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Hyundai Motor Group Donates Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus for Firefighters’ Recovery in the Line of Duty

KIA Corp
  • Hyundai Motor Group provides specially equipped Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus to Korean National Fire Agency, providing mobile location for firefighters to recover from extreme conditions faced when tackling fires
  • Donation marked by campaign video telling firefighters’ story and positive impact of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus on operations and working conditions
  • Initiative reflects the Group’s dedication to establish a hydrogen-based ecosystem and accelerate the development of a hydrogen society to better humanity

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) has donated an innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus to the Korean National Fire Agency to provide firefighters with a location to recover from the extreme conditions they face on a daily basis when tackling blazes in the line of duty.

The unique Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus is based on the Hyundai Universe fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) and has been designed with input from Korean firefighters. The vehicle was donated to the Fire Department on Korea’s Jeju Island, which also had input on its design.

Marked by the release of a campaign video titled ‘Got Your Back -Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus for Firefighters’ Recovery in the Line of Duty,’ the film – narrated by Korean-American firefighter Peter Lee – highlights the risks firefighters face.

To watch video click HERE

Focusing on their dedication, the film underscores the importance of the innovative hydrogen fuel cell vehicle’s role in improving conditions, allowing operatives to recover from grueling heat.

Veteran firefighters encourage their junior counterparts to take a time-out during intense firefighting, reinforcing the need to value their own lives as much as the lives of others. These testimonials highlight the contribution the Group is making to progress for humanity through this donation.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus: An Innovative Solution for Firefighters

Firefighters are deployed in shifts at large-scale fire incidents, with operational intervals ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. During their rest periods, firefighters can recover inside the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus, with the vehicle’s hydrogen fuel cell emitting pure water. The vehicle operates silently and is free from vibration to provide an optimum rest and revitalization space.

The Support Bus is designed to enhance firefighters’ recovery environment and features:

  • U-shaped meeting space with sofas to create communal atmosphere and boost interaction
  • Premium reclining seats for a comfortable and restful recovery space
  • Compact cooking area providing firefighters with easy access to sustenance
  • External air tent with power supply from the Support Bus
  • High-pressure air gun to remove contaminants from rescue equipment
  • High-pressure water gun to clean down firefighter apparatus
  • Storage area for fire-resistant clothing to prevent potential secondary contamination

Hydrogen and oxygen are supplied to the Universe FCEV’s fuel cell to generate electricity, powering the vehicle and allowing firefighters to use air-conditioning, heating and other functions without generating carbon dioxide emissions.

Deployed on Jeju Island, Korea, known for its abundant clean energy sources and its commitment to the energy transition, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus highlights Hyundai’s existing hydrogen value chain, from production to storage, transportation and utilization, and it’s human-centric approach to mobility and mobility services, putting firefighters at the heart of the vehicle’s functionality.

Hyundai Motor Group’s Ambition for a Hydrogen Society

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Support Bus is fueled by green hydrogen produced at the Green Hydrogen Production Complex in Jeju Island and highlights how the Group is establishing a hydrogen-based ecosystem, accelerating the development of a hydrogen society.

This is reinforced by Hyundai’s XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck, which are deployed in 10 countries including the U.S. and Switzerland. It has recently achieved a cumulative driving distance of 10 million km in Switzerland less than four years after it entered service in the country, affirming the brand’s global leadership in hydrogen technology and reliability. The Group has also strengthened its hydrogen leadership through the appointment of Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company, as Hydrogen Council Co-Chair.


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