July 29, 2021

‘I’m going to do this everywhere I go’: Johnny Depp mocks the apology video

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33F7F4C500000578-3580097-image-a-13_1462751128440By Nic White For Daily Mail Australia From MAIL ON LINE UK

‘I’m going to do this everywhere I go’: Johnny Depp mocks the apology video he and wife Amber Heard made to Australia after smuggling his dogs into the country

Johnny Depp is not done complaining about being forced to apologise for smuggling his two dogs into Australia.
At a London press event for his new Alice in Wonderland film, the actor joked that he was sorry for not pulling the same stunt on his trip to Britain.
‘I’m going to do this everywhere I go, I would really like to apologise for not smuggling my dogs into England because it would have been a bad thing to do,’ he said, shaking his head in mock shame.
‘The Australians are a little chipper, you know,’ Reuters reported the star as saying.
‘Hostage video’: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made an awkward an unconvincing immigration advisory video last month as part of a plea deal to avoid charges for bringing their dogs into Australia without quarantine
His wife, actress Amber Heard, was let off with a good behaviour bond last month after she pleaded guilty to falsifying travel documents to sneak their two Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo, into the country when Depp was filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film.

As part of the plea deal, the couple made an apology to Australia in a short video that was meant to highlight the importance of quarantine to protecting Australia.
It was widely mocked for its dead-pan tone and the actors’ odd manner, with many likening it to a North Korean or ISIS hostage video.
Heard, 30, was cleared of charges of illegally importing animals for not putting the dogs through proper quarantine procedures.
In the initial furor last May, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce had threatened to have the pups euthanised if they were not immediately removed from Australia.
‘It’s time Pistol and Boo buggered off to the US,’ he said.
‘Mr Depp has to take his dogs back or we’re going to have to euthanise them.’
This led to one of the interviews joking ‘oh I forgot to tell you, they’re dead, I sat on them upstairs’.
Depp, 52, jokingly replied that he had ‘tried to kill them after Australia’.
This is not the first time the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has made a joke at the flamboyant politician’s expense, making a similar jibe at the Venice Film Festival last year.
‘I killed my dogs and ate them, under orders of some sweaty, big-gutted man from Australia,’ he said.
‘I’m going to do this everywhere I go’: Depp mocks awkward immigration video he and Heard had to make
Mad hatter: Depp made the remarks at a London press event for his upcoming Alice Through The Looking Glass film
Presser: Depp was promoting the new Alice in Wonderland film that comes out July 14
Controversial pups: Depp with one of the two Yorkshire Terriers that he and Heard did not put through quarantine when they arrived in Australia last May
Facing court: Heard and Depp arrive in court last month to answer dog smuggling charges. Heard was let off with a good behaviour bond after she pleaded guilty to falsifying travel documents

For more on this story and video go to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/aushowbiz/article-3580097/Johnny-Depp-mocks-apology-video-wife-Amber-Heard-Australia-smuggling-dogs-country.html#ixzz48AHbFcnK

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