July 24, 2021

In loving memory of the life of Miss Beulah

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Beulah Wood fpicEnid “Beulah” Imogene Wood, born 10th March 1917, died 2nd March 2013, was a small, humble, quiet spoken but firm lady who had great warmth and a smile that made you feel good.

Beulah, as everyone knew her, was born in Jamaica but was a long time resident of Grand Cayman. She did domestic and kitchen work at the government schools and the hotel industry including Sunset House. She also looked after the St. George’s Anglican Church buildings until she grew too old to do that anymore.

St George’s Church on Courts Road, George Town, was the church she loved. And when the 9am service on a Sunday was finished she would often be seen sitting with the congregation at Elmslie Memorial Church.

She loved the Lord Jesus Christ and she lived her life according to his teachings.

When she wasn’t at church, and in her latter years, she would be seen visiting friends and strangers alike at the George Town Hospital. She did this right up to the time she too was taken into hospital, ill with the dreaded cancer.

She fought that, too, and the Cayman Hospice Staff were amazed at how her will to live was so strong she managed life longer than they had thought possible. It was only last week we learned she had told the priest, Rev. Mary Graham, that she was ready to be with the Maker.

Beulah Wood funeral 1In MLA Kurt Tibbetts’ Eulogy, at the Service of Remembrance for her life, he said Beulah was not a name a lot of persons were familiar with, but everyone who knew her respected and loved her. Mr. Tibbetts asked how many persons in attendance at her service had been asked by Miss Beulah how their other half was, and how the children were getting on? The loud murmur that resonated around the church was a positive testimony to that.

I have watched her in church go up to complete strangers who were visiting St George’s and introduce herself and welcome them to the service.

Tibbetts also said Beulah loved listening to the Legislative Assembly meetings and one day he received a message that Beulah wanted to see him urgently. When the LA session had finished he drove around to visit her thinking she was ill. But she wasn’t. After the pleasantries she then told him the purpose of why she had sent for him.

Tibbetts recounted that Beulah said she had been listening to him speak at the LA on the radio and he had raised his voice more than once. She didn’t like it and asked him not to do it again. He said he never has done since.

Beulah Woods was laid to rest at the Prospect Cemetery after the service at St. George’s on Wednesday 6th March 2013.

Fittingly the church was almost full, and Beulah was given the full Anglican send off with Holy Water and incense. The church’s past rector, the Venerable Archdeacon Peter Hollis Lynch was present to officiate along with the church’s first sitting rector Rev Harris Spence. The Celebrant Minister was Rev Mary Graham as the service included Holy Mass.

Tributes were offered by Beverly Sinclair on behalf of the children and grandchildren, the Benedict Family and the St. George’s Mother’s Union.

Scripture readings and prayers were offered by Raymond Benedict, Lemuel Hurlston and Marlene Ricketts. The church choir accompanied by organist Frances McConvey led the singing.

Hymns included “How Great Thou Art, The Lord’s My Shepherd (sung), Blessed Assurance, Because He Lives, Here O My Lord I See Thee Face to Face, Thine Forever God of Love, And Now O Father Mindful of the Love and Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

Dear Miss Beulah I personally thank you for coming into my life and I am richer for it. As I said to MLA Mike Adam who I was sitting next to, Beulah didn’t need any gongs to show she had done a lot for people. We who knew her had received it.

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