islands through an alliance office but is now licenced to deliver its full range of services.

The Cayman office will continue to build on its existing platform of services for private and international clients. This will include company incorporation and administration services, and the provision of directors to companies and regulated funds.

The office will focus on establishing and servicing Cayman domiciled funds as well as listings of securities on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange.

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Occupancy levels rise on Grand Bahama

From Bahama Islands Info

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — The nation’s second island-city has seen growth in hotel occupancy levels over the past six months.

According to the latest data released by the Department of Statistics, between January and July 2013 -136,262 rooms were occupied in Grand Bahama. In the same period in 2014, 203,446 rooms were occupied – a difference of 67,184.

In terms of percentage, between January and July 2013 Grand Bahama had an occupancy level of 49.52 per cent. During the same period this year, Grand Bahama had an occupancy level of 56.23 per cent- reflecting growth of 6.71 per cent.

Room revenue also grew over the six-month period. Between January and July 2013 room revenue was recorded at $12,087,072.58. That number grew to $16,425,811.47 – a difference of $4,338,738.89 or 35.90 per cent.

Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe said this improvement is only the beginning of great things happening in Grand Bahama.

“Grand Bahama has shown tremendous improvement over the past seven months and it continues to improve,” he said.   “With continued focus and determined efforts Grand Bahama will return to its glory days and by extension The Bahamas regains its place as the premier global destination.”

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Cayman Islands Stroke & Stride won by Courtis (M) & Hale-Smith (F)

The 2014 Stroke and Stride series came to a close last week with the overall winner being Matthew Courtis.

Courtis was the overall leader from start to finish and won all three races that comprises Stroke & Stride. He finished with a time of 1-hour, 1.09 minutes. Stuart Bray was second and Iain McCallum third.

Jane Hale-Smith was the women’s winner who also led from the very beginning. She finished with a time of 1:15.5 finishing 18th overall. Andrea Roach was second female finisher and Pam Abbot was third.

Asians & Indians, comprising Lauren Hew and Will Edwards, was the winning team in a total time of 1:03.38.


Boy Scouts settle sexual abuse case

By Korri Kezar By Dallas Business Journal

It was considered one of the biggest legal battles of 2012, and two years later, allegations of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America are making headlines again.

The Irving-based BSA settled a case of alleged sexual abuse on Thursday before it went trial in the Texas Supreme Court. Paul Mones, the attorney for an unnamed former Scout from San Antonio who made the allegations, declined to disclose any further details, including the nature of the settlement. Currently in his 20s, the one-time Scout and had accused his former leader of sexually abusing him, according to the Associated Press.

Officials for the Boy Scouts were unavailable for comment, but did tell the AP that abuse within its ranks is “intolerable and unacceptable.”

The case had been pending with the state’s Supreme Court for more than a year before the Aug. 21 decision.

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