July 1, 2022

How to keep a dog warm while camping

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It’s always important to take good care of your dog especially when you are taking him out camping. Keeping your dog warm while camping is necessary because the nights can be extremely cold in winters.  When you are doing backpacking with your dog then never forget to carry things that keep him warm.  Camping with your dog can be a really exciting and fun experience but you have to keep in mind a few things to make your pooch comfortable.  I would like to give a few tips for keeping your dog warm in a tent. 

A portable heater

A portable heater is one of the best ways to keep your dog warm and you must make use of advanced technology. As we know that portable heaters are getting popular these days so why not make use of a portable heater to make your tent warm.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags provide insulation during the cold weather because they keep you warm all night. If you want to make your dog warm for the whole night then always prefer lightweight and comfortable sleeping bag. 

Thermal fleece blanket

Another great way to keep your dog warm is by wrapping your dog in a thermal fleece blanket. It will provide a good layer of warmth when the temperature drops in the night. Whenever you are packing for the camping then don’t forget to put these thermal blankets with you because they are not only lightweight but also easy to carry.

Warm water bottle

When you feel that your dog is shivering then it’s a good idea to put a warm water bottle next to your dog. Make sure that your bottle has a cover otherwise you will end up burning your dog skin. Hot warm water bottles are a great way to stay warm as they are small and lightweight as well.

 A dog jacket

A winter jacket is a must thing that makes your dog warm in cold conditions. These dog jackets are designed in such a way as they keep your dog warm during sleep. They are not only comfortable but also fully adjust your dog.

Having the right kind of tent 

The best tent for camping with dogs should be spacious enough. The size of the tent should be large enough to adjust two to three adults and also keeping the heating equipment inside the tent.  If your tent is too small then it will be difficult to adjust everything in the tent. Make sure that your tent must have ventilation flaps for air circulation.

Keep your dog dry 

You must take care of your pooch in the rainy season and make sure to keep your dog dry before sleep otherwise you will end up making him shivering all night. It all depends on the place you are camping and make sure to have a campfire as it will naturally dry him off otherwise make use of towels to give a good rubbing until he becomes dry.

Signs that your dog is feeling too cold

When you are camping in cold conditions and the temperature falls during the night then you should always inspect your dog after every other hour. If your dog is playing outside then make sure to keep him hydrated. However, you should always look for the signs to spot if your dog is too cold. The signs include changing in behavior, looking uncomfortable, whining or barking, shivering, or seeking places for shelter. If you find these signs in your dog then make some effort to keep him warm.


Outdoor camping with your dog is great fun but you need to follow these tips to make your dog warm in the tent. Don’t forget to pack the essentials especially when the temperature drops and you are planning for the winter season.

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