September 30, 2023

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Former Cayman Islands Police Officer sentenced to three years in prison


Today [Thu July 24], former Police Officer Elvis Kelsey Ebanks was sentenced to 3 years in prison in relation to four charges of corruption related charges. I would like to iterate that the RCIPS will not tolerate corruption among its ranks; we will pursue any allegation of corruption.

Friday, May 16, 2014 2:36 PM

Subject: Police Officer guilty of bribery

The following statement has been issued by the RCIPS following yesterday’s verdict in the trial of RCIPS’ officer Elvis Kelsey Ebanks.

“The objective of the RCIPS is to uphold the law without fear or favour; to prevent and detect crime and bring to justice those who transgress the laws of the land.” PC Elvis Kelsey Ebanks guilty verdict reached by the jury yesterday is another example that the RCIPS will not tolerate corrupt police officers. The RCIPS takes allegations of corruption against its officers very seriously, and will pursue any allegations against its officers who disobey the laws. Police officers are not above the law and will be held accountable if they disobey the laws.

Unfortunately, this type of dishonest behaviour smears the reputation of many of the RCIPS’ officers who are honest, trustworthy, hardworking and committed. The RCIPS will continue to strive to maintain the highest standards and professionalism and pride in our service to the public

Cayman landfill fire now under control

Grand Cayman, George Town Landfill fire that began last weekend is under control officials say.

Department of Environmental Health (DEH) Landfill staff first noticed smoke on Saturday 19 July at around 10.30 a.m. in the municipal solid waste disposal area at the edge of the landfill.   Acting Chief Fire Officer Roy Grant noted that upon arrival, fire crews found flames. The landfill’s berm was dug about 200 feet, and multiple areas were discovered on fire, whilst the excavator overturned the debris.


Cayman man charged with burglary and another with firearm

Man charged with 2012 burglary offence   From RCIPS Thu Jul 24

A 28-year- old man of West Bay has been charged with a burglary that occurred on 5th May 2012 at Treasure Island Resort, West Bay Road. He is expected to appear in court next month.

Detective Inspector Kathy Marshall, officer in charge of the RCIPS Burglary Team said: “This was a protracted and complex enquiry that has finally reached a positive outcome.   Officers will continue to be relentless in their pursuit of arresting and charging burglary offenders.”

29-year-old East End man charged From RCIPS Thu July 24

At 11:18 am this morning, a 29 -year-old man of East End was charged by Bodden Town Detectives with possession of an unlicensed firearm and

intentional harassment, alarm and distress following an incident in East End which was reported to police on the 2nd of July 2014. He is scheduled to appear before the Summary Court this afternoon.


21 Cuban migrants in Cayman repatriated

21 Cuban migrants who were all housed at the Cayman Islands Immigration Detention Centre in George Town, Grand Cayman were repatriated back to Cuba on Tuesday (22 July). Immigration and prison officials accompanied the men on a chartered flight from Owen Roberts International Airport to Havana.

The detention centre still houses 6 men and 2 women.

5 more men, who arrived on Sunday (20 July), are expected to be moved from Cayman Brac to the Immigration Detention Centre shortly. They, too, have been asked to be sent back to Cuba.


Is there a Caribbean Sclerosis? Inter-American Development Bank Report


This report addresses several critical questions regarding Caribbean nations. Does size matter for economic growth and volatility? To what degree has Caribbean economic growth been inferior to that of ROSE? What could account for the Caribbean growth gap and what economic policies might decision-makers adopt to promote higher and sustainable growth? The answers to these questions will support the overarching hypothesis that the Caribbean suffers sclerosis.

The almost-exclusive focus on economic growth in this report does not imply that it should be the sole criterion to judge economic performance. Nevertheless, economic growth is the central concern of Caribbean policymakers, who recognize that it is critical to improve broad economic development, and hence to improve the welfare of Caribbean citizens. The central focus here is on six countries in the region, which will be referred to as the C6: The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. However, the analysis will sometimes include, most often in the aggregate, the countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). The six members of the OECS used in this report are Antigua and Barbuda, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Find the report at:


Hyman favourite to win a medal for Cayman at Commonwealth Games

Kemar Hyman is favourite of all of Cayman’s athletes competing at the Commonwealth Games taking place now in Glasgow, Scotland, to win a medal.

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee said that Hyman’s preparation for his races has been very technical and he is determined and focused.

The Cayman Islands has sent 27 athletes to Glasgow and other medal contenders include Ronald Forbes, David Hamil, Tyrell Cuffy, Troy Long, Carl Morgan, Carlos Morgan and Ashleigh Nalty.

It is not just track and field, Cayman’s athletes will also be competing at swimming, boxing, shooting, squash and for the very first time gymnastics.

The Cayman Islands Commonwealth pin, designed by Jamie Doak, is available locally at CI$5 (US$10 plus shipping overseas customers), with all funds raised going back into the development of sport and athlete preparation in the Cayman Islands. For more information contact [email protected].

At the opening ceremony on Wednesday (23) the Cayman team was welcomed to the Games in front of an estimated one-billion viewers worldwide.

Veteran cyclist Michele Smith was Team Cayman flag-bearer.

Among the first competitors for Cayman will be the men’s swimmers and squash players on Thursday 24 July.

