June 23, 2021

How to plan an International move to the Caribbean

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Moving to a place that is heaven on earth is something many people dream of. But, moving to a popular holiday destination doesn’t actually mean that you will be on holiday for the rest of your life. That is why it is extremely important to know what you are getting yourself into when you decide to move to a tropical paradise such as the Caribbean. Luckily, we are here to help you get ready and learn all that you need to know before you start to plan an international move to the Caribbean.

Make a final decision about the move before you start to plan an international move to the Caribbean

Here are some of the questions you will have to answer to yourself before you make your final decision:

  • What do I expect from moving to the Caribbean?
  • Where will I live? Should I rent or buy a home right away?
  • What will I do for a living?
  • Am I planning to go back?
  • What shall I take with me?

Answers to all of these questions will also depend on where you are coming from, i.e. where you are living at the moment.

Living in the Caribbean might be totally different from spending your holiday there

Where to move to?

The Caribbean region consists of some 700 islands, but not all of those are equally popular tourist destinations. Similarly, some are more popular destinations for expats than others. If you are thinking of buying a first home in the Caribbean, you should know that homebuyers mainly choose Barbados or St Lucia island for such an investment. Those who prefer flat terrains opt for Barbados, while others go to St Lucia. The Cayman Islands are getting more and more popular too! It is always a good idea to explore your options. What is certain is that you will move to a place that has crystal clear water and amazing beaches.

Find out about the residency requirements

Not all of the Caribbean islands belong to the US. If you are moving from the USA to any of such islands, you should find out more about the residency requirements. Don’t forget to apply for a visa in a timely manner. You can get all the necessary pieces of information in the local embassy.

Don’t forget to update your passport when you plan an international move to the Caribbean

Find a job before you move

The Caribbean region has a high unemployment rate. That is why finding a job before you move there is a responsible thing to do. However, if you are used to working remotely, this rate will affect neither you nor your income. If not, you should start searching right away. Language plays an important part in job hunt too. English is a formal language of Barbados, so if that is your mother tongue and you are moving to this country, it should be easier for you to pursue your career. The same goes for the Cayman Islands. This country is also known as offshore financial heaven which attracts many businesses and rich individuals.

On the other hand, there are many islands where Spanish is a language most of the inhabitants use. Moving to St Lucia will require you to learn at least some basics so that you can communicate with the locals. Being able to speak to the locals and the visitors is extremely important if you are planning to find a job in the service providing industry.

Moving to the Caribbean with your family?

In case you are not moving to the Caribbean on your own, you need more info about living in the area. Inform yourself about the education system and try to find a potential school or preschool facility for your children. This is a very important step of the way that, unfortunately, many people forget to do on time. By the way, the Caribbean region is also popular for retirees. Many Americans decide to spend their retirement in the Cayman Islands.

Plan an international move to the Caribbean by determining the timeline

Any international relocation should be planned at least several months in advance. After making the decision about the move, you should start looking for professionals to help you. Bear in mind that the best ones might be busy when you need them, so be flexible about the date.

The big question is – what to do with all of your belongings?

One of the biggest decisions that you should make when relocating is what you should take with you and what you can leave behind. But that is not all! What to do with those possessions that you leave behind?

Start packing in time

But, first things first – decide what you are taking with you. When it comes to clothes, you won’t be needing much of it when you are moving to the Caribbean. As a matter of fact, you should mainly pack your summer clothes since the climate in the area is tropical. Don’t forget to get the moving supplies for your upcoming relocation. You will be able to pack like a professional if you have all the necessary boxes, tapes, wrapping materials, and labels.

What to do with the possessions you won’t be taking with you?

Here are some of the ideas:

  • Get rid of all the items that are broken or useless – most of us tend to hoard even the stuff that we know we will never use again; it’s in our nature;
  • Give away – think about your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members that might need or want some of the possessions you are not taking with you. This could be a win-win!
  • Donate to a charity – maybe you could donate some of the stuff, like your excessive winter clothes, for example, to those who have nothing.
  • Store – there are some great storage facilities you can rent for storing the belongings that you don’t want to part with. This could be the best choice for your art collection or your winter gear, for example.

Now that you have all the necessary info, you can plan an international move to the Caribbean with ease. Good luck!

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