July 30, 2021

Human Rights 365

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EqualRIghtsFrom Human Rights Commission

The 10th of December commemorates the date on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; a declaration which recognises equality and dignity for all individuals. Today is referred to as International Human Rights Day (IHRD). This year the United Nations has chosen to recognise IHRD through the theme “Human Rights 365” focusing on the need to promote and progress human rights on a daily basis.

A key focus of the United Nations this year is the use of social media and as such the United Nations is promoting IHRD through #rights365.

Human rights in the Cayman Islands are enshrined in Part One of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 – the Bill of Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities. They are the rights which the Cayman Islands Government commits to providing to the individuals of these islands.

Human rights are not the cause, or solution to, social issues; rather they are certain protected and fundamental rights which all of us are entitled to as human beings. They encompass such important guarantees as the right to life, the right to religious freedom and the right to a fair trial, amongst others. These rights are guaranteed, in various forms, to promote dignity and equality of all. It is through these fundamental rights that a fair and just society is created and democracy is nurtured. It is because of these rights that as individuals we enjoy the quality of life we do in the Cayman Islands.

Nothing is perfect. Human rights get abused just as other parts of the system get abused; but the nurturing and respect for these principles has underpinned the successes of the western liberal democratic model. Without the government guaranteeing these rights our islands would be in a far less stable and prosperous position today.

Many persons recently celebrated Thanksgiving and many more are about to celebrate religious holidays in the coming weeks. This is the time of year to count our blessings and be thankful. It is also perhaps an opportunity to reflect and ask what can I do to play my part in promoting equality and dignity for those around me on a daily basis?

The Human Rights Commission works to review local draft legislation, government policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the Bill of Rights. Much of this is highly technical work which takes place behind the scenes and is only detailed in the Commission’s annual report. So far 2014 has seen the Commission focus on issues such as the protection of privacy, preservation of private and family life, and a reinforcement of the absolute stance against inhuman and degrading treatment.

The Commission has also been working more publicly to try to promote a better understanding of human rights and to dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding them.

Over the next twelve months we will continue working with the Cayman Islands’ government and with local and international organisations to protect these fundamental rights and spread the message of human rights progress and equality – #rights365.

For more information on human rights in the Cayman Islands or to contact the Human Rights Commission visit our website www.humanrightscommission.ky

or Facebook page www.facebook.com/cihrc. Educational pamphlets are available at the George Town Hospital, the Courts Offices, George Town Library or the District Administration Building. Alternatively you can call us at 244-3685 or come by our offices at Cayman Corporate Centre on Hospital Road.


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