For more information on the teams visit

and for more on the whole games go to

See also iNews Cayman today’s Editorial “The very best to all our athletes in Glasgow and winners have their problems, too”


IDB allocates US$ One Million to increase FDI in the Caribbean

From Pride

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – The Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) has been awarded US$ one million by the Inter-America Development Bank (IDB) to execute several projects over the next two years geared towards increasing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the Caribbean.

The development of a Caribbean database on FDI projects was one of the main items on the agenda of a recently concluded meeting in Trinidad with representatives from Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAS) in the Caribbean.

The IPA representatives met to discuss and agree on a methodology for the development of a Caribbean database on FDI projects

The creation of a FDI projects database is a response to the need for increased access to information on FDI flows into the region and more specifically data on jobs created, the sectors.

“Given the extensive use of FDI incentives in the region, the establishment of reliable and adequate sources of information on FDI will contribute to the debate on the effectiveness of these incentives,” said Diane Quarless Director of ECLAC’s (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean

Participants were also advised of the support services offered by the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC) to members seeking to improve their external statistics and were made aware of the current aggregate data published by the CARICOM Secretariat’s Regional Statistics Unit.

The meeting was convened by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export), which is also the Secretariat for CAIPA and UN ECLAC.

For more:


Health City Cayman Islands performs first open heart surgery

The very first open heart surgery has successfully taken place at Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) when patient Elsa Robinson, 65, from Bodden Town, went “under the knife”.

Elsa is the first patient at the hospital to receive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery (CABG), a procedure that improves blood-flow to the heart by rerouting blood around a blocked or narrowed portion of a coronary artery.

The operation was performed by Dr. Binoy and his team of specialists.

Dr. Binoy and his team have previously performed more than 2,500 coronary artery bypass graft surgeries in India.

See also iNews Cayman Story today “Historical surgical milestone achieved in the Cayman Islands”


Caribbean growth could mean new trade policies

From CCTV-America

As China looks to continue its relationship with Cuba, the U.S. may be open to ending the import embargo. CCTV’s Nitza Soledad Perez has insight into the Caribbean region’s growth.

U.S. President Barack Obama recently sent a message to Cuba that he was open to ending the embargo on Cuban goods. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is also lobbying the White House and Congress to end the embargo due to Cuba’s promised human rights reforms.

According to a recent UN report, the Caribbean economy is expected to grow 3.6 percent this year, which is higher than the projected growth rate of Mexico and Central America.

Although there are no set plans for an end to the U.S. embargo with Cuba, the growth of the Caribbean economy may affect both the U.S. and China in the future.

For more and video report:


Royal Caribbean’s profit jumps on higher European demand

(Reuters) – Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, the world’s second-largest cruise operator, reported a big jump in quarterly profit as demand for its European cruises rose and passengers spent more onboard.

The company’s net income rose to $137.7 million, or 62 cents per share, in the second quarter ended June 30, more than five times the $24.7 million, or 11 cents per share, it reported a year earlier.

Total revenue rose 5 percent to $1.98 billion.

Royal Caribbean said net yields, which include ticket sales and spending on board, rose 2.6 percent, excluding the impact of currency fluctuations. (Reporting by Devika Krishna Kumar in Bangalore; Editing by Savio D’Souza)

For more:


Security to be tightened says Cayman restaurant owner after theft

After an armed thief struck at his mobile food truck just before midnight in Red Bay last Tuesday (22), Alan Silverman said he is tightening up his security.

Silverman is owner of Al-la Kebab restaurant near Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman and a lone slim male wearing all black clothing with a mask and hoodie held up the mobile food truck Silverman owns armed with a gun and made off with a few hundred dollars in cash.

Although the truck is equipped with security cameras, they weren’t switched on at the time of the robbery.

Silverman said the robbery has traumatised his staff.

If you noticed any suspicious activity in the Red Bay area last Tuesday night, or have any information on the crime, you’re urged to call the RCIPS at 949-7777.


No arrests announced after Cayman police furniture raid in George Town

Last Wednesday (23) members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service along with HM Customs officers raided a number of areas in George Town suspected of being involved in shipping goods out of the country via consolidated shipments.

The goods were reported to be furniture and as a result customs have detained a number of containers and removed them from those sites.

The investigation is ongoing but no arrests in connection with the operation have been announced.


Glasgow 2014: Guernsey’s Chris Simpson eases into squash last 32 [after beating Cayman’s Jervis]

From BBC

Guernsey’s seventh-seed squash player Chris Simpson says he has “a lot of energy left” as he prepares for his second round match later on Thursday.

The 27-year-old cruised to a 11-7, 11-4, 11-1 win over Julian Jervis of the Cayman Islands.

He will take on Colin Ramasra of Trinidad and Tobago in the last 32.

“I’ve not played two matches in a day in a tournament for a while now, but I’ve got a lot of energy left so I should be OK,” he told BBC Guernsey.

For more:


Lead foot: Palin gets speeding ticket

(CNN) – Slow down, Sarah, slow down.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was ticketed last week in her hometown of Wasilla, where she once served as mayor, for going 10-19 mph over the speed limit. According to a court docket reviewed by CNN, she received a $154 ticket.

“I wasn’t speeding, I was qualifying,” Palin told TMZ.

She added that she was listening to Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55” on the radio when it happened. She plans on paying the fine.

A Palin aide had no further comment.

For more:

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