November 29, 2023

Hurricane Dorian is now a Cat 3 as storm ravages Bahamas, takes aim at East Coast

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Dorian Is A Dangerous Storm

With at least five now dead and thousands of homes and businesses destroyed in the ABACO ISLANDS in the BAHAMAS, HURRICANE DORIAN still has the EAST COAST as her target, but will likely miss a direct hit on MIAMI and SOUTHERN FLORIDA. If the current path holds, slow moving DORIAN, will be taking aim at the middle of the state with a northward path along the coast affecting GEORGIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, NORTH CAROLINA and VIRGINIA as the week progresses.

Officials have already announced that ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT will be closed to all flights TODAY (9/3). DISNEY WORLD is expected to close on TUESDAY afternoon as the storm approaches.

Governors in FLORIDA, GEORGIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, NORTH CAROLINA and VIRGINIA have all declared states of emergency.

If you have NET NEWS to report about your station’s coverage of DORIAN, please report it by clicking here.

For a look at our previous DORIAN coverage, go to (NET NEWS (8/30) and (NET NEWS 8/29). Below is the projected track of DORIAN, courtesy of THE WEATHER CHANNEL.

Ace & TJ Help

THE ACE & TJ SHOW and their charity, RADIO FAMILY CHARITY, harness the giving power of radio listeners to help. With Hurricane DORIAN about to do serious damage along the Eastern seaboard, starting today (9/3), RADIO FAMILY CHARITY is accepting donations in preparation. 
The needs of Hurricane DORIAN will last for months and they are seeking donations from radio audiences around the world. Tax deductible donations will be accepted through


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