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How to recover assets concealed offshore

unnamed-1From OffshoreAlert

Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible for creditors to locate, freeze and seize assets that debtors hold through offshore accounts – it just takes a lot of effort and expertise.

At next month’s OffshoreAlert Conference, an attorney and an investigator with an abundance of such expertise will present a session entitled ‘Advanced Techniques in Asset Investigation and Debt Enforcement’.

Warren Gluck, of Holland & Knight law firm in New York, and Joe Dickerson, of Denver-based Financial Forensic Services, will show attendees cutting-edge techniques and legal theories by which to prove fraud and fraudulent transfer, pierce the corporate veil, locate and seize assets, and enforce judgments.
How to utilize “criminal investigation” style tactics to “flip” witnesses, secure cooperation from insiders, and obtain crucial hard evidence;
How to obtain non-admissible leads concerning global bank accounts and assets that result in admissible evidence;
How to build a litigation war-chest;
Utilizing intermediary bank discovery to follow the money, reveal all USD denominated wire transfers made by targets, as well as maintain a global counterparty list;
south-beach-ocean-drivePre-judgment attachments and “global” attachments; and
Cutting through the maze – how to navigate corporate structures designed to perpetrate fraud and pierce the corporate veil.
The panel will highlight these techniques by discussing recent and ongoing cases involving the offshore world.

With a theme of ‘financial intelligence and investigations’, The 13th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference North America will take place at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach on May 3-5.

There are 23 sessions, two cocktail receptions and numerous other opportunities to mingle with some of the leading individuals in international finance.

Speakers include UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld, HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani, the head of the IRS’ offshore unit, the former head of the same unit, and several of the world’s leading asset recovery attorneys, insolvency specialists, investigators.

We have limited space available: Click here to register now or call +1 305-372-6296.

OffshoreAlert Conference 2015 The conference will show participants in high-value international finance what’s happening in their industry, how to identify, evaluate and exploit opportunities, minimize risk, and available remedies if their once-promising deal turns sour.

Attendees will also make invaluable contacts by mingling with the crème de la crème in the private and public sectors of major onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

We’re expecting more than 300 attendees from over 25 countries in different continents.

The IRS vs. Offshore Tax Evaders: An Update
Inside the HSBC Leaks;
The Take-Down of Cayman’s Caledonian Bank: Self-Inflicted or Regulator Zealotry?;
Offshore Investigations & Fraud Detection: A Practical Guide;
How Billions of Dollars of Eastern European Criminal Proceeds Are Laundered Into The West;
The Lure of the BVI: Why Is It The Place For Chinese, Russians & Other Foreigners?;
Advanced Techniques in International Asset Investigation and Debt Enforcement;
Beating The Odds: How Former UBS Wealth Boss Raoul Weil Defeated the IRS;
The Sony Hack: Who Did It, How & Could It Happen To You?;
Bitcoin: Fact, Fiction & Fraud;
Modern Day Grave Robbers: Evidence That Some Trustees Steal Assets When Settlors Die;
Ten Commandments of Cross-Border Insolvency;
Open Source Intelligence Tools & Techniques;
Family Office Nightmare: Quest to Recover Millions ‘Swindled’ in Estate Planning Scheme;
Statute of Limitations – Beware The Snake in the Grass;
Offshore Insolvencies: Round-Up of Important Developments;
Web-Sites That Short Stocks & Then Expose Them: Are They Making Money?;
10-Year War: USA v. Eurofed Bank’s Offshore Liquidators For $150 m in Overseas Banks;
Fairfield Sentry Clawback Ruling et al: Private Fund Litigation Comes of Age;
Understanding the FATCA Risk;
Investigators Gone Bad: The Incredible Story of Cullen Johnson & Elaine White;
Grappling With a Government-Sponsored Fraudster;
Domain Name Theft: Execution, Recovery & Protection; and
What Service Providers Should Do When Investigators Request Client Information.
For complete event information and to book your tickets, please visit:


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