February 25, 2020

How to prepare your family for moving overseas


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By Sally Norton From Miami Moving Guide

Moving is a complicated task. It takes a lot of time to organize, plan and execute. You need a lot of time, money, energy and nerves for it. However, that is not all. Relocation is also an emotionally demanding process. Especially if you are not alone but your family and children are involved. And it is even more demanding if you are moving far away or overseas.

There will certainly be a lot of mixed emotions in the picture. That is why you need to properly prepare your family for moving overseas or anywhere else, for that matter. Whatever the reason for your relocation is, have in mind that it is not a decision that your children made. Although we believe you have done it in their best interest, don’t forget that they might not like the idea at first. So, have some understanding as well. 

Why is it important to prepare your family for moving overseas?

Start with yourself. When you initially got the idea of relocation, you had plenty of time to process it in your mind and heart. Whether you are moving for work or to be closer to someone you love, moving has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, you had enough time to prepare yourself for it emotionally while making a decision. Unlike your children. They were living their everyday, normal life until you told them about the plan. That is the moment they probably felt like you were taking some kind of stability and certainty away from them.

Relocation is hard on children, so find a way to make it easier for them

Everything and everyone they know will soon be left way behind them. And remember, we are not talking about relocating six blocks away, where they may or may not have to change schools, but they would still be in a familiar environment. And they would have their friends close by. No, we are talking about going hundreds and thousands of miles away. Some place where they don’t know any people, the surroundings and sometimes even the language. So, if planning on moving to a distant place, you have to be prepared for all that stuff. And if that is not a big change that requires you to properly prepare your family for moving overseas, we don’t know what is.

What can you do to make it easier for them?

There are ways, of course, to prepare your family for moving overseas in a way that they don’t end up traumatized by that. What you have to do is really invest yourself in this little project. We know that there is a lot of stuff on your plate right now concerning the move and leaving things and people behind, but also concerning the new beginnings at your soon-to-be residence. However, if you try your best and help your family adequately prepare for moving, everyone will feel much better. And automatically, the relocation will be much smoother and stress-free.

So, here is what you should do to help your family prepare for moving:

  • talk to them as soon as possible,
  • remind them of the good things about the relocation,
  • make them feel like they have a say in something,
  • help them feel at home in your new house quickly.

As you can see, you should approach this subject just as seriously as you are approaching the task of finding a suitable moving company. If you set aside enough time and energy to do both, everything will be much easier and your children will accept the new situation much faster. And that is in everyone’s interest, right?

Talk to them as soon as possible

If you want to have the chance to properly prepare your family for moving overseas, don’t wait for the last minute to tell them. It’s going to be too late if they notice you are packing before they know why. Talk to them immediately. The second you make a final decision, sit them down and explain the situation.

Talk to your children as soon as possible, to give them time to prepare emotionally for relocation

Firstly, they will not feel like you have ambushed them, but like they are in it from the start. Secondly, if your children are older and you don’t tell them about the plan right away, they will feel like you have been lying to them. And nobody wants an angry teenager in the house while going through the complex process of moving.

Remind them of the good things about the relocation

Not many children will be excited about the idea of leaving behind everything they’ve ever known. Except maybe those who are going through some difficult time in school or with peers, so they are looking forward to changes. Everyone else will probably give you a hard time about it.

However, if you keep reminding them about the good things that come with relocation, they might change their mind a bit. Tell them about your new house and their bigger new room. Or the fact that you are getting a dog once you arrive. Don’t hesitate to repeat over and over again whatever they might find interesting. Some silver linings will help you prepare your family for moving overseas.

Make them feel like they have a say in something

Whether it’s the color of their new room or the new dog’s name – let them have it. Even the packing process. Let them decide on their own whether they are taking some clothes and toys with them or not. Unless there are some crucial things involved, of course.

Let them have a say in your new life and your new home, and everything will be easier

Because, if they feel like they have a say in something, they will be much happier to cooperate and not make everything so difficult. Find a way to let them be involved in as many activities as possible, so they would feel like they are important.

Help them feel at home in your new house quickly

When you have to prepare your family for moving overseas you shouldn’t stop doing it at your new address. The sooner you make sure that everyone starts seeing the new place as home, the better. Try achieving that by having a lot of family activities. They can involve walks around the new neighborhood and movie nights. The most important thing to do is being there for your family. Which can sometimes be a little overwhelming with the new job, but it’s really important.

And let’s not forget the parties! Of course, you should host a going away party to say goodbye to everyone. But also think about the “hello, we’re here” party at your new home. It will give you and your children the opportunity to meet new neighbors, coworkers, and kids from school, along with their culture, which may be new to you.

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