November 25, 2020

Immigration launches new forms

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Efforts to streamline and modernize Department of Immigration operations continue, with revised application forms and expedited document-processing services now available online. These can be accessed on the department’s website:

The application forms are for business staffing plans, permit grants and renewals, as well as for the temporary-, seasonal- and business visitors-permits. The new Term Limit Exemption Permit (TLEP) application form is also posted online.

“These documents were updated after efficiency evaluations were carried out in recent weeks,” said Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans.

She added that a new checklist accompanies each of these grant and renewal forms, with the goal of reducing processing times.

“The new checklists should help ensure that customers provide all the supporting paperwork with their applications,” said Ms Evans. “This is critical, for as of 1st March 2012 we will no longer accept incomplete applications as this has demanded a large amount of time in the past.”

Users of the Immigration Department services are encouraged to check online and verify their documentation against the newly-created checklist in order to avoid delays in their applications being processed.

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer for Administration Samantha Bennett has responsibility for customer service and the intake of applications. She said that, to improve service standards, the department requires all of the correct, completed and essential documentation to support each application.

“Application processing times can be much-improved if all paperwork is complete at the time of submission,” said Mrs. Bennett.


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