January 24, 2021

Indian Outfits

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Common Indian Outfits to Add to Your Wardrobe

India is rich in traditions and diversity in most of what they do. They have diverse ceremonies, forms of entertainment and unique designs and styles of outfits. Indian fashion has grown over the past year but it has not left out its traditional attires. They have been upgraded to fit with current trends in the fashion world. The sari is the most common and what the world relates India to when it comes to clothes. Yet, others are as common as the sari among the Indian community. Here are some of the common Indian outfits that you can add to your wardrobe collection and make a style statement.


In the first place, of course, is the beautiful saree. It is the most common and every Indian woman cannot get enough of it as part of their collection. This is the oldest outfit in India and its original look has been maintained but the colors, embroidery options, and different draping methods have improved as their fashion world grew. This long piece of clothing is draped around the body and then over a person’s shoulder. The top used is a blouse, however, today you can wear other top designs that are in fashion and are paired with the saree perfectly. A petticoat is worn at the bottom but others wear ankle-length pants instead. For a first-timer, it may be a challenge to move around in, but it can be draped for you to make it comfortable and avoid you holding it through out.


Almost every Indian bride has adorned to the dazzling Anarkali. This attire is in a class of its own, for you cannot get a simple Anarkali despite how toned down it looks. It still looks gorgeous to whoever is wearing it. The elegance of the Anarkali is in the rich and bold colors, net designs, jewelry around the neck area or the prints that it is made from will make it look outstanding. Choose these stylish anarkali suits at Stylemantra to wear as a wedding guest and twirl around in all the fun, music and cheer and be the center of attention

Kurta or Kurti

The Kurti was formerly the kurta and was worn specifically by men. Until the women embraced it and redesigned it slightly to flow with their femininity. Today there are over forty Kurti and kurta designs to choose from depending on the occasion you are attending. Whether it is the long Kurtis with front cut, Indo-western Kurti, Anarkali Kurti or the beach cover-up Kurti. The options blend in with various occasions as the designs and styling keep on increasing. It is a constant favorite among many women and the youth as well for it can do so much as a simple design. Add various Kurti designs to your wardrobe and pair them with leggings, jeans or wear them bottomless and enjoy the versatility of this Indian garb.

Lehenga Choli

Lehenga is a full-length skirt that is adorned by almost every Indian woman. While the choli is the top that is worn to blend the skirt with and both are known as Lehenga choli. When you dress in a Lehenga your look portrays grace, elegance in this dazzling Lehenga choli and you always stand out in this outfit. Whether it is made in simple patterns at the border or it has heavy embellishments. No one can beat the finesse of the Lehenga choli for having a flow and staying well put. You can easily identify a Lehenga choli anywhere there is Indian dancing such as the Garba festival and Sangeet ceremonies among others.

Salwar Kameez

This is also called the salwar suit and is common in other countries like Pakistan. This is as popular as the saree to how many people prefer wearing it. It is comfortable, simple and you can tone the salwar kameez look or upgrade it depending on your purpose of wearing it. The combination that brings out the salwar kameez is a pair of bottoms also known as salwar. And a fancy top of your choice that is the Kameez which is at knee-length. Most Indian women love this look like daily wear and you can see them dressed up in it. Around the home, running errands and for other casual activities. On the other hand, it is a fabulous choice as a party outfit for you can mix and match with tops and bottoms you already have to complete a salwar kameez look. Enjoy wearing a salwar kameez in its rich colors, extravagant designs, and glam in this Indian ethnic garb.

Indo-western outfits

Indo-western does too fall on this category of common Indian outfits. For they have increased in number and are a current trend from young children, youth, adults, and even Bollywood stars. These outfits are a trend of various blends of Indian and western outfits that create a unique attire that is stylish, presentable and is at par with Indian fashion statements. Examples of Indo-western outfits can be in form of a skirt, dress, formal western pants in Kurti combination, for weddings, cocktails and formal events. There are many attires to this collection that create a fun styling experience as you create a fusion of both cultures. Dazzle at any event and look your best in this growing trend of indo-western wear.

Indian outfits are a to go-to choice if you want to upgrade your look in an occasion you are attending. Enjoy the rich colors in their clothing and the fascinating variety of outfits designs to choose from. Their ethnic attires are as glamorous as their western clothing either plain or in a fusion of the two. Also known as the Indo-western look. Do not limit yourself to getting the above pieces alone. You can get their unique bottoms like the harem, churidar, dhoti pants and enjoy dressing up to them with various matching tops. Their jewelry is top notch, consider getting a pair or two to blend in with your look.

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