October 28, 2020

In-patient pharmacy launched


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Patients filling prescriptions at the Cayman Islands Hospital will soon experience increased efficiency and shorter waiting times thanks to the implementation of a dedicated in-patient pharmacy.

Until now, prescriptions for both in-patients and out-patients at the Cayman Islands Hospital were filled in the main pharmacy.

In a bid to improve patient safety, increase efficiency, improve customer service, and reduce waiting times, the decision was made to introduce the new in-patient pharmacy.

Health Services Authority Chief Executive Officer Lizzette Yearwood said, “The H.S.A. is consistently seeking ways to improve our service and the satisfaction levels for both our in-patient and out-patients; after   assessing the operations of our Pharmacy we decided to completely separate services to streamline and improve service offerings to both these patient groups.”

The new in-patient pharmacy, which is located between the medical and surgical units of the hospital, has been designed to provide ample space for all ward-based pharmaceutical services.

To facilitate the new in-patient service, a new clinical pharmacist has joined the team which comprises a senior clinical pharmacist, clinical pharmacist and pharmacy technician.  With a fully-staffed in-patient pharmacy service  the clinical pharmacist will focus on patient education, the way medicines are administered, the effect it has on patients as well as general questions from staff on the in-patient units.   The other pharmacist and the pharmacy technician will focus on order-entering, filling prescriptions and ensuring that drugs and supplies are available.

“The Cayman Islands Hospital will have a complete multidisciplinary team on the in-patient units – including doctors, nurses, radiographers, lab technicians, dietician and pharmacists. Statistics have shown that having pharmacists interacting with patient care issues substantially improves patient safety, reduces medication errors, and reduces the patients’ average length of stay.  All of this adds up to decreased cost while improving quality,” Mrs. Yearwood said.

The new dedicated in-patient pharmacy is expected to be fully operational by March 2012.

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