February 19, 2020

How to keep your sanity at the end of academic year


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In the world we live in, each of us has a lot of roles to play. Some may be workers, parents, siblings, significant others, friends, students, etc. Different roles require us to have patience, understanding, time, love and care, and everything in between that would keep us in having a good interpersonal relationship with people. However, these roles are not easy to sustain. The more roles you get, the more responsibilities are on your plate. Let us start with being a student. Either primary, secondary, college or postgraduate degree students would say that having this role is not easy.

No matter how intelligent you are, there will be times when you encounter struggles that might affect your academic standing. The causes might be losing out the focus and too much stress. The following are the ways on how students should keep their sanity until the end of the school year.

1. Time management

Being a student is a full-time responsibility; it is basically a job. Time management would help you to make your 24 hours a day productive enough to do what you need to do; to prioritize what you need to prioritize. One of the best tips to practice time management is to make a schedule. Scheduling what would be your first thing to do in the morning, afternoon, and evening. With that, you may see what tasks you are missing out. Also, it will be helpful if you will use alarm clocks for reminders.

2. Giving our body and mind a good rest

Resting does not mean laying for 5 hours and more because there are different kinds of rest for all of us. Rest means that we do things that make us feel relaxed and fresh. We may find it difficult because of the deadlines that we need to meet, but if we still push through even though we know that we don’t have enough rest for the past days which leads to headache and getting sick, there is more burden that the person may experience.

For example, if you have too many essays to finish, you may delegate some to a custom term paper writing service. However, this is only an option if you know that you can’t finish or pass the paper on time. Going back to the types of rest as I have said earlier, it should not be excessive. Examples may be an hour or two of sleep, body massage, reading a book, watching a film, hanging out with friends, etc. This rest gives our brain time to release the stressors.

3. Good support system

Having a group of people who help you to lessen your stress is a big plus for you to survive the academic year. This group is not just limited to your colleagues but your family, friends outside of the school and other significant people that will give you strength when you want to give up. The importance of having them and keeping them is when you need to rest for a while but you don’t want to be alone, they are there to be with you. Moreover, if you burst out, it is good to share your emotions with them. In that way, you may feel more at ease because you tell them the things that you really don’t tell anyone because you trust these people enough.

4. Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy is one of the ways to improve our lifestyle and to lessen our stress especially when we use our brain all the time. When in stress, some people are prone to stress eating which is bad not only for their physical health, but for the brain, too. For example, too many carbohydrates wouldn’t be healthy for our health. Also, too much soda or any sugary beverages may lead to obesity and diabetes which also affect your brain. Booster foods for the brain are fish oils, dark chocolate, the right amount of coffee and nuts. These consist of antioxidants that will improve our neurons and help us focus on the tasks in school.

These four things are a good way to make your academic time more effective and less stressful. Try to do them all and let us know the results!

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